1. Joel says

    The media should not acknowledge this group, even if it is to make a mockery of them. They do not deserve the attention. They are a soulless, hateful, inbred group of crazies.

  2. Strepsi says

    Even despite the overt gay plot-lines of Glee, that’s just it, isn’t it?

    If you want to be a homophobe boycotting anything gay:

    – Don’t watch any TV
    – Don’t watch anything that involves stylists, hair, or makeup — so any GOP debates are out!
    – Don’t shop in any stores
    – Don’t eat at any restaurant with waitstaff
    – Don’t listen to your church choir
    – Don’t be Catholic
    – Don’t buy a car
    – Don’t decorate your house
    – Don’t even buy a house
    Just take your tin foil hat and your Bible into a cave, and STFU.

  3. says

    the Westboro Baptist Church is the “wedge issues” distraction of the religious culture war.

    remember this: the WBC didn’t convince ANYONE to vote for Prop 8, nor do they have any sociopolitical sway on the public. they’re so hatefully batshit insane that they do our work for us.

    however, when we focus on them we lose track of the real enemies – the LDS, the roman catholic church, the american evangelicals, the southern baptists. these bigoted groups think they’re “not that bad” because they’re not as batshit crazy as the WBC – but they’re far far FAR worse, and more hateful, and more far-reaching.

    ignore the WBC – they’re useless and have no power. fight the real enemy.
    the millions of right-wing Christian denominations across america that are actually promoting and SUCCEEDING at promoting anti-gay bigotry.

  4. C.J. says

    So her sister (who is probably also a member of their church since that place is an inbreeding colony) gave her the shirt to wear to the protest? WOW – so she threw her sister under tha bus (seems like a very non-Christian thing to do), would love to hear that conversation around the Westboro campfire later!

  5. NwYrkr says

    Streps you forgot
    – Don’t watch professional baseball;
    – Don’t watch professional football;
    – Don’t watch professional basketball;
    – Don’t watch rodeos;
    – Don’t watch professional wrestling
    – Don’t call a cop in an emergency;
    – Don’t call the fire department in an emergency

  6. atomic says

    The WBC is the real-world equivalent of internet trolls, before there was even such a thing. They rely on provoking people to sue them, and when they win, they make money. I’m surprised that in this day and age, people still fall for this trick.

  7. Subhankar Zac says

    Killing and execution of WBC folks n supporters, IS NOT A CRIME!!!
    But its same as killing osama.
    Kill these whore n rip them apart!

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