Zimbabwean Politician Who Accused Robert Mugabe Of Homosexuality Out On Bail

MugabeLillian Kirenyi, the Zimbabwean politician imprisoned after allegedly accusing Zimbabwe’s election-stealing president, Robert Mugabe, of “practicing” homosexuality, is out of jail

Two weeks ago, when addressing supporters of the Movement for Democratic Change party, Ms. Kirenyi allegedly complained that President Mugabe’s party was

… attacking MDC president [Morgan] Tsvangirai, alleging he is pro-homosexuals, yet Robert Mugabe has practiced homosexuality with Jonathan Moyo and Canaan Banana.

For this, Robert Mugabe did what any sexually confident, totally-secure-in-his-not-gayness president of a serious nation would do under similar circumstances, and threw Ms. Kirenyi into prison. She’s out now on $200 bail, and denies all wrongdoing.

There are few things in the world Mr. Mugabe hates more than homosexuals. Last month, he called British PM David Cameron “satanic” for saying that countries who desire aid from Britain ought to grant LGBT people their human rights. He’s also said that LGBTs are “worse than pigs and dogs.”

“Do not get tempted into [homosexuality],” Mugabe told a group of young people in a Zimbabwean mining town in November. “You are young people. We will punish you severely.”