American Family Association’s Home Depot Boycott: Effective?

Picture 28The American Family Association has declared victory over Home Depot. The Association, which two years ago initiated a boycott against the home improvement superchain due to The Home Depot's conspicuous corporate presence at gay pride events, announced on Friday that Home Depot's ostentatious gay friendliness has been curbed. According to The Association:

  • In 2009 and 2010, Home Depot sponsored and marched in at least 16 separate gay pride events. After the boycott began, Home Depot's participation dropped to just four events in 2011.
  • Home Depot has ordered its employees to stop wearing its highly recognized orange aprons to any homosexual-themed events.
  • Home Depot's philanthropy arm, The Home Depot Foundation, now prohibits grants to "festivals" and denies requests for workshop kits and aprons. These had shown up at homosexual events on a regular basis.

But the Association is not mollified, beause it suspects that Home Depot hasn't really had a change of heart:

It could be that the homosexual groups have agreed with Home Depot to simply remain silent, continuing to get money from Home Depot but agreeing not to publicly acknowledge Home Depot's support.

… which is why the Association is urging the 600,000 pro-family folk who've joined the boycott to keep at it — to "support the boycott even more" — and spend their home improvement dollars elsewhere. (Not that they need much urging, since Lowe's is so much more their speed anyway.) Their reasoning: Other companies "are watching" to see if the wrath of censorious homophobes will affect Home Depot's bottom line, and the AFA wants to make sure it does. Forgiveness, apparently, is too good for Home Depot. 


  1. SpunkyBunks says

    Try again AFA, the HomeDepot near my house is always busy. Lowes? Not so much. Besides, everybody knows the gays have money to remodel, the straights are always broke! HomeDepot knows better than to scare away the gay dollar.

  2. Caliban says

    I doubt a boycott by AFA members did much to hurt Home Depot’s bottom line. A person can only burn so many crosses in a year and they don’t take that much wood!

  3. says

    Are any of the three claims they’ve made, above, true? Claim #2 is patently false since every time I go to The Home Depot it is a “homosexual-themed event” and there are lots of orange aprons about.

    Even if their dubious claims are true, there’s a question of causality. Roosters believe their crowing makes the sun rise, and if they had a website it would proudly state that “fact”.

  4. says

    Why don’t the Evangelicals focus on more realistic enemies like poverty, political corruption, crime, prejudice, war and disease? Why aim their hatred at other human beings? If they love small government, why do they want to govern other peoples’ bedrooms?

  5. Just_a_guy says

    Dang, yeah those orange aprons are ÜBER-gay, and I LOVE it, haha. And adore u as always AB.

    Home Depot best pony up and pay its penance to Lambda, HRC, et al., now. Decent Americans support gay rights. Hate-group AFER is not where Home Depot’s future is anyway. I’d like to see Home Depot show leadership and publicly say so. A brand that tries to please everyone isn’t a lasting brand anyway.

  6. Oliver says

    Religion = the root of all evil.
    It can be traced back to many major wars and in present day religion now wants to tell businesses how to run their business…no matter if they are privately owned or publicly traded (Girl Scouts, Home Depot, for example).

  7. classychazy says

    Religion is not the root to all evil. You can still be spiritual and have a mind of your own. Some ignorant people just twist it to fit their own personal agenda’s. Anyone that believes every scripture in the Bible is an idiot. Those who quote it often usually twist the meaning around to fit whatever they want it too. I’ll be shopping more at home depot more often. I don’t shop at lowe’s much anyways.

  8. Gregoire says

    This article reminds me, I need to go to Home Depot and buy some plants.

    It sucks because normally I would say skip Home Depot and go to your locally run hardware stores.

  9. Craig says

    Let’s hear Home Depot’s response, first. These nuts are very good about claiming victory and alleged e-mails bowing to their every demand, only to have the corporation soon make official statements to the effect of, “what boycott? Who ARE these people? We’ve changed NOTHING!” These right wing groups are notorious for this kind of bragging when they’ve actually won nothing whatsoever.

  10. WEH says

    How could AFA really know the number of “pride” events Home Depot sponsored in 2011? There are a couple hundred of these events in the United States each year — in pretty much every single major city and many dozens of smaller cities. Did Home Depot announce, or directly inform AFA, that they were sponsoring only 4 pride events nationally? I doubt either scenario. I also doubt that, if AFA did a count themselves, that they would undertake that task with due diligence.

    I suspect instead that AFA’s approach was closer to counting 4 known sponsorships, and then they just kinda decided to stop counting, just *not wanting to know* that Home Depot may have pride fest booths at events in Spokane, Madison, Des Moines, Grand Rapids, Durham, Stockton, Syracuse, etc. I just can’t imagine AFA’s undertaking the necessary research to come up with legitimate information, particularly when it would be very likely to just keep incrementing the number (perhaps well beyond 16).

    AFA has a long history of being disingenuous about the impact of their boycotts. They’ve extra-pretzel-twisted the outcomes of their anti-gay boycotts of Disney/ABC, Ford, Procter & Gamble, etc. to make it sound like the companies actually gave a sh*t. And yes, their tactics for building a wisp of an illusion of effectiveness are very commonly on the order of the rooster taking credit for forcing the sun to come up.

    Their dishonesty is vexing in part because AFA is a Christian organization. I thought Christians aren’t supposed to engage in deceit?

  11. birds of a feather says

    The AFA claims 600,000 membership? I doubt it. Probably more like six rich bigots with checkbooks.

    Personally I’ve found Home Depot and Lowe’s to be equally gay.

    Also the financial results of H D recently have been very good and growing stronger. So much for their boycott effort.

    The AFA’s real effort is to get those rich bigots to write another check.

  12. chris says

    @classychazy Girl, wake up and smell the coffee. Religion IS the root of all evil.

    I trade at Lowes BECAUSE I am helped by a gay salesperson who works for a gay manager. I spend my money where I am treated well. I find that most gay employees are superior to straight employees anyway. Gays should always remember the power of spending those Gay Dollars.

  13. bilmiller says

    Lots of great comments here. God said that he (or she) is a loving god. Jesus said to love others and ourselves equally. These folks hate their god, themselves and everyone else equally!

  14. Merlin says

    The Home Depot near me is so busy that the only parking spots EVER open are by the street. I know that means nothing, really, but neither do the “facts” the AFA flings out to keep their gullible supporters sending in the cash.

    It’s all about a bunch of really naive and FEARFUL people who let a snakeoil salesman convince them Teh Ghey is coming to snatch little Johnny out of his crib, destroy all marriages, and end Western Civilization, so they must FIGHT gays and if they can’t FIGHT PERSONALLY then SEND MONEY to the con man, who will fight on their behalf. They just never stop digging up some imaginary boogeyman to scare people with so that they can keep getting donations. If these jerks didn’t get to live a fat, lavish, elite lifestyle off the backs of their dumb-as-a-rock followers, they’d probably have to go out and GET A REAL JOB. Hopefully at Home Depot, who would make them wear orange aprons at the Podunk GLBTT Bake Sale.

  15. Abbie Martin says

    Home Depot did not cease support of the LBGT community. AFA has been and will be all about deception, lies and cheating. What happened is the AFA boycott was a major fail. In order to save face, to keep getting contributions, AFA HAD to say what they did to call off the boycott. Truth is in February 2011 when AFA ordered the boycott, Depot’s stock stood at 38.80. Friday, Sept 6, stock closed at 78.22. AFA Failed AGAIN.

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