American Family Association’s Home Depot Boycott: Effective?

Picture 28The American Family Association has declared victory over Home Depot. The Association, which two years ago initiated a boycott against the home improvement superchain due to The Home Depot's conspicuous corporate presence at gay pride events, announced on Friday that Home Depot's ostentatious gay friendliness has been curbed. According to The Association:

  • In 2009 and 2010, Home Depot sponsored and marched in at least 16 separate gay pride events. After the boycott began, Home Depot's participation dropped to just four events in 2011.
  • Home Depot has ordered its employees to stop wearing its highly recognized orange aprons to any homosexual-themed events.
  • Home Depot's philanthropy arm, The Home Depot Foundation, now prohibits grants to "festivals" and denies requests for workshop kits and aprons. These had shown up at homosexual events on a regular basis.

But the Association is not mollified, beause it suspects that Home Depot hasn't really had a change of heart:

It could be that the homosexual groups have agreed with Home Depot to simply remain silent, continuing to get money from Home Depot but agreeing not to publicly acknowledge Home Depot's support.

… which is why the Association is urging the 600,000 pro-family folk who've joined the boycott to keep at it — to "support the boycott even more" — and spend their home improvement dollars elsewhere. (Not that they need much urging, since Lowe's is so much more their speed anyway.) Their reasoning: Other companies "are watching" to see if the wrath of censorious homophobes will affect Home Depot's bottom line, and the AFA wants to make sure it does. Forgiveness, apparently, is too good for Home Depot.