1. Matt says


    Finally, someone who agrees with me! I’ve been saying Beck’s face looks a little long in the tooth for a while now. Sure, his body is still pretty hot for a man of his age, but that face! It’s looking more and more like it’s been through a meat grinder. Next!

  2. Mike C. says

    Oh come on!! I like it that Beckham is obviously still hot yet clearly getting older. It’s nice to see some age in our sexual objectification. Not everyone can be 22

  3. Huey says

    He is a gorgeous man, except I wish he had stopped tatooing a while back. A little more than I like. Still…
    But my objection is that you hardly get to see the underwear! Three quarters of the shots are of David’s body; you barely see the band on the briefs. One quick rear shot is all you get. It’s obvious they are selling Beckham, less than the quality briefs.

  4. Gabe R L says

    Becks is indeed looking a bit worn, heavy, and way too tattooed. I never understood the fascination with him in the first place, and especially not now.

  5. topsyturvy says

    Interesting how we don’t get a full shot of the package … or even a really good ass shot. Is this so the men watching don’t get too, um, uncomfortable.

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