1. beats says

    Almagro drilled a ball at him to win a point a few games from the end. Its a legitimate tactic and Berdych should have shrugged it off. He has since said he regrets throwing a strop.

  2. Jason says

    Because he perceived being hit by the ball as a “cheap shot” by the other player–even though it was not. An adult tantrum by a poor loser.

    Is this news on TR merely because the players are physically attractive? Why not feature an LGBT person being heroic or doing the right thing by making a difference in the world instead?

  3. Michael says

    Why is this on this website? Without any more details I’m led to believe there is some LGBT aspect to this story. Maybe in the future this website can produce a disclaimer when the story has absolutely no value to the LGBT community.

  4. says

    How dare you post an article you find interesting on your own blog?! What kind of self-hating homosexual are you that you think people that read your blog have any interest in anything that happens outside of Chelsea or West Hollywood.

    And another thing. Those beautiful pictures of space taken from the Hubble — knock it off! There are no fags in outer space (except maybe the ones that think that one post on the internet takes up space and means some heroic gay person isn’t getting his or her due because of it or the ones that think Berdych is attractive — his eyes are waaaay too close together).

    I LOVED that they booed Berdych. He’s top ten in douchery as well as tennis.

  5. Artie says

    I don’t completely blame the guy. People at that skill level can place the ball pretty much wherever they want. I can see why he’d think the shot at him was intentional, and I wouldn’t want to shake his hand either.

    Maybe I’m just partial because Berdych is super hot.

  6. say what says

    no endorsements for him

    couldn’t have happened in a worse place for the guy. Australians LOVE underdogs and good sportsmanship. thus the booing

    Sydney 2000 Olympics, where a man who could barely swim, swam in a heat and was the last to finish but everyone in the crowd cheered him on.

    Australians are cool like that so anywhere else there would have been less booing, but since it happened in Oz land….the guy is scum

  7. BreckRoy says

    I am with Andy and all the others who often just mix interesting things in with the specifically gay content. Its a personal blog that has since grown to well deserved size and stature, but is still special because it retains the character and reflects the interests (I LOVE the space stuff and eat it up on this blog) of the founder and contributors. We do not subscribe and pay fees to have them make a blog for us to our specification, and its unfair that everytime they post something about sports, or space, or Madonna (!) they get slammed for relevance. If they waned to do an occasional piece on organic farming, they could. Its always our choice to read it!

  8. James C says

    I’m really getting sick of the whining going on here, about this topic and especially about the Glee dads being played by over 50 non-gay actors one of whom is apparently insufficiently black.

    Seriously, have you morons not realized that Andy and many other gay men follow sports as competitions and not just as arenas for political statements. We actually care about their outcomes even if we may not want to bed the athletes. We are not totally segregated from the rest of the world just because we are discriminated against in parts of it.

    This is Andy’s site, not any of yours. It’s an expression of his own personal interests and passions as much as it’s a source of news. Get over yourselves.

  9. Jesus says

    @Michael, if you’ve been following this blog then you’ll know that Andy posts a lot of tennis-related news because I think he and several other people on here follow it actively. Also, there has been some controversy surrounding a certain openly anti-gay someone attending the Australian Open, so that’s why it’s been a topic here.

  10. dave says

    Jason & Michael… last I checked this was Andy’s website. He should be able to post whatever he sees fit. We’re all reading his site because he’s obviously proven that he knows how to find interesting stories. No where does it say this site is exclusively gay.

  11. James C says

    BTW, Almagro’s shot was totally legitimate. I played college tennis and was hit anywhere from the face to the foot in matches, especially in doubles. No big deal. Evert, Connors, Lendl, Agassi, Graf all hit passing shots at their opponents plenty of times. Berdych’s reaction is more a function of the fact that no one comes to the net consistently anymore, so they are unfamiliar with the legitimacy of the play.

  12. Clifford says

    I come to this blog every day because of the interesting things posted- some of which are gay-related, and some that are just plain interesting. Being a tennis fanatic, I love it when my favourite sport gets a mention here.
    So in the hope of pleasing both camps in this silly debate, I would like to request more Australian Open posts, with an emphasis on any protests going on with a certain Margaret Bigot-Court….Haven’t heard anything lately. Thx.

  13. Hollywood, CA says

    @Jason – “Why not feature an LGBT person being heroic or doing the right thing by making a difference in the world instead?”

    Why not create your own Blog, Jason?

  14. JeffRob says

    I feel like this “Why did you post this?!?” conversation happens WAY too often on Towleroad, always because of someone without any prior knowledge complaining that it’s not exactly the blog they thought it was or think it should be.

    Why do people feel compelled to complain about something they know very little about? Stop complaining, just enjoy what someone else is offering you, and for free.

  15. D.R.H. says

    I wish Andy would change the comments section to the Facebook style being used by a lot of major online publications. It could open up a whole new dimension of connectivity within the Towleroad community. And, more importantly, cowards like Jason and Michael wouldn’t comment because they would be too afraid to step out from behind the safety of anonymity.

  16. Christopher says

    Thanks, Andy for all you do on this site. There’s a TON of information here–some not my ‘cup of tea’ but it’s easy to find what I want to look at further and click away. (ps–this is also my homepage!)

  17. Jack says

    I come to this blog daily to read information I don’t find in most other places…if something doesn’t particularly interest me I move on…my interests are varried as are Andy’s apparently.
    Long live Towleroad!!

  18. Ricco says

    What is it with people who don’t want to hear stories that are not directly, or indirectly, relevant to LGBT issues?

    Maybe some of us gay folks inhabit larger worlds and feel that things are generally relevant to us as human beings, and are interested by those things.

    Maybe, for some of us, it is not all about our c*cks, or our gay brains, or that our gay brains are fed by stories that let us know we are part of a bigger picture.

    Enlarge your worlds people, before you reduce yourselves to a lab specimen on a microscope slid, and the only way people can see you is to look at you, and your sad little world through a microscope.

  19. Scott says

    Agree with all the other commenters on here- Andy and the rest of Towleroad writers do an amazing job.

    I love the video roundups, humor pieces, and sports and science coverage- because that’s who we are- we are not weird robots who only care about “gay causes” or “gay politics.” We’re real people with lives and jobs and families and interests; in fact, the whole point of LGBT friendly politics and advocacy is to make our own lives and those of our families easier and freer to do the kinds of activities and things we love to do- like sports, and reading, and movies.

    This is an awesome blog- and kudos to all the writers and contributors

  20. OberonOZ says

    Bizarre and outdated? Its very unfortunate if good sportsmanship and acknowledging it publicly by being a gracious winner or loser and shaking your oponents hand after a well fought match is seen as bizarre and outdated. Sad to think that courtesy and grace and respect might be seen as bizarre and outdated. Although considering the world we live in today I suppose there are already enough examples of people who obviously feel that way.

  21. Bryan says

    @Say what: Aussies only like underdogs when the said underdog is not playing against their faves like Federer and Clijsters. I remember when Nadal won the AO in ’09 beating Federer and about one-third of the crowd looked like Nadal had just killed their puppy.

    Wimbledon is probably the only true slam where the underdog spirit exists, the Aussie crowd are mostly a bunch of old people and belligerent drunks.

    On Berdych- while his behavior was unsportsmanlike, I prefer that he was honest rather than some of the fake, sour handshakes that are obviously not heart felt that you get.
    Also, for anyone who watches tennis, Almagro himself is a tool, so no sympathies from me here.

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