1. JWL says

    Im surprised its still on TV, but Im certainly not watching it. It was bad enough when they had the anti-gay old man on the Africa season (that was the last time I watched it) but Ill be damned if Im gonna watch some GAY republican twinkie idiot with absolutely no life experience or knowledge on their either. pitiful.

  2. peterparker says

    I have a feeling that when Colton thinks he is making someone’s life a ‘living hell’, that they are laughing at him behind his back.

  3. aj says

    I have never missed an episode of Survivor, thanks to vcr’s and now DVR BUT this is one season that i will gladly MISS!! To think that the Gay Community will be presented by not just a Gay man but A GAY REPUGNANT!! NO WAY!!

  4. Jay says

    Gay Republican – isn’t that a kind of anthropological speak for a similar term…like…Giant Pygmy?

  5. LJames says

    The responses here are so predictable. Guess what, ladies? Some of us actually use our minds and have opinions of our own and don’t believe that because we’re gay, we MUST be super duper liberal. While I obviously support gay marriage and other social causes, I’m fiscally conservative and am moderate on most other issues. If you’re so liberal, fine. But respect that fact that not all of us want to suck off Obama, no matter how mediocre he is.

  6. AJ says

    Quit crying. Survivor has all sorts of villains. Last season the biggest villain was a raging Christian. It’s all in who u end up with. I have only missed 2 seasons of its entire run. Here’s hoping there’s no damn returning players and no redemption island this season.

  7. Robert in NYC says

    Gay republican = oxymoron! Most of them suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, loving their oppressors by constantly voting for and supporting them.

  8. Alan says

    They should have gotten Chris Barron instead of this guy. Colton Cumbie opened his mouth and I nearly started to gag. At least Chris sounds like a man.

    For those of you who hate gay Republicans more than you hate yourself, why don’t you do the ‘tolerant’ thing and resort to violence, the same way those thugs went after Taylor Garrett of A-list Dallas.

    Gay Democrats, how dare you go after another gay man. We take care of our own. Don’t be a vicious queen. Because it says more about you than anyone else.

    Gay Democrats can hold on the fact that Fred Phelps, Democrat, is taking care of you inside of your own party.

  9. sara says

    @James Look at New Hampshire that voted in all those Republicans based on the economy. The Republicans now say you must have wanted gay marriage repeal, that’s why you voted them in. Now look at the money being spent to fight something that was already settled. You’re dreaming if you think gay rights issues are settled enough not for them to make major changes in your life.

    Just think about a couple of Supreme Court openings that may be coming up. Every Republican presidential candidate will also defend DOMA & will owe the Evangelicals something. I guess you have your own mind. It just seems to be a very self centered one.

  10. gaylib says

    Mark Burnett, the producer of Survivor is an anti-gay evangelical christian. He is close friends with that horse faced bigot Joel Osteen. No self respecting gay would watch that trash.

  11. says

    We’ve never been a fan of Survivor so this show won’t cross our airwaves. There are fools everywhere but no bigger fool then a gay Republican.

  12. uffda says

    Shocker…is Mark Burnett really anti-gay and a retro-Christian? Never heard that before. He has certainly included a lot of appealing gay peope in the Survivor shows, which are mostly outstanding “experiences” for viewer and contestants alike. Yes, please, no more returning contestants…now, however, a gay republican? Sounds good. Just have them get Little Kiwi on the same show with him…can you imagine…OMG…the blood,,,the gore…the fun?

  13. Greg says

    It’s amazing to me to see the intolerance to different viewpoints in the comments. Being a Republican does not make one evil. It just means that of all the variables that come into plan when choosing a party, someone chooses a party on more than social issues. Also, for those not familiar, Northeast Republicans are usually socially moderate, pro-gay, and fiscally conservative. I count myself as a Northeast Republican having grown up in NYC and now living in Boston.

    I am consistently bewildered by some people’s automatic deference to the Democratic Party. Perhaps it would behoove some to be less intolerant of those who choose to support one party over the other.

  14. GREG says

    I appreciate it LJAMES. Are you as bummed as I am that McCain/Palin lost? We fought so hard for those two patriots to lead our country and now look at the mess we’re in. Will you pray with me? I love you.

  15. HadenoughBS says

    Gay + twinkie + Republican (circa 2012) = villain? Say it ain’t so. Just one more reason I typically don’t watch so-called “reality” TV shows.

    OTOH, the villain moniker does make an awful lot of sense seeing how the contemporary Rethuggist Party hates our guts. I don’t care what other Rethuggies write on this post, you can’t support a party that deplores and loathes your lifestyle and then claim Dems have a problem because of Obama. Be fiscally conservative all you want but when you claim the Republican mantle, you’ve gone too far in your self-loathing.

  16. TampaZeke says

    Rick Santorum; Northeast Republican, Mitt Romney; Northeast Republican, George W. Bush; Northeast Republican (in spite of his pretending to be a Texan). Northeast Republicans voted for George W. Bush and McCain/PALIN.

    What was your point again?

  17. says

    Gay Republicans live in a delusional world that is utterly disconnected from reality.

    it’s the only way they can get through each day without offing themselves.

  18. Brian in Texas says

    @ Greg

    There is hardly such a thing as a northeastern republican on the federal level. New England has zero republican members in the House and 2 out of 3 New England senators voted in favor of the most recent Obama budget.

    It’s fine for a gay person to be conservative; I just don’t understand how a gay person can vote for a republican.

    Are there any pro-gay republicans in the federal government at all?

  19. Jake says

    Awe…Greg & James, a match truly made in Fox News heaven.

    Greg dear – you are delusional or you’re just one of the clueless people who continue to vote against your own interests.

    Do you really think old McCain would have signed the repeal of DADT if it had made it to his desk?! Would a Republican Governor have signed same-sex marriage into law in the state of NY? You’re just a sad confused gay. Chances are you’re against same-sex marriage or any other LGBT fight for equality, right? You just continue to conform to what straight society tells you to do and let the rest of us fight for OUR rights.

  20. George M says

    Being real Greg,
    Do you really vote for someone like Romney or someone anti gay because their republican or do you vote fiscally over social issues?

    If you do vote for someone who hurts the “community” does it matter?
    Just a question, you have a right to vote any way you want that’s fine. But it’s hard for me to see why those of you on the right don’t get why we’re mad. I’m not saying it has to or should get personal but gay people being angry at the republicans as far as I’m concerned is a no brainer

  21. Greg says

    That Bristol comment person is not me, btw.

    As it stands right now, I would vote for Romney over Obama.

    Everyone has a right to their beliefs in the US. I am quite happy that the Republican Party exists in the US. I just wish it were still the party of Chaffee, Snow, Collins, Huntsman, and McCain circa 2000. At least Romney has shown that he can work with Democrats and is not a total ideologue. Hell, our current Democrat president is one of the worst authoritarians in American history. Guantanamo is still open. Third party CIA prisons have been defended. American citizens have been killed abroad. He didn’t end the wars as promised. He continues to defend legislation that allows for spying on Americans. Both he and Bush appointed people during Congressional recess appointments. Then there is his war on illegal immigrants.

    And yet somehow gays who vote Republicans hate themselves? No, gays who vote Republican might just want to see a United States with a smaller, less intrusive government. Romney was an excellent governor in Massachusetts. He would prob make a much better president than Obama.

    Too bad there isn’t a Democrat debate so that can get a better candidate than Obama. A pox on both parties.

    This divide between Republicans and Democrats has continued to become toxic. Until both sides realize they need to work with each other and stop demonizing the other side, there will be little hope for progress.

  22. LJames says

    Sorry, I didn’t realize the name of this blog was

    I love how all of your preach and DEMAND tolerance and respect. But when 2 moderate/conservative gay guys say something on here, you all freak out.

    Practice what you preach.

  23. Greg says

    @Little Kiwi. Of course my family respects me. They are moderate enough to love me and respect me whatever my political beliefs. Also, my family has consistently voted/supported Republican, including my mother who supported George Bush in 2000.

    Seriously people. Not all Democrats support homosexual rights. Not all Republicans are against homosexual rights. This is not as black/white as you are trying to make it out to be. There are plenty of people on both sides who are working towards a better and more equal future for everyone in the US.

  24. says

    “Also, for those not familiar, Northeast Republicans are usually socially moderate, pro-gay, and fiscally conservative. I count myself as a Northeast Republican having grown up in NYC and now living in Boston.”

    FYI, those “Northeast Republicans” you admire so much are currently trying to overturn marriage equality in NH; my NER governor in VT vetoed marriage equality in our state (unsuccessfully, because of the Democratic majority); all legislative success on lgbt issues is due to Democratic majorities in state legislatures; all the setbacks are due to Republican majorities. Hey, your choice, just keep it real. “Northeast Republican” ideology has mostly left the building known as the Republican party.

    The little Survivor twerp is probably still under the delusions his parents have passed on to him, but any thinking adults on TR should be aware what elected Republicans will do for gay rights. And it’s sure not advance them.

  25. says

    Greg, no they don’t. Your mother and father think so little of you that they happily vote for a party that thinks you, their son, are not deserving of Equality in America.

    do you know why they vote this way? because they don’t actually love you, respect you or care about you.

    they merely tolerate you as long as you don’t try to stand up for yourself.

    keep lying to yourself. if i had your family i’d probably need to live in a 24/7 delusion, too.

  26. sara says

    I think Gay Republicans should just admit they don’t care about gay rights. Republicans in New Hampshire (North East) are trying to repeal Gay marriage even though people voted them in to work on jobs & the economy. Republicans in Michigan tried to enact an anti bullying bill that made exceptions for Christians. A republican in Oklahoma wants to bring back DADT for the National Guard. Around the country you see Republicans, probably elected with the aid of Gay Republicans, trying to take away the rights of Gays. Right now due to current immigration laws that don’t recognize gay relationships, people are in danger of deportation.

    It doesn’t matter how nice & moderate Mitt Romney, who recently again said he opposed gay marriage, is because if he’s elected he owes those anti gay Evangelicals & will be sure to try to enact some anti gay legislation to appease them. Doesn’t Romney also stand behind DOMA? With 2 possible openings to the Supreme Court coming up, what are the chances of gay friendly judges being elected?

    If none of these issues are of concern to you then fine. I hear ‘i’m not a single issue’ voter enough times to believe this. But don’t expect people to love & tolerate you when you don’t care if their rights are taken away.

  27. George M says

    Thanks for getting back
    So you vote for smaller less intrusive government? That’s right to you but how does that fit with Romney? He wants your personal marriage dissolved.
    The other stuff you talked about will be no better under a republican so you can’t put that on just Obama. Personally I believe in the wars and don’t think we should leave. I have many right leanings but not worth more then me as a person.
    You didn’t answer does it bother you when republican go after the community?
    A few days ago Oklahoma republican introduced a bill to put DADT back in for their national guard. New Hampshire republicans want to end marriage rights. Iowa they continue to drool over the idea of eliminating SSM. Michigan republicans just undid town approved rights.
    Don’t get me wrong, Im sure some dems went along for it, like in Maryland. But the right has a lot more work to do to even get to the level the dems are at. But if that’s not you focus then it doesn’t matter, and that’s right to you.

    I do agree that both sides need to knock it off. We could do SO much if we talked more in Washington. But every president goes it with an agenda and they fight and do what ever to get it. It’s not the same game in Washington as it was in MA. But who knows.

    I guess for me I’m as tired of hearing You claim That I’m brain washed (when in fact the democrats stand for more of what I stand for) as you are hearing you hate yourself.

  28. says

    the GOP can’t stop spreading anti-gay bias. if they did, they’d be forced to show that their fiscal plans benefit only the richest people in america.

    they can’t do that. so, whenever they go to the heartlands they say “hey, you know them gays? aint they gross?”


  29. George M says

    Greg I’m not saying at all that you’re like the republicans I mentioned, I forgot to add that. I just wish their were more of you moderates to over take the GOP

  30. LJames says

    Barack Obama
    John Kerry
    Bill Clinton

    Last 3 Dem nominees for Prez. All against gay marriage. EVERY Dem nominee for Prez has been against gay marriage for that matter.

    Personally, I’m a big fan of moderates (e.g. Michael Bloomberg). And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

  31. says

    and yet none of those nominees, LJames, had engaged in any of the bigoted anti-gay rhetoric that the GOP’s candidates spew.

    a little nuance guys like you tend to ignore.

    gay republicans live in a sociological phenomenon called “i don’t want what i haven’t got” – or “i don’t want what i know i can’t have”

    your parents don’t care enough about you to vote for people who consider you valued citizens of worth. so you prove them right by voting with them, by showing that you’re not a valued citizen of worth.

    then you happily reap the rewards won for you by Liberals – the very people your parents raised you to hate

    no wonder you’re so messed up.

  32. George M says

    James, there is nothing wrong with that. If it works for you great

    And you are correct about those 3 but they are nothing like the last 3 on the republican side.
    It really does (I think) come down to what you hold as you’re voting focus. We are all different, we look at the same picture and see different things.
    I vote
    1. Social issues – Dem
    2. Financial issues – Dem
    3. Military issues- Repub
    4. Education – Dem
    5. Gun control – Repub

    Thats me
    James vote for who best fits you.

  33. KP says

    I feel bad for gay Republicans for two reasons:

    1. They are supporting a party that at best, couldn’t care less about them and at worst, hates them (can also apply to evangelical gays)

    2. Due to the disappearance of the moderate middle in American politics, there is no place for those who favor fiscal conservatism and liberal social ideas. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If a person favors limited government, less regulations, stricter immigration policies, and a decrease in welfare programs, they are not going to feel at home in the Democratic party.

    We can’t really blame fiscally conservative gays for not wanting to join the DNC. But due to the GOP’s recent swing to the extreme right, it rubs most liberal and moderate gays the wrong way when conservative gays vote for GOP candidates who want to quash gay rights at every turn, like Santorum, or those who will simply ignore LGBT issues once in office, like Romney.

    There really isn’t a perfect party for gay conservatives – they are forced to choose between their fiscal views or their rights as a gay person. In the end, it comes down to what they value more.

  34. says

    i’d argue, KP, that they’re not actually forced to choose between “their fiscal views” or “their rights as a gay person.”

    i’ll just say it – they’re forced to choose between having spines or pissing off their parents even more.

  35. sara says

    llJames You’re being disingenuous. Obama at least believes in civil unions, which many of the Republican candidates do not. Santorum does not believe in civil unions & would take away marriage already in existence and Rick Santorum is still a possible vp candidate under Romney if he wins. Obama also doesn’t believe in taking away rights that’s already been given as in the case with New Hampshire.

    Under Obama: DADT has been repealed, he has declared the DOMA unconstitutional and has made an effort with dealing with Gay homophobia internationally –see Hilary Clinton’s speech.

    He may not have done enough considering his still evolving position on gay marriage but he is not actively working against you, the gay you, as many of the Republicans are & he did not appoint an anti gay conservative when he made appointments to the Supreme Court–which is where a Republican can do the most damage to your future rights.

    Republican candidates cannot be elected without the help of the very anti-gay evangelicals. They’re always forced to repay them & usually at the expense of gay people. Republicans actively work to take away your benefits like when Michigan enacted the domestic partner benefit ban eliminating health care.

    In almost every state, anti gay legislation is led by the Republicans & that’s worse than any Democratic passivity right now.

  36. NY2.0 says

    I can’t help but laugh at gay Republicans and their constant harping about being fiscally responsible.

    Republicans don’t know what fiscal responsibility means. When was the last time a Republican president and congress left office with a balanced budget???

    They want smaller government, except when it comes to going into people’s bedrooms and in women’s wombs.

    To gay Repugs fiscal responsibility means tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of the rest of the country.

    And so the gay repugs will vote for phony Mitt Romney who has made a fortune laying off thousands and currently pays taxes at less than a 15 percent rate!

  37. says

    “Last 3 Dem nominees for Prez. All against gay marriage. EVERY Dem nominee for Prez has been against gay marriage for that matter.”

    Sorry, the dumb false equivalencies don’t cut it anymore, the stakes are too high. There are significant differences nationally on how majority Democrats and majority Republicans are dealing with lgbt civil rights; state by state, progress gets made only when majority Dem’s are in power. Simply the facts. If you have vote counts showing otherwise, put em up.

    As for the presidency, the current President supports ending DOMA, which means that legally married same-sex couples would receive federal recognition. There is little doubt he will support marriage equality–his administration has been quietly working in that direction for some time now.

    Contrast: All the Republican candidates support DOMA. The President’s DOJ has stopped defending DOMA in court. Under any Republican, the DOJ would vigorously defend DOMA. The President opposes any state attempts to take away equality, whether it’s Prop 8 or the repeal effort in NH or the constitutional amendments in states like NC and MN. All Repub candidates support state attempts to take away rights.

    The most “moderate” of the remaining Repub’s and the man who will be the nominee, Mitt Romney, supports a constitutional amendment to permanently define marriage as only between a man and a woman. With a Republican in the White House, DOMA is permanent, and given who they’ll have to appoint to the Supreme Court to satisfy the mainstream religious extremism of the Republican party, the SC would be stacked against us for decades.

    Blindly ignoring huge policy differences between mainstream Democrats and mainstream Republicans means that your human rights aren’t particularly important to you or that you’re being dishonest. But it can’t be because the choices are the same, because they aren’t.

  38. TyInTenn says

    Gay Republican – wow – those are two words you rarely see that close together. I am sure they won’t let him vote now….

  39. Mawm says

    Yes, Mark Burnett has gone full-on Christian. He attends Joel Osteen’s mega church from time-to-time, and is even going to produce a reality show about it.

    Bleh, gag me with a spoon.

  40. Boone68 says

    LJAMES, if you’re a Republican, you do not support gay marriage or any social issues that empathize with gays and lesbians. Maybe you can think for yourself, but based on your post, I don’t think so. Maybe you should do a little research about what the Republican platform is all about. Maybe you should listen to any one of the rabid homophobic clowns cannibalizing each other for the GOP nomination. My response to the hateful, bigoted attacks on my marriage and my family will ALWAYS be predictable. Tell me, which of these fat, white, rich straight homophobic frat boys appeals to you? BTW, newsflash, the idea of Republicans as fiscally conservative is a myth, just as is the idea of them being stronger on National Security.

  41. Drew says

    A) He dresses like a gay Republican
    B) There is no such thing as a gay Republican
    C) Or is there…?

  42. Jase says

    Like a lot of gay men, Colton not only sucks off the patriarchal power structure, but completely swallows the traditional value assignments ascribed to “masculine” and “feminine” gay men. But what’s even sadder is that he lacks self-awareness about his own position within that paradigm (especially in terms of how he is perceived by others). I mean, he’s clearly NOT athletic but he thinks he is (he describes himself as athletic in his bio) and he said, “the girls will love me and the guys won’t know what to make of me.” Um…no dude, the guys know you’re a big flaming mo, and they’re fine with it. Nothing wrong with that at all mind you, but he seems to be one of those sad gay guys who considers himself “masculine” or “neutral” when he’s really actually very effeminate. I wonder if watching himself back in these episodes/hearing his own voice will be life-altering for him?