Conservative Site Finds Gay Connection In Santorum’s Work Past

By now we all know that Rick Santorum's riding a campaign high: the former Pennsylvania senator is now third in Iowa polls, one day before that state's caucuses, has gathered up scores of social conservative endorsements and even has Rupert Murdoch in his corner.

While Santorum's long-time opponents on the left have been shining a light his bigoted, backward politics to thwart his presidential campaign, it seems now those on the right are joining in by unveiling contradictions between homophobic politico's rhetoric and his post-Senate work:

From "For All of Santorum's Traditionalism Rhetoric," posted over at the right-wing website RedState:

Universal Health Services, on whose board he sat until he left in June of this year, runs a PRIDE Institute in Minnesota. It’s the “nation’s first and leading provider of mental health service to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community.”

Ironically, given Santorum’s strong comments on “homosexual acts,” according to the PRIDE Institute, its exclusive focus on the gay community is necessary because “the society in which we live marginalizes the LGBT community” with “negative covert and overt messages about the gay and lesbian lifestyle.”

In fact, the PRIDE Institute brands the kind of language Santorum used “heterorsexism.”

We shouldn’t however, hold it against Santorum. Often when principle and paycheck come in conflict, paycheck wins. Principle does not always feed a family.

Ouch. Will this revelation tarnish Santorum's social conservative brand or will he be able to swipe it away and go on to win big in New Hampshire, South Carolina and other big ticket states? A high finish in Iowa tomorrow could provide him with some momentum, but it seems unlikely a lawmaker with such a tired, one note platform like Santorum can survive in a political landscape that has changed tremendously since 2008.


  1. Chris says

    RedState is right that Santorum is not as anti-gay as his hateful vitriol suggests.

    But how could anyone vote for him? He’s either:

    a. really really hateful, or

    b. “right-center-leaning on social issues” but spewing radical, hateful speech in order to pander to right-wing-nuts

    Either of the above is disgusting!

  2. Acronym Jim says

    Frankly, I don’t see this this sticking to Santorum. PRIDE Institute is but one faction of many within Universal Health Services. Any other candidate could likely easily wipe this away. However, since it IS Santorum, he may very well muck it up.

    Ick. Why do I feel so soiled after typing that statement?

  3. Paul R says

    UHS is enormous. And I just saw a poll saying that Santorum is polling first.

    I almost hope that he does win. Maybe then we’d have a chance to reform our absurdly stupid primary system, where everyone focuses on a primarily rural Midwestern state for several months every four years, then ignores it the rest of the time. There are so many better ways to do this. No way could Santorum ever, ever win a national election.

  4. Raoul says

    This is horrifying. I’ve visited PRIDE Institute as a community member bringing the message of AA to people in early recovery. It’s a fine place.
    It’s now horribly sullied with the stink of Santorum. Eeeeewww.

  5. james says

    I think the matter can be spun in a way that actually helps Santorum and reinforces his anti-gay creds: “The homosexual lifestyle, as we all know, leads to drug and alcohol abuse. They deserve to have access to treatment programs. And it’s best to separate them from the normal population so they don’t spread their lifestyle. As President, I’ll open even more of these centers, further protecting the normal people of America. And, let me remind you, people in traditional marriages never have these kinds of problems.”

    Said better than he would, but you get the point.

  6. james says

    @Acronym Jim: Point taken. But I’ll bet you $10,000 that someone in the Santorum campaign is working on just this kind of spin. One with three points — Commerce, Education, and, um, what’s the other one, um, oops. No! Wait! It’s Marcus!

  7. MichaelD1026 says

    According to an article on Huffington Post Politics today, another residential treatment facility with which Santorum’s UHS is involved, The Pines in Portsmouth, Virginia. The facility has been in trouble with the state for years, but when UHS took over, it lost any standards that had been set up. Another example of tossing the kids to the side of the road

  8. Jon says

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” –Upton Sinclair

    Seems the opposite is also true.

  9. uffda says

    Jack@ said all that was necessary the other day – (in my words) this dismal hominid believes that a man named Noah put every form of animate life in a homemade boat and sailed away on a preposterous flood only to realight on dry ground sometime later and actually reposition every otherwise drowned creature on a then newly sinless earth. Unfortunately this apparently included cockroaches.

    Why oh why have we ever heard of either of these lying losers?

  10. Georgiaguy says

    Since Newt Gingrich has been destroyed in the last week in Iowa, now the right wing will gun for rapidly, antigay Rick Santorum. As a Georgia native, I know the fundamentalists in the South are not please with the thought of a Mormon or a Catholic heading the GOP ticket.

    Little Ralphie Reed and his fundamentalists will not be ethusiastic for any of these choices. Rick Perry already proved he was dumber than George W. Bush and seems like his twin to most.

    I think Obama wins re-election by a smaller margin, but greater than bush in 2004. His margin will be smaller due to voter ID laws, huge presence of law enforcement in black neighborhoods on election day, mailers to less educated Democratic voters, and purging rolls of African-American voters.

  11. says

    Gosh, I used to serve on the Advisory Board for The Pride Institute before they were bought out and laid on the mega-corporation table. I agree-the idea of Santorum being connected to them brings an unfortunate taint to what I knew as an excellent organization.

  12. stevemd2 says

    A couple years ago, a gay person went to talk to Santorum. He freaked out and almost broke his neck running away.

    I only wish I could meet him. I’d tell him I was gay, horny and had AIDS (none of which is true.

    Hopefully this bigot who would sell America to our christian talibangelicals would really freak out.

    We could have a national holiday –

    Santorum in the Sanitarium day.

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