Gay Berlin Man Missing for Three Weeks Found to Be Victim of Gruesome Murder

Berlin's gay community has been rocked by the gruesome murder of a man missing since New Year's Day:

SrockThe BZ daily reported on Wednesday that the deceased, Carsten Srock, was found with his limbs expertly carved off with either an axe or large knife. The body pieces were then wrapped fastidiously in plastic bags and cling-wrap, and left to sit in the two-room flat for around three weeks. His head was found, partially cooked, by the police. Prosecutors on the case told the BZ they believe the victim was “murdered for sexual pleasure.”

Owner of the Mariendorf apartment is a 43-year-old man identified as Michael S., who was rescued by paramedics after trying to take his own life. The unemployed Berliner attempted to open a main vein, before calling the emergency services minutes after.

It was only upon the arrival of the paramedics that the gruesome truth began to come to light.


  1. uffda says

    Remember a few years ago the two Germans who contracted with one another, one to be killed so the other could eat him, literally. There’s something the matter with German’s alright, a twist deep in the pscye, two whole world wars came out of it and the most appalling history of murder and torture the world has ever seen. Also much incomparable genius. Beauty and madness side by side. Not to make light of this grisly news item…I am nevertheless part German,…and love dinner guests. The solid Norwegian in me makes it safe while the half Irish part makes it lively.

  2. David in NYC says

    This is why Germans need people like Darnetta ‘Sunshine’ Powells working at their gay sex shops like in NYC to say things like this loud during checkout:

    I can tell you’se a freak, ain’t you?

    Also, this is exactly why I ended it with that guy who told me he wanted to try some CBT. It’s a slippery slope…

  3. architectinberlin says

    for every idiot that wants to ascribe what happened to something related to germany/germans/the german past, i have two words for you:

    jeffery dahmer.

    thank you.

  4. architectinberlin says


    oh, seriously, you want to play THIS game?

    first, moron, hitler was from austria, not germany.

    second, shall we start listing the serial killers/psychopaths non-german in origin?


  5. Ciaran says

    It’s normally youtube where Hitler gets a mention within the first 10 comments by people who probably struggle to walk in a straight line, depressing to see it here. He was Austrian also.

  6. architectinberlin says

    i guess i should have made the point better: this can happen anywhere, and ascribing it to a german (or any national “trait”) ignores the real point, or lesson:

    be careful whom you choose to meet.

  7. Frank says

    Please. You act like America has a shortage of sexual psyhcos. Jeffery Dahmer, Ed Gein, John Wayne Gacey, the BTK killer. No country has a monopoly on parahillia.

  8. alex says

    Making this about germans or germany is ABSURD.

    If we start making a list of all the effed up crap that goes on in this the ol’ U.S. of A., I believe our column will be more than competitive.

    There are elements of the tea party and the right-wing in general which under their public facade, you just know lies a pseudo-nazi.

    And if you think it can’t happen here then you are stupid at history. And much besides.

  9. AJM says

    Damn sad.

    And it has nothing to do with Germans; on the contrary, Berlin remains, to date, the safest city I’ve ever visited. Crazies are everywhere. I’d imagine this stuff happens in many countries and never gets reported due to censorship.

  10. FLBOY says

    The scary thing is not this particular murder, its the murders we don’t know about yet. There were 3 or 4 guys who went missing here in FTL and they were never found. A few years later two guys over in Tampa were arrested for drugging a guy and they planned on killing him. The missing guys here could not be linked to these two even though one of the men lived not far from all of the missing guys at the time. You have to careful you just can’t go hooking up with just anybody.

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