Gay Rugby Icon Gareth Thomas Joins UK ‘Big Brother’ Reality Show


UK's Daily Mail and other tabloids report that Gareth Thomas, the gay rugby icon who retired from sport in October, is set to become a reality tv star:

"The popular sportsman, who is a close friend of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and attended their wedding, will appear on the Channel 5 reality show which starts tonight. He will join such luminaries as Natasha Giggs, whose only claim to fame is having an affair with her footballer star brother-in-law Ryan Giggs. Ironically, Mr Thomas is friends with Manchester United winger Giggs."


  1. paul says

    bit disappointing that this in the only way he could make some money after retiring….he might have followed Ben Cohen’s footsteps and done something a bit more credible. I actually think that even if he did shirtless calendars and sold them to make money it would somehow seem less tawdry than celeb big brother.

  2. Gregv says

    @Jack, Paul: I disagree. Celebrity Big Brother will give him a much greater opportunity to have a voice than would a pin-up calendar.

    Of course, Big Brother gets edited to maximize anything that could make a contestant look like a buffoon. But I hope that he is well-spoken enough that gay youth will see him as a role model who made something of himself, while some non-gay youths’ homophobic tendencies will be diminished as they get to know an example of a well-rounded gay man whom they could imagine befriending.

  3. mike says

    I hate to see him do this. Not a smart move since he has a movie coming out. Those reality TV shows can get rank and I think Alfie is way too much of a class act to lower himself down to there level. Sorry to see this happening.

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