1. S.C. says

    It makes me so angry and afraid that someone so obviously unbalanced could procure a gun and take so many lives so quickly, wound so many more, and harm this wonderful person so grievously and end her promising career.

    None of us are safe while this is the status quo.

  2. Buffzilla says

    Ok, yeah. He’s gay and fearless and heroic and all that, but he’s also FAT! So, why do any of you bitches all of a sudden think a fat homo is so great?! I’m sure you wouldn’t give him a second glance at a bar… well, maybe to throw a scowl and whisper a dig to your twinkish buddy.

  3. Nuflux says

    BUFFZILLA: It sounds like you’re projecting.

    Andy: Thank you for posting this story. That farewell message still makes me tear up.

  4. TruthBeSold says

    Not only is a giant land monster, but he is also wearing HORIZONTAL STRIPES which isn’t helping. Revoke his gay card TWICE.

  5. John says

    True that-if any of these queens saw this guy in any gay venue he would have absolute zero value as a human being just for being overweight. The only people that matter in the gay world are the beautiful ones. Stop pretending otherwise.

  6. says

    Projection City!


    a wonderful heartwarming story and people are coming on to complain about why they’re single

    question to those that think “only *beautiful* people matter” – are you not just as guilty, or even worse, in that you care only about what those so-called “beautiful” people think and not what ….uh….others that perhaps look like YOU think?

    it’s like in those teen films: the nerdy geek just wants the hot girl to notice him. but isnt’ the nerdy geek an even bigger jerk in that he, too, values looks over character? we’re supposed to expect the Princess to see the beauty in the Geek and yet the Geek apparently can’t see the beauty in any female Geeks. or something.

    you can’t miserably stand in a bar staring at the “beautiful people” and complaining that they won’t look at you when you. it only proves that you’re not looking at you, either. you’re too busy looking at them.

    anyway, great video Gabby! we’ll miss you and await your return, and Mr. Hernandez you are are a fantastic human being.

  7. says

    …….do twinks and bears care what they think about each other?

    does one who personally is more attracted to, and enjoys being, a bigger stockier heavier hairier guy care what a smooth wisp of a boy thinks?

    methinks some of you are guilty of lusting away after people that don’t want you, and then being bitter that you’re not their type. it seems they’re you’re type and you’re angry it’s not reciprocated.

    btw, if you meet gay men in settings other than bars and clubs once in a while you’ll start meeting people who put less emphasis on base aesthetics. get more involved in actual community work and you’ll start meeting people you click with and you can stop complaining about all the people you want to hook up with who don’t want to hook up with you.

  8. John says

    I’m glad she’s recovering but she’s a Bluedog, so I’m also glad she’s leaving Congress.

  9. sara says

    I thought this was a story about someone who saved the congresswoman’s life. I think the people who are rude are the ones that bought up his weight as if that’s relevant, and automatically assumes this young man is hunting in gay bars & getting rejected. Since you don’t know his personal life, you make this assumption based on your own prejudices. He did something special which is why this is news. Not every story is about someone’s appearance or dating life.

  10. Leroy Laflamme says

    Something fishy going on – I posted two comments to the Tomas Berdych story & they dodn’t show up.

  11. DAVID says

    Giffords getting shot was the best thing for his “political career”. Sorry there won’t be anymore photo ops anytime soon. Get it while you can.