1. jason says

    Oh, go away Madge, with your fake gay advocacy and your propensity to seek publicity whenever you’re trying to sell us something. In these stills, she looks tired and drawn.

  2. Wayne says

    Thanks for posting this, Andy…

    More people need to resolve NOT to be such haters. Isn’t there enough of that in the world already? If someone doesn’t appreciate something, I do not understand why they feel it necessary to make negative comments.

    I especially like the re-do of the Hungarian interview. Funny stuff.

  3. says

    It’s never a poor call to put Madonna on a gay-themed site. Sure, not every gay person is enamored of her, but plenty are.

    Anyone who is bitching about “fake gay advocacy” is just “real shortsighted.” In Madonna’s case, gay men have always been a part of Madonna’s life, she’s put gay issues into the mainstream for over 20 years, she was an advocate for people with AIDS very early on—the woman has earned the title of gay advocate. But even if for some reason you’re cynical enough or just uninformed enough to think Madonna (or Gaga) is doing it only for attention, SO WHAT? The effect has been extraordinarily positive for gay visibility.

    As for her appearance, let’s see what you look like or will look like at 53 and then we’ll talk. I’m not a fan of injectibles but otherwise she looks pretty fantastic.

    All that said…the main thing that drives me crazy about the hilarious clip with the interview is it’s NOT A REAL INTERVIEW. It’s actually a satirical piece by Garry Trudeau from TIME. Graham Norton and others (French & Saunders) have been had. :) But it was pretty funny anyway.

  4. jo says

    I live in London, and I just watched this on TV. I was disgusted by her behaviour. Two of the audience members had made really detailed dolls of her in well-known dresses, and she was really dismissive. And at the end, another fan was telling a story about how he won a competition about her, and it was really touching. But she ejected him. She is an insecure, narcissistic, cynical and ruthless businesswoman who has made a little talent go a very long way.

  5. Vince says

    I agree with you Brian – Towleroad is really getting ridiculous having a Madonna story every single day (sometimes two a day).

    BTW, Graham Norton looks so pathetic kissing her a** and acting like she’s God. I used to like him back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, but now he’s just irritating.

  6. Bill says

    What is the deal with the way she sits knock-kneed in both this interview and the one with Cynthia McFadden on ABC? I can look up her skirt. Oh. Maybe that’s what she wanted all along.

  7. jason says

    Of course gay men have been a part of Madonna’s life. Gay men have contributed to her bank balance and helped build her mansions. Otherwise, she would still be living in Brooklyn in a three-bedroom apartment.

    You can never go wrong if you’re a female singer who claims to be for gay rights in a few token gestures. You can guarantee that gay men will look to you as a goddess regardless of whether you’re a fake or not.

  8. Pete n SFO says

    I love Madonna… which is why I clicked through.

    So, all you d-bags w/ critical comments, what’s your excuse?

    Does complaining on the internet make you feel relevant?


  9. Lance says

    I’ve really been enjoying her latest round of interviews for the film and upcoming album. Keep them coming. (If you don’t want to watch the videos, don’t. Believe it or not, some people are actually old enough to appreciate an artist that’s been on the scene for more than five years…and to recognize when she’s being imitated.)

    And monsters, enough with the destroy Madonna bit. Why would you want to destroy someone who has CLEARLY been such a big influence on your mother monster/brainwasher? If you destroy her now where will gaga get her material in 20 years? Enough. Even if Madge was off the scene, gaga wouldn’t be any more appealing. Try being like normal human beings and just listen to music you like and watch videos of artists you like. If you don’t like it, move on. Bye.

  10. jason says

    That expression on her face suggests post-menstrual cramps. Her desire to flash her legs to the world is symptomatic of a female who’s still in selling mode. Of course, she’s got a new album to sell.

  11. r says

    Maybe this blog should be renamed madonnaroad

    If ur in ur thirties and still worshipping her (or any celeb….or anyone), u’ve missed transition into adulthood

    Create some real values, and self-worth

  12. Lance says

    @R Well, I’m only twenty-three so I guess I don’t have to make that transition for another seven years according to you.

    It’s entertainment, people. Lighten up. Not everyone equates adulthood with being a bore.

    Also @chris, why do people feel the need to dictate what is posted on this site? It’s not your blog. Start your own. Why is it when Andy posts something about astronomy no one complains about it not being gay? I guess we should all the same interests as you.

  13. BreckRoy says

    Maybe its because I am 34, but I grew up with Madonna and love Lady Gaga. I neither think of Madonna as tired (seriously, listen to her body of work…its an amazing study in musical evolution and reinvention), nor /ago as intentionally derivative. I just love the music (most songs) and with Madonna, the memories. Her advocacy for AIDS and gay rights was incredibly out-there and visible and yes a little risky for the 80s. It was hardly the safe thing any female artist could do then. Yes, Gaga goes further with her issue advocacy, but adjusted for time and society is risking no more as a 20-something gay rights advocate in 2012 than Madonna was in 1987. They are body exceptional and as far as pop culture can go, have contributed to gay culture and empowerment. Its an artificial rivalry that is ageist, sexist, and not good for either woman or gay culture. You can love someone without needing them to be better than everyone else, or not care for them without needing them to be hated. Just like what you like.

  14. says

    Third party observer: Gaga has never had anything but gracious things to say about Madge, so why such thinly veiled hostility from the “queen” towards the jester? Kind of tacky, really. If anything, isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Madonna needs to realize she and her fanbase are aging- she needs to cool her embittered engines. If she can’t win over the teens and 20-somethings like Gaga has, her career won’t last another 5 minutes, let alone another decade.

  15. Oliver says

    Her doorbell rang and she answered it in her pajamas. Right. I don’t believe she’d answer her door herself (dressed from head to toe in Chanel or otherwise). I believe that about as much as I believe pigs fly.

  16. jason says

    I can never understand why gay men prefer to support women who claim to be lesbian or bisexual (fake or otherwise) over men who are gay or bisexual in the music industry. It’s bizarre.

    Personally, I think it reflects the dysfunctional mindset of the average gay male. Scientists would have a field day studying the contradictions of the gay man.

  17. Lexxvssl says

    I don’t find Madonna unbearable. Or ugly. Or uninteresting. But their blind fans make up for all of that. Once you read them, you feel compelled to tear Madonna down like a fanatic Muslim to any stone idol. Just to piss off those morons even more.

  18. ladycaca says

    Can we have a Gaga-free zone on towleroad for just one day? Towleroad is becoming tiresome. Poor call, Andy.

    Towleroad is really getting ridiculous having a Gaga story every single day (sometimes two a day).

    BTW, Little Monsters look so pathetic kissing her a** and acting like she’s God. I used to like him back in late 2009 and early 2010, but now he’s just irritating.

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