1. Patric says

    Steve, you’re thinking about the Democratic governor whom Branstad unfortunately defeated in 2010. Branstad is a homophobic Republican who is a big opponent of gay rights. The former Dem governor became an eloquent defender of marriage equality before being defeated by Branstad.

  2. Iowan says

    Well , here is his statement on gay marriage.
    “I signed the Defense of Marriage Act that said that marriage is between one man and one woman in this state,” Branstad said, drawing applause from his supporters. “I think the Supreme Court was wrong to strike it down.”

    As an Iowan, I have to say that Branstad rules like a King. He is very high-handed, and seeks to dominate. He also gives businesses every perk he can, while cutting spending drastically on social services. He serves business, and further marginalizes those with few resources and low income.

    I have been waiting for someone to take him to task, hopefully this is the beginning.

  3. Iowan says

    Steve – I am no lawyer; Sovereign immunity in the United States is the legal privilege by which the American federal, state, and tribal governments cannot be sued. And then all the exceptions begin…

    I *think* this may be a civil (personal) lawsuit, rather than one brought against the Office. Dunno for sure.

  4. says

    Good for Godfrey! I encourage every gay person who is discriminated against by their employer, even in the slighest of ways, to take legal action against that employer. Don’t be afraid to do so. I promise you the State of Iowa will settle quickly and out of court with Mr. Godfrey and to Mr. Godfrey’s satisfaction. Big round of applause for Chris Godfrey.

  5. Francis says

    Good to see Mr. Godfrey standing up for his rights and taking a stand in the face of homophobic bullying by a bigoted idiot. This is the only way people like Mr. Branstad will learn that their hate *does* has bounds.

  6. Joel says

    “The statement said Branstad previously had asked Godfrey to step down because of his performance as the workers’ compensation commissioner, “where he oversaw an increase in workers’ comp insurance, forcing additional costs onto Iowa businesses.””

    This does not make sense. Isn’t workers’ comp insurance based on the laws? The Commissioner cannot make the law, only enforce it.

  7. Iowan says

    Joel – my father has been in a 3 year legal battle due to an injury at work. Eventually, the negotiations went to the office of the Commissioner for final arbitration. That office decides the percentage of disability paid out based on a variety of information, some of which is a quality-of-life ratio. Some who work in the office are more lenient than others in their record of awards to those with disability. While Mr. Godfrey may be doing his job well, he (or his office) may be awarding higher payments than some companies like to see. (as is seems to be from the current rumors) This scenario would be exactly the kind of thing that would get the attention of our Governor since he takes VERY good care of corporations.

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