1. Silas says

    is this Sentor a theif? Did he steal the “Right Turn Only” sign?

    As for the AIDS not transmitted by heterosexual sex is total crazy thinking! Where the hell do these people get their ideas from? Oh I forgot other crazies…lmfao

  2. Tom says

    I, too, was part of a Facebook discussion with Mr. Campfield on Friday. A friend had started the discussion asking how the DSG bill being considered by the TN House might impact the real estate market and/or the ability to attract new businesses to TN. There were many thoughtful comments from fair-minded Tennesseans, however when the senator chimed in he was only capable of regurgitating his falsities that he’s been spreading online and in radio interviews. Then one of the senator’s supporters got involved in the discussion and I just could not believe where he took the discussion. Just when the discussion had turned to all the recent teen suicides in the area this joker posted a link to X-rated scenes from the Folsom Street Fair. He clearly wants everyone to equate being gay or lesbian with doing lewd/lascivious things. I live in TN now but grew up in the North. I think this DSG bill is an incredibly terrible bit of legislation that will ultimately cost the state money in court costs as it will surely be challenged as unconstitutional. The damage it will do to TN’s national reputation will be costly for many. If ever there were a summit of the It Gets Better campaign or The Trevor Project, it would be in Nashville this year. When so often homophobic or bigoted views are spawned by the church, what better place to host this than the home of the Southern Baptist and United Methodist churches, the two largest Protestant denominations in this country. And dare we invite Mr Campfield to an open debate to show the world just how extremist his views are?

  3. says

    Campfield is an ignorant tool of the extreme right-wing Knoxville money machine and is not a fair representative of the people of the State of Tennessee. Most Tennesseans are fair-minded people that disagree with his inaccurate and stubborn views on this issue. His recent actions are doomed to be career suicide as he continues to make a fool of himself and his constituents on an international level.

  4. boone68 says

    It now seems like Campfield is now willfully spreading misinformation that is directly harmful to some of his constituents. Some of his constituents will believe him when he says that heterosexuals cannot acquire HIV. This guy is dangerous not only to gays and lesbians, but to the entire community and world. His microphone needs to be taken away before someone dies. The radio and TV stations he has spoken on need to correct the record or, they too, will bear responsibility when people die because of Campfields stupidity.

  5. Marc C says

    Tennessee politicians and the preponderance of its citizens will be dragged kicking and screaming into the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, clawing at its religious dogma every step of the way. By then we’ll be in the 24th.

  6. RC says

    According to the research by Dr. Pepin, AIDS made the jump to humans in 1921 through hunting of chimpanzees. Chimps may have acquired the virus through a blend of simian viruses from monkeys they hunt and eat. A hunter in a specific region of the Belgium Congo may have contracted the virus by exposure to chimp blood through a cut. Then the virus spread throughout Africa via the practice of reusing needles, through heterosexual prostitutes and ritual circumcism. A Haitian government official brought the virus to Haiti from Africa around 1966. There, the virus spread and and was brought to the U.S. via two routes, from Americans using Haitian brothels and selling of Haitian blood to U.S. blood banks. The virus was infecting and killing people 60 years before it made its way to gay men.

    I found stereotypes regarding AIDS (that that you can’t get AIDS through heterosexual sex and that AIDS is the great heterosexual hope, because it will exterminate male homosexuality) to be very prevalent even among those who should know better. Some years ago I got accidentally jabbed by a used hypodermic needle and needed to get tested for HIV. Amazingly, when I called some AIDS info lines at the time, people on the other end said they didn’t know anything about HIV transmission via needles and told me to call a doctor instead. When I got tested at an AIDS clinic, and told the clinic tester I was gay, he inferred that I was lying about the needle jab, that I was promiscuous because all gay men were, and that I should change to straight because I couldn’t get AIDS from a woman. Never went back for my test results and instead arranged for a test through a doctor. Several months after getting jabbed by a needle that someone had carelessly discarded in a trash bin, I found out that I was HIV-. I ended up getting tested three times, because the results were lost for the second test!

    Many women I’ve come in contact with thoroughly believe they can’t get AIDS because they are white women. I’ve been bluntly told by some women I’ve worked with that they believe the only women who get AIDS are black women because black women “tend to be dirty”. Amazing. I also know of straight women who have a fetish about gay men and want to have unprotected sex with gay men in an attempt to change them to straight. They too believe they can’t contract AIDS through sex. Don’t know how that’s going to play out, I would put that in the category of tempting fate.

  7. Dastius Krazitauc says

    His anti-gay stance, making it sound as nasty and deadly as he can, seems like he’s thinking out loud, trying to convince himself why he shouldn’t accept and act on his true nature.

  8. gregV says

    Anyone who is well-read on these topics would already recognize some of Campfield’s cited sources (like the claims of Paul Cameron) as long-ago rejected by peer-review because they were proven false.

    But even putting that aside, the implications of the various claims made in Campfield’s link contradict each other between one sentence and the next and, taken together, are mathematically impossible.

    His link implies in one sentence that 0.8% of gay men live past age 65 and then (after several claims which wildly contradict themselves in a way so obvious that only an idiot could read it without noticing) goes on to say that “nearly half of gay and bisexual men currently age 20 years will not reach their 65th birthday.”

    Okay, so if we cross-reference these two numbers, this would seem to suggest that more than 98% of gay males don’t live to see even their 20th birthday.

    Cross-referencing election exit polls with US census age demographics, that would mean that, even though there are only about 40 million males under 20 in the US in total, 150 percent of them (60 million) are gay or bi (and alive) and an equal number (again 150% of the total number of male kids in existence) are gay or bi and DEAD. (sic)

    If we add in the gay females (whom his phony math suggests live even shorter lives than the males), then the United States is pretty much nothing but a huge graveyard of dead gay children.

    It’s so ironic that he bemoans the poor education record of Tennessee when his inability to recognize VERY obviously false data make him a prime example of that poor education. (What’s even scarier is that Tennesseeans would elect such an uneducated bigot to represent them!)

  9. Hue-Man says

    Coincidentally this week, Dr. Jacques Pepin was named 2011 Scientist of the Year by the CBC French network, Radio Canada. Today’s Decouverte includes 10 minutes on Dr. Pepin’s work. Here’s the link to the video – in French.
    I had read the NYT review when it first appeared and wondered about how much was fact and how much was learned speculation. I was re-assured, however, that a scientist was applying the scientific method to overcome the gossip and rumors that have persisted for three decades. His research which reminds me of the research on the 1918 Spanish Influenza deserves a wider audience.

  10. DNashty says

    There’s another lie in the Senator’s remarks I haven’t seen cleared up – Randy Shilts did not die a year after “And The Band Played On” was published (which was 1987). He went on to write and publish “Conduct Unbecoming,” a history of gays in the US military, which was published in 1993.

  11. Darrell says

    This just proves yet again that paranoid closet cases are the homophobic morons in certain levels of government.
    He needs to get a US passport and travel to other “civilized and socially advanced” countries like the spacious one up north and see how primitive his attitudes are.

  12. sonnicstorm says

    What people forget is that AIDS can be spread by ANY blood-to-blood contact. AIDS could have crossed from monkeys via other routes. The biggest possibility is for monkey to human transmission is that it was transferred via monkey bite. I’ve worked with cognitively disabled individuals who have behavior problems. I went to my doctor asking to be tested for syphilis because one of my clients had it. He said I couldn’t get it from the client unless I had sex with the client. I held up my bandaged hand and said “she bit me”. He said “oh” and tested me immediately (luckily I didn’t contract it). People need to realize that AIDS is not solely spread by sex. It could have come to humans any number of ways.

  13. Jerry6 says

    “A Queer had sex with a monkey in Africa!” Is this an example of “Research” by a Senator? Yes, the real researchers believe that Aids came to humans by Monkeys, but it was several hundred years ago; not last week. The French and American researchers who discovered the virus in the early 1980’s traced it to young middle class French mishionaries (NOT the Mormon kind)that had gone to Africa and got it from the locals. They then brought it home, and to the Club Med staff in the Carribeon; from which it spread around the World.

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