Jon Huntsman to Drop Out of Race, Endorse Romney

Jon Huntsman is planning an 11 am ET announcement in which he will drop out and endorse Mitt Romney, Politico reports:

HuntsmanA source said that Huntsman's rationale for backing Romney, who he has criticized for weeks on the campaign trail as lacking a "core," is that he didn't want to block the person best prepared in the field to beat Obama, and then to lead the country and grapple with the economy.

"Jon Huntsman is proud of the campaign he ran and the message of restoring trust in Washington," said a campaign official familiar with his thinking. "He didn't want to stand in the way of the candidate most likely to beat Barack Obama and turn the economy around. That's Mitt Romney."

A source close to the campaign said some of Huntsman's advisers attempted to talk him out of the decision, urging the former ambassador to at least wait until after the South Carolina primary this Saturday. It was just today that he got the endorsement of The State, South Carolina's largest newspaper.

"It was entirely a family decision," said the source.



  1. say what says

    “It was entirely a family decision,” = no more $ from billionaire daddy

    He really should just leave the repub party. It is too crazy for him. He would fit in with the blue dog conservadems

  2. RonTEX says

    I think if he teams up with Romney as the vice presidential nominee they could be a force to be reckoned with. I still don’t think they can win but it might be closer than we think.

  3. Mary says

    Rontex, the surest way for the Republicans to have near-violence at their convention would be to nominate a Romney-Huntsman ticket. And I don’t even think the Mormom factor is what would do it. TWO social liberals on the Republican ticket (Romney’s claims of having become a socon aren’t really believed by voters).? There would surely be a third party of the Santorum-Buchanan variety to pick up the disaffected Republicans in November. I personally would vote for Romney if I had to, but would never accept Huntman on the ticket.

  4. Mary says

    I have never understood the reluctance that many evangelicals have to vote for a Mormon. Maybe because I didn’t grow up in the evangelical world (converted in my early 20’s.) To me a socon is a socon – an agnostic socon is OK as long as he’s not anti-religion. But the prejudice against Romney for his religion is perplexing to me (especially when there are so many other real reasons to oppose him). I mean of all the people to complain about……Mormoms? Let’s see: Christian conservatives with large families, respect for capitalism, , and Republican voting habits. DUH! I mean isn’t this a no-brainer?

    I assume that people on the Left also have moments where they look at what their own side is doing and think….WTF?

  5. Mary says

    Say What, I didn’t see your post before my last comment. But we agree that Romney-Huntsman would lose enough social conservatives to face defeat in the fall due to its ideological slant.

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