1. Jerry says

    There really wasn’t all that much surprising that came out of the interview except that Rosie is really too much of a bully to be an effective interviewer.

  2. says

    Um… what are you talking about, Jerry? Rosie was a bully here? In what universe? What part of that interview made her a bully? The part where she asked a question?

    Seriously, you come off as a pure and simple Rosie hater. I’ve never seen a more mundane interview. Rosie may as well have asked how the weather was.

  3. topsyturvy says

    I thought this was a nice change of pace for the new Rosie show. I wouldn’t want her to do this for EVERY show but this two-parter was great. And I like the new Watch What Happens Live inspired set. It’s much more intimate.

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