1. Paul R says

    So do you think he and his boyfriend just get up every day and get into contests over who can look more like a long-lost member of A Flock of Seagulls or Kajagoogoo?

  2. Awesome says

    I am not a fan of his but I liked it. Having a gay out proud and upfront should be a positive for our community. Instead of knocking him for his style we should embrace him for his individuality and self expression. We get enough attacks from our enemies we should not be eating our own!

  3. says

    I just love Ellen for doing stuff like this and I did see the show. I was not a big Adam fan prior but he won me over by handling the situation and addressed the audience directly, explaining how hard it is being an openly gay singer and celebrity and the scrutiny he is under. Ellen does for the gay community as Oprah does for the African American community and that is a great asset to all gay people. Would Letterman or Leno booked Lambert on for a song and interview? Not likely, whereas Ellen makes sure he has a forum to explain himself.

    And, I liked his song and his voice. I thought his boyfriend was very cute and they seem like a good match. If I recall the boyfriend was a Big Brother winner in The Netherlands and no sluff to the limelight himself.

  4. LiamB says

    While I agree with what you said, OS2guy, just think to point out that he was on Leno on Tuesday to perform, and has had sit downs on during previous album. But at any rate, positive exposure for anyone in the LGBT communities should always be looked at as a plus.

  5. Blaine says

    Adam isn’t screeching. He singing. Quite well, actually. His hair and outfit aside, the tongue-out thing isn’t some flashy rock stylization, it’s vocal technique. He sustains an Eb in this song, which is even difficult for many female singers.
    Give the guy a break. He’s singing way above the staff here.

  6. uffda says

    I love having to change my mind and Lambert has now made me do so. This song is an outstanding display of vocal talent and range, way more that I imagined he could manage.

    He is also that growing phenomena, The American Gay Guy writ rather large, along with NPH and Ellen herself, as noted above by OS2GUY. What a fascinating development it all is, and being part of it is amazing.

  7. Drew says

    Now if only Lady Gaga could dress down a bit so I could take her more seriously; Adam has done a nice job in this area and looks hot, versus a bit androgynous.

  8. zeddy says

    Great interview and have always been a fan. BUT, do people that young need to wear so much foundation? There is glam and there is not looking like plastic. They don’t have to be the same.