1. Hollywood, CA says

    WTF? In the 1st Season, the pictures of her dads included a BLACK father??? Were there no BLACK actors in Hollywood able to play one of the dads? I get that the show is a hit, and they could afford to attract bigger stars, but why change the BLACK dad to WHITE? They already got rid of one of the original Black cast characters, Mike?! It doesn’t seem right…

  2. Say whaaaaaaaaaat? says

    One of her dads was definitely black! What the hell does Murphy think he’s doing? How dare he! We want a mixed race gay co-parenting relationship on GLEEEEE!

  3. Marty says

    Brian Stokes Mitchell *is* African American, and one of Broadway’s most accomplished actors (not to mention many TV credits and the occasional film role). Is he not black enough for you?

  4. says

    How embarrassing to fly off the handle without realizing Brian Stokes Mitchell IS black. If his skin is not dark enough to count, maybe they went to him because Tracy Morgan politely turned it down?

  5. jim says

    Um, dudes, Brian Stokes Mitchell, one of the best voices on Broadway for years, IS black…”Brian Stokes Mitchell says [that] his [African-American] ‘Ethnicity’ has been a Mixed -Blessing for him as an actor.”

    And they call themselves gay…

    Hope they have him sing on Glee.

  6. says

    The real question is, will there be kissing? I wouldn’t mind seeing Goldblum in a makeout scene with his hubby. I used to kinda like him back in the “Thank God It’s Friday”, “The Big Chill”, and “Earth Girls are Easy” days – though “The Fly” kinda grossed me out… lol

  7. jason says

    He isn’t black, he’s of mixed ethnicity. In any case, have we stooped so low as to have to rely on an awful show for our shout-outs? My, how we’ve fallen.

  8. luminum says

    I’m just disappointed because both fo the dads in the pilot photos were quite young and adorable looking, which gave me the vibe that her folks were sort of the young, hipsterish, fun sort of parents raising a high strung girl. Nothing against Goldblum or Mitchell, but this gives it a sense that they’re more the mature, well-to-do gay men of leisure raising kids.

  9. Rich says


    If Rachel is appx 18 and her parents adopted her as an infant, it’s not unreasonable for them to look and be 40-something now.

  10. Sancho says

    Among other leading roles on Broadway, Brian Stokes Mitchell has played Jelly Roll Morton in Jelly’s Last Jam, Coalhouse Walker Jr. in the original production of the Ragtime musical, and the title role in August Wilson’s King Hedley II. He also played a supporting part in the all-black production of Oh, Kay! Unless he did them all in blackface, he’s African-American.

  11. TJ says

    What amazes me is the number of people who remember a photograph! The outrage/disappointment is pretty amazing, too. Had you been around when they switched Darrens on “Bewitched,” I can’t imaging your surviving the coniption fits. It’s just a show, people!

  12. GregV says

    @Rich: These two guys aren’t forty-something; they’re turning 55 and 60 this year. But there’s nothing wrong with that; they’re at a totally believable age to have an 18-year old daughter whose birth was planned with a surrogate.
    @Luminum: I think these two dads look even more “fun and hip” and every bit as “adorable” as in the pic from the pilot.
    It would also be unrealistic for them to be anything but financially very comfortable, and I can’t see why you’d think that would make them any less fun. I’ve never known any gay couple who planned out the arrival of a new baby without first getting to a certain age and level of financial comfort.

    I’m glad Glee has cast established and respected actors who can sing, and would have been disappointed if they’d just gone with the two faces that hammed it up for a 2-second-long sight gag from three years ago.
    We’re getting Ricky Martin and then Rachel’s dads. I can hardly wait for these episodes!

  13. LincolnLounger says

    It’s a shame such talented actors will be on the same screen with such a grating, annoying, over-acting individual such as Lea Michele.

  14. BayBelle says

    @Jason – fact check. Mr. Mitchell’s mother was one of the first African American members of San Diego police force. His father was a Tuskeegee airman. So any mixing happened generations before he came along. Suffice it to say, if Rachel and her curly haired dad don’t tear the roof off with an amazing duet (with her other dad on piano) then the show will have jumped the shark, pure and simple.

  15. says

    You can identify as mixed race AND African-American despite the shade of skin tone. Many African America people in the United States that are descended from slaves are technically mixed race due to both rape and consensual relationships. Being very light skinned doesn’t make someone NOT “black” if they have African American ancestry and choose to so self identify. Objectifying someone as “too pale” is just as racist as saying they are “too dark”.

  16. typical says

    What? Were there no gay actors available to play these roles?? Obvious aging actors trying to revive their careers. Glee…I’m disappointed.

  17. says

    When Jeff Goldblum volunteered his sperm in the Big Chill and was rejected, I always felt afterwards that he’d be a great gay ally because he understood what’s it like to be told NO, an not even with a thank you. Seriously, I always thought he’s too intelligent to be a homophobe. I really hope the writers consider his input to the role. I just know he’d give Eric Stonestreet a run for his money!

  18. JSH says

    Maybe their characters are younger, but just LOOK older from the stress of raising such a demanding, high-strung daughter as Rachel… 😉

  19. THurts says

    This is a clip about Brian Stokes Mitchell. He is African-American. We come in all shades and colors of the rainbow. Brian Stokes Mitchell (b. 1957), actor and singer. The dashing African‐American baritone was born in Seattle and grew up in Navy bases in Guam and the Philippines. Mitchell made his New York legitimate theatre debut in 1986 and became a Broadway star with his passionate performance as the piano player‐turned‐radical Coalhouse Walker in Ragtime (1998), then showed a lighter side of his talents as the boastful Petruchio in Kiss Me, Kate (1999). Mitchell was also lauded for his performances as the ex‐con King in King Hedley (2001) and Cervantes’s Don Quixote in Man of La Mancha (2002). He is an old‐style musical theatre star in that he may be the focal point of the production but he approaches each role as a distinct character with no recurring characteristic flourishes.

  20. Hollywood, CA says

    Don’t have ESTHER ROLLES as the Mom in the pilot, then turn around and cast LISA BONET (MOON RIVERDANCE WHAT HAVE YOU) as the Mom when the show becomes popular. They might both be black, but they sure as hell don’t look the same!

    From the picture above, I couldn’t tell that one of the dads was black, when in the pilot it was obviously clear, which is where my comment came from. Of course, it doesn’t seem to be a problem to go from DARK to LIGHT in Hollywood, (The Moms on Fresh Prince of Bel Air for example, but never the other way.


  21. Keith says

    Brian Stokes Mitchell and Lea Michelle were both in the original Broadway production of Ragtime.

  22. Cam says

    1. If you hire famous actors to play her father, then you don’t have to show them very often because it’s hard to book them for returns.

    2. Rachel was the main character when the show began and she said many times that her dads were “Overly involved in her life” and yet even though we met Fin’s, Kurt’s, Quin’s, Santanna’s, Trout Mouth’s, Sue’s etc… family, and we met Rachel’s birth mother, we never saw her two dads, even though they were supposedly so involved in her life.

    Not showing her gay dads has been a major cop out on this show.

  23. Cam says

    And could all the people freaking out because somebody on here didn’t know that the actor cast to play one of her dads was black calm down for a second.

    The picture shown in season one of her dads, showed that one was very dark skinned. Gee, how Hollywood to change that when they actually cast the parts. It would be like showing a picture of Jennifer Hudson then casting Jessica Alba.