1. endo says

    Ugh, how awful. LMFAO is a friggin’ joke.

    WTF Madonna? You’d think she’d rise above this crap.

  2. Chuy says

    Darnit! I need to stay off these blogs. Nothing is ever a surprise anymore. On the plus, I can avoid the LMFAO portion of the show.

  3. Guy says


    The only reason I watch the Super Bowl is for the half time show. Guess I won’t be watching at all!!!

  4. JimmyD says

    Will they all be lip-syncing?
    I’m not bashing her BUT: She does NOT SING LIVE. She won’t be singing live at this event. I wonder if she’s bringing in others who will perform live to kind distract from her not.
    I agree with GUY.

  5. UWSGUY says

    what a mess. half-time show producers must be getting nervous. why is the question. it’s the Super Bowl, folks, not the Golden Globes.

  6. E says

    Give me a break. Madonna sings live all the time. Honestly, quite a lot of the time in concert she sounds, eh, rough, to put it mildly. I like it that way. Now, not to say her concerts don’t have portions that are either lipsynced or heavily backed by prerecorded vocals/back up singers. Look up her VMA performance of Ray of Light, I think its 1998. Yeah…unfortunately she was defiantely singing live. Listen to some of the Youtube videos of her last concerts. She puts on a hell of a show. It cracks me up how people claim she is just like Britney Spears. What a joke. Also, don’t look at her recent dvd releases of the concerts. Those are more or less a fun music video version of the show. I really wish she would stop putting the concerts out like this. Both the Confessions Tour and Sticky and Sweet are comprised of two nights of shooting. Every scene you see is made up of different angles from two different shows. I prefer the release of the Drowned World Tour from ’01. It was the recording from HBO. One night, one shot deal. The music video versions of concerts just back up the notion that she is lipsyncing the full show. It’s an entirely different experience when you see her live.

  7. Sean Pen says

    sigh. madonna has always put out good product. im thinking that this supebowl performance will be pretty good in comparison to the ones of years past. i mean come on, the black eyed peas were HORRIBLE. i just think it is funny to see and read how much madonna still divides people. any publicity is good publicty in my book.

    cant wait for the the 5th!

  8. Stupid says

    LMFAO, Cee Lo Green, Nicki Whorenaj, M.I.A., the Indianapolis Gay Men’s Chorus, and Madonna…what a complete mess! Not only does that not mesh together, but Vadge will just end up being a background singer while all the others drown her out.

    This shouldn’t even be considered Vadge’s performance anymore. It should be called The Various Artists Superbowl Performance.