Matt Bomer’s ‘Magic Mike’ Persona is a Real-Life ‘Ken’ Doll

BomerMatt Bomer talks to NY Mag's Vulture about his role as a real-life Ken doll in the upcoming male stripper film Magic Mike:

"The difference between men at strip clubs and women at strip clubs is that when women go, they want more of an experience. They also go in packs, and they go to laugh. But hey, it's high time we turn the tables and objectify some men! And we're all different types. Variety is the spice of life! It's not just beefcake. We needed a skinny man, too!…I have two routines: Dr. Love and Ken Doll…Yes, [my character's] name is Ken, and his Ken Doll is Plasticine, well put together, and it's a play on the fantasy. What if a little girl's Ken Doll came to life? Wasn't that your fantasy? I don't know if little girls fantasized about that, but we go there."

Bomer also says he was licked by an extra.

And as far as his attire: "We pretty much all got down to our thongs, although one of us, his thong got kind of ripped off. That's not going to make the film."

Bomer said in October he had a hard time with the thong.

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