Matt Bomer’s ‘Magic Mike’ Persona is a Real-Life ‘Ken’ Doll

BomerMatt Bomer talks to NY Mag's Vulture about his role as a real-life Ken doll in the upcoming male stripper film Magic Mike:

"The difference between men at strip clubs and women at strip clubs is that when women go, they want more of an experience. They also go in packs, and they go to laugh. But hey, it's high time we turn the tables and objectify some men! And we're all different types. Variety is the spice of life! It's not just beefcake. We needed a skinny man, too!…I have two routines: Dr. Love and Ken Doll…Yes, [my character's] name is Ken, and his Ken Doll is Plasticine, well put together, and it's a play on the fantasy. What if a little girl's Ken Doll came to life? Wasn't that your fantasy? I don't know if little girls fantasized about that, but we go there."

Bomer also says he was licked by an extra.

And as far as his attire: "We pretty much all got down to our thongs, although one of us, his thong got kind of ripped off. That's not going to make the film."

Bomer said in October he had a hard time with the thong.

More on Magic Mike here.


  1. jason says

    Oh, go away, Matt Bomer. You are an embarrassment to the GLBT community. You know nothing about human sexuality. I wouldn’t take a closet case’s word on anything.

  2. Howard says

    Jason, do you deliberately come to this website just to vent your own personal anger and resentment? Give us all a break and see a therapist, have a cocktail, anything. Take it easy, man, life is short. And I want to personally thank Matt for sharing his ridiculous beauty with the rest of us.

  3. Latebrosus says

    What I think is magical about Matt Bomer is his hair. Seriously, just do a Google image search on the man. There’s not a single shot that comes up where his hair even tries to look misbehaved. Talk about genetically gifted.

  4. DBClark says

    @Jealous Jason – sweetie, get used to him, he and his beauty will be around for a long long time. People who impose their wishes and beliefs on others are an embarassment to the LGBT community. He does more for us than any ‘out’ star with his gay related charity work and the fact he has millions of fan girls who know his orientation and are fine with him playing a leading man. That is significant. I assume based on the bitterness in your comment here you are the same Jason elsewhere here and queerty. Man, get a life, volunteer or something

  5. jason says

    Bomer is a useful idiot for breeders. All he does is prop up the status quo. He is no hero for our side.

    Bomer can go jump. We – meaning the new gays – will not support his career at all.

  6. Jason says

    Matt Bomer’s partner has got to be the luckiest guy in the world! As for their family’s personal life, I don’t consider it the public’s business; especially mine. Oh, but I guy can fantasize…

    This is another “Jason” and not the one that has previously posted.

  7. Dan Cobb says

    I’ve gotta tell you, I’ve seen this guy on that TV show, and he does nothing for me. And I have a VERY BIG TENT when it comes to guys that turn me on. There are very few male “types” that don’t do it for me. And I do like many of the Adonis’s out there. But there’s something about this guy that just leaves me totally flat and flaccid. Go figure! NICE bod though. And I would do him, of course. But there’s not a strong attraction for some reason.

  8. Gruz says

    I’m torn. I think Jason is going about expressing his views in a very poor fashion but I do think ethical questions arise when a lesbian or gay person claims heterosexual privilege by living in the closet. And I would say that if Bomer weren’t gorgeous people wouldn’t be defending him so adamantly.

    But to be quite honest, my biggest concern is: “that didn’t make the film?” If this were about female strippers we’d see gratuitous T&A and maybe even some vajayjay. I’m so sick of the double standard when it comes to nudity… show us some full frontal in a film about male strippers, please.

  9. Alex says

    new gays? I suppose I belong to that group, being 22, and out for 3 whole years. Everybody is attractive to somebody. I find it best not to judge, sooner or later some one will be judging me. Time to accept others man, if you want to be accepted!

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