1. sleepy bear says

    as long as marcus can continue the important work of curing us gays and she can continue to rile up the inbreds and/or religious nutbags into hating us, i suppose its not a total loss for her.

  2. Michael says

    Just called Bachmann’s Washington office. “I would like to thank Michele Bachmann for dropping out of the race. I hope she has learned a lesson, that her message resonates with very few. Thank You have a nice day.”

  3. says

    I hope the FEC takes a hard look at her campaign spending to make sure she didn’t misuse campaign funds. After all, her husband’s business must be way down these days.

  4. Joe says

    Please let this be the end of the “Witches of Eastwick” era.
    Palin, O’Donnell, Bachmann finally flew away on their hateful brooms back to Tea Party Salem!

  5. Michaelandfred says

    Somewhere up in heaven god and his angels are laughing hysterically. “She ran, she really ran! None of us thought even she could be that stupid, but she actually ran! Make her walk around with her underpants on her head now!”

  6. Esurb says

    And now it’s time to make the 6th District of Minn. pay for loosing that stupid woman on the country! We need not to buy anything those people make, sell, or promote.

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