1. justinw says

    Normally nobody catches my eye until they are at least in their mid-30’s and my preference is to see some fur, but I have to admit that Channing Tatum is smokin’. Good for him!

  2. jason says

    I’m sorry but they look like twinks from Sunset Boulevard. Weakly muscled bodies with not an ounce of masculinity on them. This happens when you spend time at a Hollywood gym doing light barbell work and avoiding food except for the odd stick of celery.

    And the total lack of body hair! How much was their waxing bill? Sorry but I’ll pass on this travesty. They ought to call it Twink Central for stupid women.

  3. Bart says

    Where the dude from TRUE BLOOD? That’s a man. The rest look like boys. Pretty boys but boys none the less.

    (And who do they think is going to see this movie besides gay men and a few single middle aged women?)

  4. Johnny says

    lol twinks? you’ve got to be kidding me. i don’t know how you look at that picture of the group and think twinks. hairless? yes. but that’s part of the story. strippers who strip for women always wax their bodies.

  5. Caliban says

    Are you kidding? Now that they’ve said there will be no full-frontal (male at least) nudity in this, some of us are PRAYING it’s as trashy and fun as Showgirls!

  6. says

    I’m highly suspicious of this movie…they’ve been obviously pitching it to the geighs for MONTHS, yet we’ve already been told “no full frontal nudity” which is ludicrous in a film about male strippers. You can bet if this was a film about FEMALE strippers, you’d see a lot of lady bush.

    And, does this film have any gay content other than semi nekkid men? If they do not have any gay/bi/questioning characters with sizable roles/plotlines, then this movie is completely bogus.

  7. TJ says

    Yeah, girlie men! Disgusting celery-eating girlie men. Why, if that Matt Bomer dared to show up at my house looking like that, he’d be lucky if I gave him an hour to get dressed. Okay maybe an hour and a half. Tops.

  8. David B. says

    @Michael Strangeways — bush in a stripper film — if you remember Showgirls correctly — Nomi had a Brazilian. I am sure we would get a reply of Bruno’s anal bleaching comments with visuals if that was the case here – yuck!

  9. Stre[psi says

    Channing Tatum, unlike many stars who whitewash their past, revels in it adorably… and gets an Oscar-calibre director to boot!

    Then he gets some of the most gorgeous men in TV to costar, so that’s all good sexy silly fun too…

    So can some of you stop being such awful miserable bitches?

  10. says

    I accept that this is just typical Hollywood fluff – but what I don’t appreciate is how many of the studios now rely on “Gay” money to turn a profit.

    In their minds all they need to do is dangle a few shirtless promo pictures at “Gay Blog” of the moment and they expect us to come running (so to speak). (Kellan Lutz anyone?)

  11. Rowan says

    I don’t think ANY Hollywood studio relies on gay money. If they did, they would go bust! Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not all about the gays.

    And this is a biopic about Tatums life as a stripper. Not YOUR grips to the stripper joint with hairy men that you love. Tatum stripped for women in Miami. Not some joint in liberal NY or LA.

    Steven Soderbergh doing Showgirls? Way to insult an oscar winning director. You did see the Girl Experience right? Verhoven who did Showgirls was known in the past for fun tacky films like Basic Instinct. Steven is known in the past for Traffic. Why the comparison?

    I understand that Andy has NEVER posted anything that the actors say about this movie-which says it all-but from Manganiello to Bomer the other day, they have said this is dark and closer to Boogienights. But what do they know? Menopausal gay men on a blog have the ins!

    Lastly, the first image had Manganiello and McConaughey, so they’ve had there spotlight but didn’t have Bomer nor Rodriguez, so quit crying, most of us figured they would show snippets of the others in time.

  12. Henry Holland says

    “why are some gay men so bitchy – oh that’s right the jealous gay gene”

    Or: it’s people expressing their opinions.

    I’m not jealous, those dudes won the genetic lottery, just like an NBA player who is 6’10” did. They also do absolutely nothing for me, a naturally furry Steve Carell type is more my thing.

    Just because Tatum or Pettyfer or Taylor Lautner and their ilk are all over the gay blogosphere doesn’t mean we all find them attractive or sexy in the slightest. We’re not being bitchy and we’re not jealous, we simply DON’T FIND THEM ATTRACTIVE. Jeebus.

  13. Mark says

    You people are clueless. Gay money? It’s the ladies they are after. They are hoping they line up down the block in pack of lady friends for this. Don’t underestimate the power of the expendable single gal dollar. And trust me there are more single gals in the U.S. then gay men.

  14. Hank M says

    This will be the surprise hit of the summer – perfect summer fun! And all the complainers here will watch it either in a theater or on his pc guaranteed….LOL

  15. Mark says

    Although the actors are hot, this film reeks of cheezy-ness. The way they are trying to hype it, it’s like they had to get everyone they could find to make a small cameo (shirtless) to offset the silly storyline. I imagine it will be straight to DVD in no time.

  16. Contrarian says

    There must be a lot of Brits on here. Yes, at your local pubs the pissed rugby yobs may wag their “willies” at the crowd and the pro strippers do likewise at raunchy bachelorette parties, but things are different here.

    Back when Tatum was stripping for women at clubs, particlarly outside LA or NYC, frontal nudity risked arrest or club shutdown. You could get away with it at grotty off the track gay bars, but almost never at “respectable” places with Chippendale style shows. If Soderbergh is not doing frontal, it’s because it may not have happened in real life.

  17. Willies says

    There is non full frontal simply because an NC17 rating would cost millions at the the box office and this film as at least one or maybe two real actors that should not pursue full frontal because they are above it…

  18. jack says

    These guys are smokin HOT. I love their hairless gym bods. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In this beholders eyes, these guys are off the charts HOT.

  19. says

    I’m glad my tastes are not as finite as some of you guys’. They may not be my absolute first preference in style (I do like some bodyhair) but oh well, here they are, so I’ll be happy to oblige.

  20. no says

    I’d rather see Ladies Only with Gregory Harrison any day over this cloying piece of palm springs gay motel brochure silliness. It takes more than a shirtless guy to make me care about a movie. And it takes Matthew McCona-however you spell it-hy to turn me off from seeing a movie ever. Enjoy. I preferred Pariah.

  21. Johnn says

    so are they ever going to actually release any of the stills or video from the movie with anything remotely interesting? as in when do we get to see these guys actually strip?

  22. Dean says

    Take a hike cock teases. Only gay men appreciate this. You can take your movie and shove it. I can see all of this on a ride up Pacific Coast Highway any day of the week. A real gay sex scene might save your movie. It’s 2012, try it.

  23. andrew says

    Matt Bomer is fine and I am thrilled that hE IS Gay. However, Channing Tatum is to die for or better yet, to live for. Oh my god he is awesome hot!

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