1. AedanCloud says

    Wow. What a horrible person.

    And a terrible public speaker. We couldn’t have asked for a better example of just how ridiculous, out of touch, and overall ignorant someone must be in order to fight so hard to deny people their rights.

  2. Aulton says

    If only I could have been there to personally see the look on her face when the last vote was provided. The look of defeat, and the painful realization that her unbridled hate was a driving force behind it. I imagine it to be quite a sight.

  3. kit says

    James Dobson, of Focus on the Family, not only encourages parents to hit their children, he advises them to hit their children with objects like belts (because the “bare hand should always be an instrument of love”). Meanwhile, more and more research is showing that gays and lesbians actually make better parents than straight couples — children raised in homes with same sex parents are less likely to get into trouble, etc. etc. So FotF, NOM and these other organizations are actively working to prevent children being raised in loving homes and instead want them raised in homes where they will be abused. These people are sick. They are disgusting in the way that they are working so hard to hurt children. Why are child abusers testifying anywhere other than in trials against them for their crimes?

  4. Ben says

    If you’re going to devote your life’s work to public hatred and bigotry towards a wide swath of people, you better come looking fierce. That scarf/sweater combo is doing her no favors. Nor are the bangs.

  5. Matt26 says

    What a lovely looking woman. Must be joyful to be around her.
    Horrible speech, full of hate and anger.

  6. Bart says

    Sad lady. I find often people look exactly like how they are on the inside. This woman is a prime example.

    My partner and I have adopted two children. My two sons are the greatest joy of my life. A lot of work? Hell yeah. But my life has been enriched by them and I inturn try to give them the guidance, love and enormous attention they need to grow up to be great men.

    I find it telling and disgusting that this sad little woman mentions nothing of the kids living in foster care or group homes, where straight couple refuse to step up but same-sex parents, or gay or lesbian parents do. Children need loving parents. Period. The gross injustice she speaks of is and has been perpetrated by those preventing children from having those parents.

    Ignorance and shallow, petty hatred by tiny regressive people will always be beaten down. Right will win. And they and their all-consuming bitterness will shrivel away with them, eating their souls and rotting their lives. While those who seek love and commitment, as well as help children who seek family and stability reap incredible rewards for love given and love received.

    We are on the side of right because we are on the side of love. The rest of them live in their own personal hell. This cartoonish woman is exactly what no one aspires to be.

  7. Michaelandfred says

    Imagine, poor white bed and breakfast owners being forced to let coloreds stay in their house or photographers be forced to take pictures of Jews! Wait for thirty years when we all see what a mistake it was to let women vote and own property! Same old bigotry, different victims….. They better hurry up with armageddon because the 20+ year studies are in and children of gay parents are faring much better then their heterosexual counterparts. What a pathetic nasty piece of old baggage.

    I think what we’ll all be grateful for 30 years from now is that people like her will be long gone and just a nasty historical footnote and video images like those rabid segregationists screaming at poor black school children.

  8. AnonyGrl says

    LOL! She is wearing the “rainbow” scarf that she once claimed was to take the rainbow back for Christians, since it was their symbol first. Or some such noise.

    I do have to say that she and Maggie and Brian and… are the perfect proof that, as a bisexual woman, I am NOT attracted to EVERYONE. Ew.

  9. says

    Despite the ugliness she represents, people like her are a political gift to us. For the bigots who will never change, she expresses their ignorance and makes them feel represented, while for any rational person (and, presumably, there are more rational than irrational lawmakers in WA) she makes it clear what gay people are up against. Few people would want to be like her in 2012. And, if the WA hearings are like the ones in VT (and I’m sure they are), the bigots to a person sounded foolish and inarticulate in their rage, while our side sounded reasonable and, well, normal.

    So, we should all send Jennifer a lovely thank you card however tempting it may be to sneak a little anthrax into it.

  10. bobbyjoe says

    Is she auditioning to be on a box of sugary breakfast cereal with that outfit? It looks like something Toucan Sam would reject as too garish. And I don’t know if she’s “coo coo for Cocoa Pops,” but she’s definitely “coo coo.”

  11. MikeBoston says

    I think it would be great if we all sent thank-you notes to her for helping pass the bill in Washington state.

    Ms Jennifer Roback-Morse
    c/o National Organization for Marriage
    20 Nassau St – Suite 242
    Princeton NJ 08542

  12. Luke says

    first of all the end of slavery was not just as simple as one day they were free, there was a war and even then after that former slaves were free in name only. their life was hellish, deep racism, lynchings and desititution were the notmr. Also Not only is hse insulting gay couples but also single parents. I grew up without a father and I have not suffered one day because of it. I do not miss what I never had. Also the civil right movement did not end just because blacks got their rights. It will only end wihen EVERYONE is equal. the movement started long before african americans. It is not theirs to give or take.

  13. Kevin says

    She is another bitter closeted Lesbian who can’t live the way she’d like so she strives to make the lives of others as miserable as hers. Her deep masculine voice and those double-bar MEN’S glasses (I make glasses, those are men’s glasses) aren’t doing her any favors to conceal her true identity or intentions. And, don’t get me started on that hair!

    I hope her head exploded when Washington got the final vote needed for marriage equality.

  14. aj says

    So when Pres. Lincoln delivered the “Emancipation Proclamation” in 1863 – “Freeing the Slaves” then according to her “Historical Logic” ALL SLAVES WERE FREE!!! So tell me dear, what about Jim Crow laws that we fought so strongly against all the way into the 1970’s?? Tell me about Loving v Virginia in 1967, or how it wasn’t until 1997 that the last US State removed Anti-Miscegenation Laws. I thought so……

  15. gregory brown says

    I hate giving in to the temptation to make ad feminam remarks but….does NOM have some policy stating that its out front reps should be unattractive, shrill and terminally frumpy? Are they saying that these folks are the result of normal, heterosexual marriage?

    Yes, the outer body reflects the inner essence,

  16. Michael says

    “When we come to our senses 30 years from now and realize we have perpetrated a grotesque injustice, not a single child born motherless or fatherless within a same sex marriage will get his missing parent back. Only prevention will protect children’s rights.”

    This is almost laughable on so many fronts.

    First, thirty years from now, thank God, many of the aged bigots like yourself are going to be aptly planted six feet under. Your words will then be meaningless.

    Second, there is no way any amount of education will change the fact that some children will be born into this world to parents that will not raise them. Be it they have not the financial means, face issues such as substance addiction, or simply don’t want the responsibility, raising these children will require finding some alternative way. Whether such children eventually get placed with same-sex couples vs. opposite-sex couples (or are less fortunate and face the perils of the foster care system), the result is going to be the same. Your argument that children who will be raised by same-sex couples will somehow grow up to face some monstrous deficiency simply because the adoptive parents are same sex doesn’t hold water.

    So you old broad, you seriously think it’s *only* all the children of same sex marriages who will be those who grow up and 30 years from now and be emotionally scarred for not having a father and mother. Not that I believe for a moment this is how it will be, but are you really saying every child of a same-sex marriage will face this, but if instead they’re adopted by opposite-sex parents, they’ll somehow be saved from this? Really, you’re serious? Well, I’m pretty confident that Zach (, Patrick ( and other kids like them will not be sharing that sentiment. Oh, right… God probably told you how it will be, so you know better.

    It seems you older, set-in-your-ways bigots either don’t see the writing on the wall, or you refuse to believe you can’t change the turning tides. The progress of seeing this country’s population steadily growing more and more towards accepting that those who are LGBT deserve the same rights as heterosexuals is set on a course that is unfathomable to think that not only could it be stopped, but can somehow be reversed and be returned where most gays and lesbians lived in the closet. Perhaps a course in probability and statistics might do you some good. I’m still trying hard not to laugh.

    I find it especially exhilarating to hear people like Senator Mary Margaret Haugen, a person with strong, Christian beliefs, realize the true message their Lord wanted to make, and not succumb to the truly poisonous hate and bigotry spewed by you and many of the so-called “devout” Christian leaders. As a young teen thirty years ago, my stepmother said the worse thing she could ever face was to learn one of her children was gay. Though she still has some struggles trying to understand homosexuality, her views have been influenced much like Sen. Haugen. When her church began fully recognizing and accepting members like their musical director and his partner, it forced her to question her own beliefs.

    But oh Ms. Roback-Morse, you are old and haggard, have you yet to comprehend the message of Jesus– love is stronger than hate? Your hateful, bigoted words will not only fail to overcome the increasing acceptance of the LGBT community, they will strengthen the growing sentiment. All people of this country (and for that matter, this world… but I’ll stick with my home turf for now) deserve equality in the pursuit of happiness. I doubt you will, but maybe taking a deep, open-minded look within yourself along with some prayer to the guy upstairs might do some good. It does a person no good to bottle up so much hate. Tell me that if you look back thirty years, look at where things are now, then extrapolate from the historical trend to thirty years from now. You really believe we’ll all be feeling we’ve perpetrated a grotesque injustice? Bring it on, I say! But know that I pity what must be a lonely, pathetic life you live.

  17. Rob roberts says

    Can you IMAGINE two loving adults wanting to share the same bed? THE HORROR! If we allow same sex people to love each other then. …. Civilization collapses! Just look at Iowa and New York after same sex marraige. … Collapse! Dogs sleeping with cats! Teacups marrying crotchless panties! Small children being forced ro listen to Lady Gaga!

    You must listen to me, even though I look like a bitter old c@nt witch!

  18. txstevo says

    Am I the only one who thinks of Ab Fab every time I hear this woman’s name? The video is bad (and subtitled in French) but it’s the only one I could find.

  19. says

    @AJ: It took South Carolina until 1998 and Alabama until 2000 to officially amend their states’ constitutions to remove language prohibiting miscegenation. Longer than you thought, and already into the period where we’re talking about marriage equality for gay couples.

  20. says

    “When slavery was abolished, all slaves became free men and women.”

    Am reading right now “Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America” – and back in the 40s in Florida where the orange groves needed the labor, law enforcement were expected to arrest and jail people (ahem, BLACK people, mainly) for not coming to work. One story told in the book has a sheriff going to a man’s house, demanding that he go to work on Saturday (he’s just worked a 5-day week), and when the man protests, the sheriff whips out a blackjack and knocks him unconscious in front of his wife and child. The reluctant worker spends the next week in jail, no medical attention. Sounds real free, don’t it?

    These homophobes, it’s hard to imagine they can figure out how to tie their shoes.

  21. jim says

    Good lord, some straight guy married THAT?

    Shallow, perhaps, but are all the NOM-ers either obese or, well, ugly? This woman looks like her sphincter went into spasm around 1975, and hasn’t released yet…