1. sparks says


    Got a better question. Do they actually read the bios of their candidates? Newt has made a complete joke out of the whole concept of marriage, yet he dares try to define it for OTHER people?

    Newt needs to stay out of conversations that involve the sanctity of marriage. He has very much disqualified himself.

  2. john patrick says

    Well, if his three marriages – dumping wives when they became sick and inconvenient – and serial adulteries were Christian, pagan marriage sounds like a good thing.

  3. Rich F. says

    Gays marrying is a fundamental violation of our civilization, but having an affair then divorcing your first wife while she’s recovering from cancer surgery, marrying your mistress, then having a six year affair while married to her, divorcing her right after she’s diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and refuses to allow you to have an open marriage, and marrying your new mistress (who, incidentally, is 23 years your junior), is perfectly acceptable.

    What a horrible excuse for a human being.

  4. Jeff says

    Newt, Mr. Polyamory, is talking about pagan sexual practices?




    What’s wrong w/ Pagans? I don’t see them trying to hold people in third class citizenship.

  5. say what says

    paganism was the rise of civilization

    monotheism was after the biggies of civilization (farming, writing, building, arts, laws, etc) came about

    with evidence of strings of shell necklaces being found dating to over 75,000 years ago….& with monothiesm being only about 3,000 years old….well

    Monotheism is a fad in the history of “civilization” let alone when compared to the millions of years of human evolution

  6. CraigC says

    But cheating on your wife and marrying three times is just OK, right. Jesus was quite clear on this, pal. No divorce. You marry her, you’re stuck with her. He didn’t say one word about being gay, gay marriage, or gay anything (or sex period, for that matter). You might want to actually read the Bible some time, instead of just thumping it.

  7. Spraypaintedgold says

    I think paganism would be more along the lines of group sex so no one knows the identity of their parents. The entire community is then responsible for raising every child.

    Oh, and GO NEWT!!! If he is somehow able to secure the nomination Obama is a slam dunk for reelection.

  8. kit says

    Part of me finds the hypocrisy here hilarious. But part of me finds it just terrifying — because there are actual people who buy this bull. Those people are so divorced from reality that they actually believe that Newt is the “family values” candidate. They would vote for him. And those same people vote in other elections, too — for political office holders at all levels, like judges who will decide on questions of marriage equality and school boards who will ban gay-straight alliances. They are scary, scary people.

  9. say what says


    pagan marriages and relationships were not like that

    Predominantly 1 male to 1 female but many did allow for male male and female female relationships with recgonition of multiple sexes

    male, Female, neuter, hermaphrodites, etc

    heck, the priests of Cybele the great mother goddess that predated greco-roman paganism and ended up folded into greco-roman paganism due to being unable to stamp it out saw men who castrated themselves to serve cybele and born hermaphrodites as her priests. They were held in high regard

  10. says

    That Newt, what a card! The thing is he can get away with his marriage blahblahblah with the Christian conservatives, because as long as he’s straight and talks their talk, they don’t really care about his collection of wives and personal scandals. Hypocritical megalomaniacs are fine with them. But, during a general election (putting reality aside and assuming he gets that far), with a serial adulterer going up against a man who’s been married once, this fake moral high ground will collapse from under piggy’s weight.

    On a side note, it’s looking like Newt’s surge may not last through Florida, since his last debate performance fizzled, and if he doesn’t get Florida his puffed up campaign is likely to rapidly deflate. If he manages an unlikely win in Florida, the Republican elites will freak out and do everything they can to pull a Tonya Harding on his fat a$$. Maybe he can relocate on the moon and find some new wives when this is over?

  11. MikeH says

    I so much wish that he would be the GOP candidate – he’s the ultimate poster boy for hypocrisy; which is soooooooo appropriate for the GOP. Unfortunately, the GOP establishment has gone full court press on his ass and looks like we’re stuck with Romney.

  12. Sonneillon says

    Yeah, that’s us crazy pagans. Trying to help our friends get married and stuff. Clearly we’re the worst.

    Oh, and for the record, Newt is not “Mr Polyamory”. Newt is mister “Lie to my wife for eight years and when she finds out, say ‘well, I like screwing two women, so either shut up about it or take your walking papers”. That is not Polyamory. Not by a very, very long shot. Modern poly prizes openness, honesty, and most importantly, CONSENT of all parties involved.

  13. jamal49 says

    OK, Newt, but, um, just what does getting married three times and divorced twice mean? Sounds awfully pagan to me. Actually, my desire to marry my mate is quite a spiritual thing and, by the way, Newt, we Pagans are very, very spiritual in deep and profound ways your shallow soul could not possibly understand.

  14. Dearcomrade says

    “Fly me to the moon
    Let me swing upon the stars
    Let me see what spring is like
    on Jupiter and Mars”

    “In other words, hold my hand
    In other words, baby kiss me”

    Come on Newt, Sing along.

    I’m gonna miss this wingnut when he’s gone and he’ll be gone soon enough.

  15. says

    This load of ego is who the defense of marriage people SHOULD be going after, he has made a mockery of the institution of marriage, and made of joke of the institution he claims to hold so dear.

  16. gayalltheway says

    When will this guy realize that he has zero, and I mean ZERO, credibility whatsoever in the “family values” department?

    Gingrich gives ‘thick-skinned’ a whole new meaning.

  17. says

    If you are depressed with the thought of Newt becoming Pres, you might like to watch my video about his three marriages at

    There are chickens in it. Everybody loves chickens!
    There is a little about Santorum in the end!

  18. J Ascher says

    Newt, I’ve got news for you: there’s nothing in Christianity that isn’t found in somewhere in paganism! Virgin birth, yep; communion, yes; resurrection from the dead, yep, that too!

    Oh, and as for gay marriage, the early Christian church had a ceremony for two lovers to become “brothers.” The term is related to the Greek word for brothers whence we get Philadelphia, or brotherly love.

  19. Eoin M says

    Hmmm more pearls of ‘wisdom’ from the man we hope won’t be king… We all know when the next little female blonde patootie catches his eye he’ll be violating another ‘marriage’, one closer to home! But Jebus says that’s okay of course.

  20. Jack says

    Does Newt Gingrich actually believe that anyone really cares what a twice divorced serial adulterer thinks about marriage? If the U.S. ever develops that moon colony that Newt is pushing,he might then run for the office of governor moonbeam. In the meantime it looks like he would be equally qualified to write a book on diet and fitness.

  21. Erin says

    Newt is a blathering lump of disgusting human exrement. It’s lucky we DID have pagans in our past and Very Lucky that we have/are still here. Every so often nature has to vomit at the sheer ugliness of some of the creatures that have evolved and this time it was a disgusting mess of newtmitt with clingons provided frothy heap’oRick. I’ve tried Oxyclean, Nitric Acid, everything, and the stain and stench just won’t come out.

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