NOM Pledges $500K to Fight Marriage Equality in New Jersey

The National Organization for Marriage says it will launch "an all-out effort to prevent same-sex marriage from becoming law in New Jersey.," pledging $500,000 for or against lawmakers depending on their positions:

Brown"The media is reporting that gay marriage is sure to pass through the Legislature, but we heard the same false story in 2009 and 2010. The people of New Jersey can and will stop this bill." said Brian Brown (pictured), NOM's president.

Governor Chris Christie has previously pledged to veto any same-sex marriage legislation that is passed by the Legislature.

"We commend Governor Christie for his position that marriage is the union of one man and one woman, just as it has been throughout history. Even though the governor has pledged to veto the legislation, we are committed to holding legislators accountable for their own views and will work to assure that he never has to exercise his veto power," Brown said. "NOM will spend $500,000 in New Jersey legislative races to support those who stand with us in defense of traditional marriage, and hold those who abandon marriage accountable to voters."

NJ Lawmakers Introduce, Fast Track Marriage Equality Bill: VIDEO [tr]