NOM Pledges $500K to Fight Marriage Equality in New Jersey

The National Organization for Marriage says it will launch "an all-out effort to prevent same-sex marriage from becoming law in New Jersey.," pledging $500,000 for or against lawmakers depending on their positions:

Brown"The media is reporting that gay marriage is sure to pass through the Legislature, but we heard the same false story in 2009 and 2010. The people of New Jersey can and will stop this bill." said Brian Brown (pictured), NOM's president.

Governor Chris Christie has previously pledged to veto any same-sex marriage legislation that is passed by the Legislature.

"We commend Governor Christie for his position that marriage is the union of one man and one woman, just as it has been throughout history. Even though the governor has pledged to veto the legislation, we are committed to holding legislators accountable for their own views and will work to assure that he never has to exercise his veto power," Brown said. "NOM will spend $500,000 in New Jersey legislative races to support those who stand with us in defense of traditional marriage, and hold those who abandon marriage accountable to voters."

NJ Lawmakers Introduce, Fast Track Marriage Equality Bill: VIDEO [tr]


  1. Paul R says

    Well the first sentence sounds like they’re giving $500K to each legislator. Clearly that’s not the case. Still, why hasn’t anyone investigated the funding of NOM?

    Super-smart guesses would be Catholics or Mormons. But hey, it’s equal-opportunity hate!

  2. paul says

    If it is the Catholic Church then they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves….aren’t religious folk supposed to be pious ? If they have 500k to spend how about starving children, the destitute, the community, REALLY needy people whose lives could be changed with that money…meanwhile they are hell bent on ruining people’s lives and making people miserable ?

  3. says

    “The people of New Jersey can and will stop this bill”

    That’s why we’re spending $500 from people outside of NJ on it!

    I think Martinelli wrote about NOM funding… as usual one or two big donors. But I may be wrong.

  4. Steven says

    All these groups are so wrapped up in fear. They smell of fear. Scared people who feel threatened do stuff like this. Everytime I see a group or person like this I can just see the terror on their face.

  5. simon says

    That is cheap. $500K for say 100 lawmakers. Only $5000 each? They are not getting any money after the New York defeat. Those wall street guys who were behind Cuomo can easily top that.

  6. Rich Murray says

    I took a photo of this same man, Brian Brown, crying in the NY State Senate chamber the night we passed marriage equality in June.
    He is a younger version of Marcus Bachmann – with just as much of a future for a career in hatred and bigotry: none.

  7. says

    “NOM makes it known that they hate gay people more than they care about helping the poor struggling and starving families of america”

    many children are going to bed tonight with empty bellies and no real roof over their head.

    NOM is more upset that Deb and Sue, who’ve been together for 27 years, are going to make it an official and legally-binding union.


  8. Mary says

    A valid point, Kiwi. But then if the starving children are all that matter, why should we worry about whether Deb and Sue can get married at all? And how about taking all the funds used to pass marriage equality and spending it on shelters to house gay youth who’ve been thrown out by their families? Although suicide prevention programs for gay youth should take precedence over everything else. Marriage equality doesn’t really matter if you aren’t alive to enjoy it.

    My point is that life is multi-faceted. Those who bring up the “how can you spend money on X when people are starving, dying, etc….” can usually have this argument turned against them.

    But actually the shelters for homeless gay youth is an issue that DOES need more attention. I would donate to such a cause myself. Let me know of the group working on this cause and I’ll help support it – no kidding here, totally serious.

  9. DeeperStill says

    Good. Let them spend every dime they have. Their quest is indeed futile anyway.

    How come you can keep on stating a lie like “that marriage is the union of one man and one woman, just as it has been throughout history”, without being called out on it every single time? If you have to lie, you really have no case to begin with.

    Pathetic morons.

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