Obama Campaign Hits Romney for Gay Rights Flip-Flop

Earlier this week, Mitt Romney's spokesperson disavowed a 2002 flyer allegedly distributed during Boston's Gay Pride festivities, saying the flyer was not created by the campaign during Romney's run for governor.

Romney_flyerNow, Buzzfeed has spoken with a former Romney aide says 'Gay Pride' flyer was campaign literature:

"…a former Romney campaign volunteer who is now a fiscal policy scholar at a conservative think tank told BuzzFeed the flyer calling for 'equal rights' were in fact campaign literature. The Manhattan Institute's Josh Barro told BuzzFeed he was a college intern for Romney's campaign at the wage of $150 per month and the task of answering mail to Romney's running mate, Kerry Healey."

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign is hitting Romney for this flip-flop in an email from its LGBT coordinator Jamie Citron:

The Mitt Romney who ran for U.S. Senate in 1994 promised voters in Massachusetts that he'd be a stronger advocate for LGBT rights than Senator Kennedy.

And in 2002, while running for governor of Massachusetts, Romney's campaign passed out fliers for Pride Weekend, saying "All citizens deserve equal rights regardless of their sexual preference." Yesterday afternoon, Mitt Romney's current campaign actually disavowed that 2002 flier.

You're probably wondering a few things. First, just exactly which part of that flier doesn't he agree with? And second, what could have possibly changed between yesterday morning (when Romney said he felt gays and lesbians deserved "full rights") and yesterday afternoon? Maybe he thinks that line won't play as well in the upcoming South Carolina primary?

It's election season again, and the only Mitt we really know is the one who will say whatever it takes to win. If he is the Republican nominee, we can expect him to suddenly try and be best friends with LGBT voters again. That's why we're sending him the message that it doesn't work like that — and that we won't let him get away with it.

Say you'll help hold Mitt accountable before he has a chance to pander yet again:


Mitt's going to try to be whoever he thinks he needs to be to get elected — it's our job to make sure those tactics come at a cost.

Stay tuned,
Jamie Citron
Director, LGBT Vote
Obama for America

Obama campaign spokesperson Ben LaBolt is responding in a similar fashion:

“After Mitt Romney claimed he’d be a stronger advocate for gay rights than Senator Kennedy when he was running for office in Massachusetts, and one day after saying that gays should have ‘full rights,’ Romney’s campaign today disavowed a flier that simply said ‘all citizens deserve equal rights, regardless of their sexual preference,” LaBolt said. “What on that flier does Mitt Romney disagree with?  Does he not believe all Americans should have equal rights? Who is he trying to pander to now? This is why Americans will have trouble trusting Mitt Romney — he doesn’t keep his word.”


  1. Cyd says

    Ummmmm – didn’t Obama say on a questionnaire years ago that he supported same-sex marriage…and now he’s against it?

    They both suck on the issue. And not in a good way.

  2. says

    Obama is such a hypocrite. When he first decided he was able to rule the rest of us he said he was in favor of marriage equality for gay couples. Then he said he was against it. Now he is just “evolving,” and we know how long evolution takes. For him to chastise Romney for doing precisely what he himself has done is hypocritical but par for the political course.

  3. jason says

    Obama’s weakness is that his position on gay marriage is the same as Mitt’s. Obama has not done anything to advance the cause of gay marriage despite originally claiming to be our fiercest advocate.

  4. says

    Obama’s biggest fault is that he’s spent nearly four years trying to get blood from a stone. he’s worked too hard to be fair with people who have no intention of extending the same fairness.

    i hope in term two he ignores the millions of right-wing bigots in America who simply refuse to acknowledge the good word done by a black democrat.

  5. Matt says

    Obama is showing the “ugly” (read: true) side of being a Democrat: acting nice and on our side, all while stabbing us in the back. He’s got a lot of nerve, criticizing anyone who doesn’t openly support gay marriage, when he himself has flip-flopped on the issue. Even worse, this is something that has caused Santorum to be RIGHT for once; that he and Obama have the same views on same-sex marriage. Can you believe that? OBAMA, our “FIERCE ADVOCATE”, made an honest man out of Santorum. Sure, he and Obama differ greatly on gays in general, but still.

    For his supporters, a few questions: why did he only stop defending DOMA when Republicans gained control of the House? Why didn’t he do it before? Why didn’t he repeal DADT AND DOMA when his Senate was 60 filibuster proof? Why did he only use that time to pass his healthcare law? Why did he fight to have the ruling of DADT as unconstitutional thrown out? Why has he constantly thrown us under the bus?
    Obama wasted his first two years, and is getting what he deserves. I can’t see Romney winning, because too many people distrust him, but Obama’s made his bed and must now lie in it, and there’s really no difference between Romney and Obama anyways. I’m not supporting him come this election. It seems as though Republicans have done enough of that.
    To prevent from sounding like some advertisement, I don’t support any Republican, but one of the Libertarian candidates. I’m sick and tired of Republicans using the religious right to attack us, and I’m real sick and tired of the spinelessness and betrayal of Democrats.

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