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  2. FunMe says

    David is a such a cutie and a smartie, too.

    I just loved when he would smile or laugh at some of Fischer’s answers. I wish he would have asked harder questions, but the way he questioned was good as it allowed Fischer to bury himself and who what a fascist bigot he is.

  3. Mark says

    Googled the lesbian/breast cancer thing. It’s actually true – possibly due to increased incidence of obesity in the lesbian community. Who woulda thunk it?

  4. sara says

    Studies have shown that pregnancy & breast feeding reduces some of the risks of getting breast cancer. The hormones released during pregnancy & breast feeding offers a very modest protection against Ovarian cancer as well. It’s assumed that lesbians are less likely to get pregnant (not always true) so their risk increases. This would also apply to other women who never get pregnant.

    Also the studies indicate a higher obesity, stress & smoking rate in Lesbian women which leads to higher heart attack risks.

    Other than that, Bryan Fisher is certifiable.

  5. Bradley says

    You know the moment the cameras were turned off David broke down laughing at the stupidity that escapes Fisher’s lips. If he wasn’t a deluded moron who is filled with hate, I’d assume he could make a name as a comedian.

  6. ORAXX says

    The far right will always have a straw man to hate. If homosexuality disappeared tomorrow, they would simply find a new group to focus their wrath on. Hate is what they do.

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