1. Paul says

    This song is fantastic. Perfume Genius specializes in this kind of bedroom confessional pop, and his first album was awesome. I can’t wait for the new one.

  2. Dback says

    Michael, I’m with you–it wasn’t exactly my usual cup of tea, but the piano and vocals were definitely haunting, and the video took big risks (though IMHO not all of them quite paid off–putting lipstick on someone singing is just awkward). What it definitely did, however, was pique my curiosity enough to say, Who Is This Artist, and watch for further things they do down the road.

  3. SteveZ says

    Arpad (whom I usually find extremely hot)comes off in the video with the fluidity of a gorilla. If he were able to deliver some sort of emotional connection with perfume genius, I would have really bought into the concept. However, Arpad just looks like an ape with a brush.

  4. jim says

    I’m surprised all the uptight towleroad pornstar haters haven’t chimed in with damning Arpad comments!

    @SteveZ: would YOU be able to deliver some sort of emotional connection with Perfume Genius? I wouldn’t, heh. I’m not even interested enough to watch the vid…I’m with you on Arpad tho, he is def extremely hot, but he needs to bottom, juuuust once!

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