1. Rick says

    Savage is exactly right. The GOP constant hammering against gays will bring their demise. That message is only marketable to a small and dying breed of Americans, like the hate speech against Blacks in the 50’s and 60’s of which the Democrats were responsible. Our Democracy has been evolving since the rich, male, landowners of English descent established a new rule of order. Thanks to patriots like Pyle, the bigots will be silenced.

  2. says

    Dan Savage just got finished posting a column (“Sub’s Paradox”, 12/28) in which he tells Gay men it’s OK to subject themselves to violent and homophobic rape/abuse scenes as long as they construct a “firewall” between their fantasies and their politics! Talk about carrying water for the oppressor! He is attempting to create safe space for Gay shame, of which there is far, far too much in this world. For a truly proud Gay person, there is no room for stigma, least of all in the bedroom! Savage has no credibility whatsoever accusing Rick Santorum of fronting: At least the Senator doesn’t camouflage his homophobia in “sex-positive” bullsh*t. Wake up people! Dan-O pitches for the enemy at least as often as he masquerades as our champion. He is a two-faced Trick Daddy, the Newt Gingrich of Gay America!

  3. says

    stuffed animal, the idiocy of your blog and your self-defeating insecurities are hilarious.

    we get it. you have a vendetta against Dan Savage, Queer Rising, and basically any other LGBT groups and people who have clout and intelligence on their side.

    we get it. you’re miserable and want others to join your Misery Party.


  4. wiredream says

    Hey Kiwi – I tried to read through his ramblings a few times, but can’t get through the self-indulgent pontificating. He’s more a sociopath than an intellect. And I don’t mean that as an insult – I actually think he’s a sociopath.
    I should’ve known I was in for maniacal rantings as soon as I read his bio:
    “I am a GUERRILLA CHRISTIAN, a Gay man who dares to accept JESUS CHRIST as his Lord and Savior and is willing to FIGHT for his beliefs.”

  5. says

    right? paging all nutcases!, eh? yeah. he hates queer-identifying people, thinks non-Christians go to Hell, and wonders why nobody wants to join in his crusade.

    it’s because you’re certifiable, Stuffy. duh.

  6. uffda says

    God, I’ve got to get something DONE today…but Kiwi if you ever get in real trouble one of these days, say someone grabs you and cuts out the tongue – I’ll send money. You need a long life to also express the gold at center and not too fully covered even now.

    Miss Pyle (indeed, what a name, but someone named Little Kiwi has no room to complain, give it to a parrot sweet one – don’t hit me, don’t hit me). Anyway, you rock Rhiannoa, and it’s delightful to hear that you are a star now. It’s true.

  7. JayKingOfGay says

    Anon, all I have to do is say to the straight people in my life that _____ is a homophobe and provide an example, and they pretty much will dig out the pitchforks and start the torches on their own.

  8. jaragon says

    Santorum knows that he is not getting the gay or black vote. It will be interesting to see how far he goes with out the help of the his lunatic fringe supporters

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