Rick Perry Not Quitting: ‘Here We Come South Carolina!!!’


Rick Perry's dismal finish in Iowa, which inspired press specualtion that he would be dropping out of the race, has not dampened Perry's will to go on.

Tweeted Perry (along with a photo of himself wearing black tights) this morning: "And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State…Here we come South Carolina!!!"

South Carolina's GOP primary is January 21.


  1. say what says

    Bet romney cut a huge check last night to perry to stay in the race

    perry in splits xtianistas and will let mitt slink by. a consolidating xtianista vote behind frothy mix would be bad news for romney

  2. cbhermey says

    Well it’s good to hear that Republican Comedy Central has been approved for another season! This man must really get off on making a fool of himself!

    Wonder what God is thinking now, since he personally asked Rick to run? Maybe he was in need of a good laugh!

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