Rick Santorum’s Wife Dated the Doctor Who Delivered Her, an Abortion Provider 40 Years Her Senior

Nancy Hass at The Daily Beast on the odd past of Karen Santorum, who is now as strictly anti-abortion as her husband:

Karen_santorumBut Mrs. Santorum, 51, apparently wasn’t always committed to the cause. In fact, her live-in partner through most of her 20s was Tom Allen, a Pittsburgh obstetrician and abortion provider 40 years older than she, who remains an outspoken crusader for reproductive rights and liberal ideals. Dr. Allen has known Mrs. Santorum, born Karen Garver, her entire life: he delivered her in 1960.

“Karen was a lovely girl, very intelligent and sweet,” says Allen, who at 92 uses a walker but retains a sly smile. A wine aficionado who frequented the Pittsburgh Symphony and was active in the local chapter of the ACLU, he lives with his wife of 16 years, Judi—they started dating in 1989, soon after he and Garver split—in the same large detached row house where he lived with the woman who would become Santorum’s wife.


  1. Steve says

    Don’t you see it? She found Jesus who saved her from her sinful, evil past and led her to a decent, godly life! If only everyone else could follow her example.

    That’s how they’ll spin this

  2. It's just my opinion says

    She looks like a deeply troubled person. The kind of woman who latches on to a man for direction. Sort of Biblical and cow-like. No offense to cows meant.

  3. say what says

    steve what I see is a girl with daddy issues

    dated a man 40 yrs older than herself when she was in 20’s = daddy issues

    married a man for whom she stays home and raises a gaggle of kids for = daddy issues

    turned to / believes in a sky daddy= daddy issues

    she needs to talk to a therapist and possible needs some medication

  4. Lucrece says

    This reads like a gossip magazine. Shame on you for relying on these childish tactics when you condemn those who would deem your own romantic relationships as warped.

    Judging a woman for dating an older man is just as bad as judging a man for dating another man. Grow up.

  5. Mark says

    “Dating the doctor who delivered her” doesn’t need exaggeration. She looks like Glenn Close. Yep, “uses a walker but retains a sly smile” is written to make him sound frisky.

  6. RyanInSacto says

    I think you’ve missed the main point, probably because the headline mislead you. The point is it’s bizarre that she moved in with the doctor that delivered her and that he was an abortion practitioner and then she went on to marry an arch pro-lifer who doesn’t even believe in birth control. Just typing that all into one sentence felt weird!

    The fact that the guy was in his 60s and she was in her 20s is, well, interesting but I don’t give a rat’s rear end about it. Heck, I take a shine to older dudes myself, though I’ve never gone quite *that* far. :-)

  7. RonTEX says

    Sheesh, look at those crazy eyes! She’s Bachmann 2.0. What is with these people that swing from far left in their younger years and then swing far right as they get older, are they bipolar?

  8. Caliban says

    Lucrece, I don’t care who it is or how you spin it, a 20 year old “dating” a 60 year old is more than a little odd. Harold And Maude was just a movie, and if you’ve read the comments after any article about Calvin Klein and “model” Nick Gruber you know that gender has nothing to do with it.

  9. says

    No matter which way you slice it, I don’t want this woman to be First Lady of our country. I also don’t want her husband to be President.

  10. jaragon says

    I’m not voting for her to be President- this is the sort of “news” that are completely irrelevant. Her husbands stupidity should be the true focus.

  11. Steve says

    A rule of thumb is age/2+7. Now you can quibble about that and I don’t want to debate it. But no matter how you slice acceptable age differences, dating someone who is 40 years older can only be described as creepy. Especially in your 20s

  12. JeffNYC says

    Let only she who has never had to hide from religious bigotry be allowed to be a religious bigot.

    –Jeff 3:16

  13. jason says

    I actually agree with Mrs Santorum on the issue of abortion. Women are given too much freedom these days. Keep in mind the abuse that is occurring in the form of abortion called “selective reduction” wherein a woman aborts one of her twins because she doesn’t like its gender. For examples, in cases where a woman has a male and female fetus.

    Women will abuse this further if it comes to pass that a gay gene is discovered and diagnosable. Doctors will determine the presence of a gay gene in some babies and women will then choose to abort, mark my words.

  14. Kelly Young says

    So her live-in boyfriend/abortionist paid to fix her teeth. No wonder she has such a killer smile. -;

  15. anon says

    I don’t think story means much of anything. It’s only tangentially related to the campaign. Accusing her of hypocrisy is a stretch. However, RS probably won’t want to talk about it.

  16. FunMe says

    SAY WHAT … I usually skip over Jason’s posts. But I gotta say, I think he’s here for comic relief. I mean the things he writes are hilarious! Most definitely therapy needing stuff. LOL

  17. Jerry6 says

    I know we are only to focus on the candidate; BUT what kind of a “First Lady” could we expect from her.