1. Alex Parrish says

    No — Rick doesn’t hate us — he doesn’t hate gay people! He just thinks we shouldn’t exist or have lives or the pursuit of happiness. Hate in the name oct God or morality is still hate. I honestly think these people suffer from a psychosocial illness; an unwillingness to empathize or understand people who are different from them and the willingness to be destructive towards what they do not understand — or even care to understand. These folks live in a fantasy-land. To borrow a phrase from AA: Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

  2. BABH says

    “This is a public policy difference. And the problem is that some see that as a personal assault.”

    Pardon me, Mr. Santorum, but if you want to make the most important relationship in my life illegal, then how much more f*ing personal can you get?

  3. aaaaargh says

    He babbles out absolute rubbish to try and defend his nonsensical argument. “Change the laws to order to to create an atmosphere where children and families are not being promoted” What a crock of ****.

    Mr Santorum makes me so angry. Is he not aware of all the same sex parented families that currently exist even without marriage equality? They haven’t caused the apocalypse and they certainly haven’t demoted children and families. *facepalm*

  4. BABH says

    Remember: he doesn’t just want to ban gay marriage, he wants to overturn Lawrence v. Texas so that sheriffs can start throwing ‘sodomites’ in jail again.

  5. KP says

    At the bottom of the article, the mother goes on to say her son doesn’t have a problem with Santorum’s stance on gay marraige because the son (who’s gay) doesn’t support gay marriage either. Wow. What self-respecting gay man doesn’t support gay marriage (he might not want to get married but at least others should have the right). I feel bad for him – and I can’t wait for Santorum to quit the race and disappear back into the woodwork.

  6. jason says

    Well, Obama doesn’t support gay marriage either, so what’s the difference?

    Perhaps someone should ask Obama the very same question at a campaign stop.

  7. says

    S******m is saying that love between people of the same sex is less valuable, in the clearest of words. But having experienced such love, I can tell you positively, it is not and for him to claim so is offensive and it is bigoted. He’s telling mother that her son is incapable of the most valuable sort of loving that he sees. If I were her, I would have probably involuntarily spit in his face.

  8. says

    This mother might love her son so very much, but has a short circuit somewhere if she would rather support Santorum over the welfare of her own child. How Santorum would react in the face of LGBT equality issues is quite clear. He would not support ENDA, whether transgender inclusive or not. He would repeal DADT. He would repeal the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd hate crimes prevention act (or at least the Matthew Shepard side of it). He supports a federal marriage amendment. He supports heavy prosecution of LGBT men and women who stand up to and fight back against Christian-led tyranny of LGBT people.

    Santorum would create an America where her own son could be fired from or passed over in being hired for a job because he is gay. So let’s hope her son never has a homophobic employer or a homophobic landlord. Let’s hope her son never falls in love with a foreign-born partner. Let’s hope her son never has to endure being rejected from an emergency room when his long-term partner falls ill. Let’s hope her son never encounters neighbors who would vandalize his property or physically assault him over and over again on the basis of sexual orientation only to have the charges against them be misdemeanor assault or vandalism instead of felony assault or vandalism as a hate crime.

    Santorum is perfectly okay with states using their powers to persecute gay men and women on the basis of their being in a sexual relationship. He has spoken against the decision in Lawrence v. Texas. Santorum supports creating a nation where the only household composition that could exists without legal punishment would be one between a monogomous, heterosexual couple. He has gone on record stating that states should regulate private households to ensure that a man or woman cannot have sex with anyone other than their spouse, that consenting adults cannot form polyamorous relationships, that gay couples cannot form monogamous relationships.

    Santorum has gone on record stating that he believes it is the government’s right AND responsibility to “regulate” (his words) the sexual/romantic behavior of American citizens. This is NOT small government.

    Santorum supports transforming this nation into one of equality and small government into one of inequality, where relationships of gay couples are treated as undesired/temporary and where the government exists to define the laws surrounding LGBT men and women.

    This woman and her son are so incredibly blind to the truth behind what Santorum would do to her own son. I am astonished that they are unable to see that Santorum is not right for them. Shame on her.

  9. Blaine says

    Some people take it as a personal assault? Might it be because it IS a personal assault. When you’re telling people that their most intimate relationships aren’t worthy of recognition; that’s about as personal as you can get.

    The Cult of Civility that politicians insulate themselves in to evade tough questions gets ridiculous sometimes. I’m all for trying to be respectful when discussing things like politics or religion, but don’t expect me to sit here and remain perfectly calm while you tell me my relationship is the equivalent of a guy f*cking a goat. It isn’t just a policy difference when you’re the one who’s effected by it.

  10. Mark says

    That’s his wife? I expected plaid over white lace with a big matching hair ribbon bow on top of her head.

  11. Jason 2 says

    It’s funny how people can believe really awful, denigrating, and even inhuman things and imagine that they are actually full of love and compassion.

    More to the point that actions matter, not words. Speak of love all you want, when you are actively trying to hurt people, your love counts for nothing but your own selfish device to help you sleep at night.

  12. jason says

    Obama is no different to Santorum on the issue of gay marriage. If you’re going to be angry, be angry with Obama too.

  13. LiamB says

    “Well, Obama doesn’t support gay marriage either, so what’s the difference?

    Perhaps someone should ask Obama the very same question at a campaign stop.”

    The difference being Obama hasn’t and won’t try to pass an Federal Amendment dissolving all marriages of gay individuals. The difference is Obama isn’t going to reinstate DADT. The difference is Obama isn’t actively attacking the rights of gay individuals.

    I’d rather an indifferent president than one who has repeatedly stated that he will do everything in his power to dissolve all of the laws which have so far been on the path to equal treatment. If you are incapable of even that modicum of perception, then I seriously question your mental capability.

  14. Gigi says


    Obama’s opinion on gay marriage is “evolving,” which means that to get elected POTUS one has to pretend not to support SSM because one cannot get elected in these United States if they say they support it. Sad, but true. Once in office he’s shown more support for the gay community that any other President in history. Sanatorium might say he doesn’t “hate” us, but thst’s just a game of semantics. I was told that I shouldn’t say that I “hate” anything or anyone because it’s not polite. Ricky must have been raised the same way. Doesn’t “hate” us but feels we don’t deserve the same rights and freedoms as “normal” folks.

  15. candideinnc says

    He insists that gays be treated as less than straights. He wants the laws to benefit straights and not gays. He wants gays to pay for the benefits afforded straights and not to gays. His excuse for this discrimination is because it has always been that way (so he says) and the bible says it is so. He is a bigot. end of conversation.

  16. Chris AE says

    Obama is certainly different. Even other credibly foes of gay marriage aren’t as bad as Santorum.

    Obama’s opposition is transparently political and dishonest. He tries to have it both ways. Before considering federal office, he even wrote that he supported gay marriage.

    Santorum, however, convinces that he’s serious and not just pandering in respect to his stances about gay marriage and LGBT people.

  17. LiamB says

    I might also add, Obama has gone on record saying he supports Civil Unions with all the same rights as marriage, just not the name. Sanatorium believes that gay relationships shouldn’t even exist. There is seriously no rational comparison you can make between the two.

  18. Sargon Bighorn says

    Discrimination = Policy. That makes it okay(?) A vote for Santorum is a vote for Policy. You do the math.

  19. QJ201 says

    He can spin it anyway he wants, he may not hate us, but he has said hateful and untrue things about us.

  20. cadence says

    These wignuts need to learn the definition of bullying. Her husband is the one who has likened gay people to those who abuse children and animals, even though he can’t produce any proof to back up that claim. He’s also said that he’s going to discriminate against people who are gay, if he becomes President. So, it would seem that he is the one who is the bully.

  21. radical53 says

    just shows the double standards that society has. It supports SINGLE PARENTING, A FATHERLESS SOCIETY.

    Yet, it has the audacity to say that kids need a Mum & dad. Not 2 dads, but it is okay to have a mum only. The hypocrisy is amazing.

  22. Matt says

    This victim mantra is getting REAL old REAL fast. Since they can’t get anywhere with hatred, they’ll try crocodile tears. YES, Santorum, you DO hate gay people. Enough with your version of semantics. What is is, and it will never be anything else. It was BAD ENOUGH when they were spouting hatred, but this martyr act is just too nauseating.

  23. Markus says

    I can’t believe people are comparing Obama to Rick Santorum. Obama has done so much for the gay community. As soon as he gets re-elected and he isn’t worried about an election his true feelings will come out and he will support gay marriage. I would much rather he go with this tactic than come out and support it and risk losing the election to a Republican. Change in government doesn’t happen overnight. I’m patient because I know President Obama understands the gay community and everything we are going through. He has our back. Give him time.

  24. shle896shle says

    They truly don’t understand how bigoted they are. A decade or two from now, we’ll look back at this time in our history the same way we think about the 1950’s civil right’s movement. They’re ignorant and they simply don’t get it. At all.

  25. chuck says

    Hitler loved the Jews so much he decided to send them to God early. If Santorum becomes President, it won’t take him long to show how much he loves LGBT people.

  26. Marcus says

    Why don’t people ask the candidates hard, tough, direct questions?

    “Mr. Santorum, given the choice between a child growing up with two loving parents of the same sex or a single heterosexual one, which would you say is healthier and more stable for the child?”

    This isn’t a jab at single parents, but a real, honest way to judge whether morals trump facts for Rick Santorum.

  27. Mary says

    Marcus, I can’t tell you what the Santorums would say, but my own answer as a social and religious conservative would be that I’d prefer a child grow up with two loving parents of the same sex rather than a single heterosexual one.

  28. Markus says

    @Quite Contrary, I hope I am reading this wrong and you are not attacking Mary. We need to build bridges not tear them down.

    @Mary, I loved your answer. It shows clearly that the world is not black and white and that everyone is not the enemy that Opinion Media tries to make each “side” out to be. When you cut out the extremes on both “sides” people are generally good. How does the gay community expect conservatives to find good in gay people if we are not willing to find any good in conservatives? That is not how life works.

  29. says

    First of all, it’s not just “gay activists” that have done ‘this’ – it’s rational, thinking, intelligent, people of all races, sexual orientations and backgrounds that have condemned Rick Santorum’s hateful rhetoric. Any person running for a position of power who claims that he wants to make American’s marriages “void and null” is a hateful, dangerous, nasty, horrible person. PERIOD.

  30. scott says

    Thank you-Thank you @RJS and @Babh for pointing out a critical issue with Santorum-
    putting aside the anti-marriage equality arguments he makes- he has stated the government has the right AND moral responsibility to regulate consensual monogamous relations between two adults of the same sex- to the point that they should be jailed and prosecuted.

    Either he is backtracking in this video, or he is finding a way around the fact that he is as anti-gay and anti-family as anyone can be.

    I understand to the general populace, discussions of sex, particularly gay sex, is uncomfortable- but why can’t we get some people to ask REAL questions about his anti-gay stances- like
    “Do you still think Lawrence v. Texas was wrong?” “Would you support or would begin the re-criminalizing of monogamous consensual gay relations and intimacy?”

    These are REAL questions which would highlight the his extremist views. Maybe this mom, bless her even tho she supports this assh*le- would rethink her support when she learns he thinks her son is evil, deranged, and should be locked up for having a boyfriend. Because thats what Santorum has said he stands for.
    Why is this not being addressed?

  31. Rob roberts says

    Hey Rick, do tou mind stepping into this gas chamber, along with your family?

    You won’t mind — it’s just a policy difference.

  32. bruce says

    I will be so relieved when Rick Santorum is out of the public eye.
    He is useless as a politician, and he is so completely ignorant about the REALITY of his own hate-filled speeches and ideas concerning gay people.
    His hatred is overwhelmingly OBVIOUS.
    Just go away, Rick.

  33. JP says

    Obama supports the repeal of DOMA

    Obama supports state’s right to have gay marriage.

    Obama supports federal benefits for same sex couples.

    Obama opposes an amendment defining banning same sex marriage.

    How exactly is his position the same as Santorum?

  34. Joel says

    Oh, I see. He doesn’t hate gay people. He just does the same things as those who do hate gay people do.

    That clears everything up.

  35. jakeinlove says

    Why does her face look like she needs to run home and revisit that bottle of Johnny Walker Red bottle she has hidden in the pantry from Rick. LOL

  36. Mousemess says

    His wife always has this “deer in the headlights” look in her eyes. She is not an entirely well person.

  37. Bryan says

    Santorum aside, I have to question the mum with the gay son who supports such a candidate to begin with.

  38. Stuart says

    @Markus: Actually, just so you know, she has been a long-time troll. Quite Contrary addressed her appropriately.

  39. Alucious says

    Smacks of “Joe the plumber”. There was no true emotion. If that was a volleyball game, that mother would be an Olympic worthy setter.

  40. says

    this is what’s so frustrating – we get the right-wing bigots who preach their anti-gay bigotry in town hall after town hall, in every smallsville USA city they go to, then pretend they didn’t when they get asked by actual newsmedia that will reach the rest of the country.

    liberal gay activists wouldn’t have any ammo against Santorum had he not spent so many years making dangerously bigoted comments about the LGBT Community.

    has has, however, effectively broken God’s Ninth Commandment by outright lying about this, so his sinner’s ass will joyfully burn ūüėÄ

  41. karen says

    I am most afraid of Rick Santorum and wife because I am 60 years old, unemployed due to the depression we are in, bisexual (meaning I have had meaningful, loving, sexual relationships with both women and men, one at a time). I will barely hang on until I can get medicare and social security to see me thru this life in which I have NEVER received government aid).
    I have been a good person by treating family and friends and lovers well, by working hard and trying to raise out of the poor family I grew up in, and always paying taxes without too much complaint, even tho sometimes I wondered.
    What will they (S and wife) do for me as POTUS and FLOTUS? I feel they hate me and would somehow find a “final solution” for me and those millions like me.