1. Eyes For Guys says

    Nice,incredible run.

    Not to be too vain, but … Not only are his pants hot, but by wearing them the days of oversized super-baggy snow pants are now numbered too.

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Excellent camera work. So many times with this sport and aerial skiing, the camera will zoom in on the twists, but by keeping the camera zoomed out, you really appreciate the height, speed and distance covered, and it’s pretty breathtaking. Bravo.

  3. David Jarrett says

    Amazing performance!!! A year ago in South Beach FL, one day before Art Basel, I saw White and a young male Latino companion having brunch on the veranda of Lords Hotel. Even though I was a few tables away, I did not know who he was — until my flight back to New York the next day, when he was pictured on the entire front cover of the Delta Sky magazine, with articles inside on him.

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