1. Kevin says

    I’ve heard a few of them, and many that were not in the video.

    Several times, upon learning I’m gay, women has said, “What a waste!” They must think that saying that is a compliment or something; it just makes me want to scream.

  2. MikeW says

    Not just “girls”, women of all ages. Lesbians too.

    After I came out to my wider family, my casually homophobic aunt started trying to match me up with her friend’s son “a hairdresser!”

  3. TJ says

    Yes to SO many, including the look at/touch/feel my boobs (especially after surgery, or too many social cocktails), you should meet my hairdresser/coworker (always a disaster), pretend you’re my boyfriend/he’s not my boyfriend, he’s gay (thanks for the outing, betch!).

  4. says

    Jesus, do you gay guys actually go through all this? I don’t have one person in my life who would ever say any of these things. Maybe coworkers that I’ve met a few times but I haven’t heard any of these except for maybe the “I know another gay guy and you should meet” person. There’s one at every workplace.

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