Steve Litzow is First GOP Washington State Senator to Come Out in Support of Marriage Equality Bill

The marriage equality bill announced by Governor Chris Gregoire last week in Washington State now has GOP support in the state senate. Freshman Senator Steve Litzow says he's there, the Seattle Times reports:

Litzow"I am a traditional Republican," explained Litzow. "When you think about gay marriage, it's the right thing to do and it's very consistent with the tenets of being a Republican — such as individual freedom and personal responsibility."

Litzow is not an activist on social issues, but is a big supporter of education reform. He also is a suburban businessman, married with four children, who believes in treating all citizens fairly. He believes that if two adults of the same gender wish to commit to each other, the state should not discriminate, period.

The paper adds: "An individual lawmaker has thought an issue through and decided to take a stand. His announcement should prompt other Republicans to make the same decision. It is time to legalize same-sex marriage in this state. Litzow's announcement helps Democrats and Republicans reach that milestone. Senators or representatives who have been waffling should step up and join him."


  1. Mike Triggs says

    Sent him a email note of thanks….sent it to:

    You can be sure that there will be many in the party who will be unhappy with his support for marriage equality. Mike Triggs, Former Executive Director of the Minnesota Republican Party

  2. says

    good for him! i’m impressed. and YES, he SHOULD be receiving letter, phonecalls and emails from people thanking him for this. The Crazy Bigots make their feelings known, and we have a responsibility as sane people to be just as vocal – politicians cater to their base, alas: if the base is pro-equality it gives them a reason to BE pro-equality.

    i long for the day when parties can actually hunker down and address real issues rather than continuing to waste time and money pandering to the social insecurities of prejudiced plebes.

    this is encouraging news.

  3. Gay American says

    Great news…and sent him a Thank You……but seriously, on a side note….Whats with the Teeth?

  4. Robert in NYC says

    Maggie Srivastav and fellow scumbag Bryan Brown will take note shortly. Great news though, every vote counts. Real conservatives should support it because marriage is a very conservative thing anyway as Prime Minister David Cameron of the UK so eloquently put it last October supporting marriage equality.

  5. KP says

    It great he supports it but even greater he came out on his own accord to voice his support. No back room deals or lenghty meetings with LGBT activists. He just looked at the decision rationally and make it. Good for him.

  6. Jim says

    It takes guts to stand up and do what’s right instead of folding under the pressure of the status quo. Thank you Senator Litzow.