1. says

    The clip of the bimbos calling Kerry Kennedy, waking her up and then immediately asking if she was still haunted by her father’s assassination (WTF?!), was so horribly awkward I had to cover my ears and make my b/f change the channel.

  2. rb says

    I liked Ashleigh Banfield when she did the coverage around 9/11. It’s a shame she isn’t doing hard news now.

  3. Jack says

    The only good thing left on CNN’s morning program is Rob Marciano…the other woman is good but Ashleigh…not so sure yet.

  4. jack says

    Do you think those CNN reporters comprehend just how rude and tasteless their call to Kerry Kennedy was? Have they sent an apology to Kerry? If not, why not?

  5. aaron says

    Have you watched any of Soledad O’brien’s interviews . Soledad is trying to be the next hannity. The media is so out of touch. They sit in New York and preach to everyone on how they think it should be.