Teen Involved in Gang Rape of 11-Year-Old Girl Says Gay Taunts Pressured Him Into It

A Cleveland, Texas teen involved in the gang rape of an 11-year-old girl told authorites he was pressured into it because his peers were taunting him over his sexuality:

ClevelandA Cleveland juvenile who is one of 20 people accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl admitted on Friday his role in the attack.

Authorities said the then-16-year-old defendant, whose name has been withheld, had felt "prodded" into the assault after being taunted that he was "gay."

Authorities also revealed in a Liberty County courtroom that some of those accused of assaulting the girl belonged to an adult gang called "Slut Them Bitches." The teen was not part of that gang.

The teen has been sentenced to seven years probation.


  1. ATLJason says

    PROBATION?! Seriously? I got robbed at gunpoint once (in my house) and the guy got 10 years in jail, no parole. You’re telling me that was worse than this?

  2. travshad says

    Danny, actually the court gave him a longer probabtion than the prosecution requested. The prosection only requested four years of probation. I think the court took into account that the girl said he “never forced or coerced her” and that he is testifying against the other defendants (four of the six juveniles have received the same deal). It seems like the prosecutor is more interested in going after the adult defendants.

  3. Bobby says

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around what happened! 20 guys raped an 11 year old girl? Something here is just not computing inside my skull. This is beyond unthinkable.

  4. Fahd says

    What ignorance! If they told him he was a coward unless he jumped off that bridge, would he? I guess there’s nothing worse than being labeled gay.

    Committing rape, as any convicted rapist in prison will affirm, does not establish bone fides as a heterosexual.

    I hope and pray that education and therapy are a condition of the sentence of probation.

  5. Kim says

    In many communities being called Gay is the worst insult yes worse than being called or being a rapist.My own brother had sex for the first time with a woman who he wasn’t attracted to because he was being called gay by his friends because he was still a virgin at 16. He regrets it.This boy is the only guy of the 20 who showed remorse according to the DA.

  6. SFshawn says

    So 20 children rape an 11 year old girl in Texas and gays are the problem? Since they’ll all eventually end up in prison I hope they appreciate the karma of their prison stay. Gawd Bless Amerikkka.

  7. Chaq says

    20 men???
    EVERY rape is horrific, and unacceptable; this seems at the extreme end of brutality.
    I pray this girl will heal and grow strong, and I pray the rapists will truly understand and *feel* the full horror of what they have done. God, please bless all victims and survivors of sexual abuse ✞

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