1. MichaelJ says

    Good video. Now if only we could instantly transport all the texting jerks who have gotten in the way on the street or the subway stairs to a room where they would have to watch this video repeatedly for 12 straight hours…

  2. S.C. says

    Just yesterday, I was in the left lane of OH SR30 passing someone who was texting in the right lane. They were doing about 40 in a 55 zone. I got to the red light and stopped. The person who was texting, by some miracle, managed to drive through the red light between two semi trucks without ever slowing.
    I’m glad I decided to not get in front of that driver.

  3. says

    I run into this every single freakin’ day and get so tired of it. Waiting for an elevator at the back of the queue. The door opens and idiots stand there looking down at their Androids and texting blocking everyone from behind. People walking into you on the street or literally coming to a full stop on a crowded city street causing those behind to bash into one another. Fools texting while driving, damn near running you over in the crosswalk then waving their ridiculous hand with a silly “sorry” but keep on texting!!!! Insane.

  4. Vlad says

    Show no mercy. Bump them or knock them out of the way. My otherwise polite self has adopted a zero tolerance policy since there is absolutely no valid excuse for this behavior.

  5. itchy says

    I’ve always been a super polite person, opening doors for people, etc. But working in downtown (SF) I found myself “dancing” around other pedestrians,(no phone in hand) Turns out NOBODY is courteous on the street.

    It want long before I realized that if I made eye contact with the person heading in my direction, they would expect me to get out of their way. Like a game of pedestrian chicken.

    So I started wearing a baseball cap and making sure to tilt my head so no one could see my eyes, but I could still see all around.

    WORKS LIKE A CHARM, people just get out of my way regardless of where I am.

    So, while I used to hate people doing texting while walking, I realized its no more impolite than people who charge ahead and expect me to move.

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