1. endo says

    You’d think with all the money spent on advanced technology like this, they could keep a hair from getting on the lens.

  2. says

    The ship is not proportional to the land area. Compare the ship to what appears to be a building on the left side of the picture and up a bit.

  3. Craig says

    Again, why would they fake it? What do they have to gain? It is a very large ship along a very jagged and rocky coastline. I have used Digital Globe for some of my work, they are a very reputable company. It’s not like they are trying to fake an Iranian nuclear lab that we might want to blow up.

  4. Rob says

    I don’t understand why the ship looks like its ten times the size of the land mass next to it. That’s not a tiny outcrop; it’s a large island onto which thousands of survivors fled.

  5. Sean says

    Huffington Post at least has the same photo.

    For the photo doubters, remember that the ship carries over FOUR THOUSAND people and is 951 feet long and has 13 passenger decks (that’s STORIES in building terms) not including the crew/machine areal below that. It’s a monster-sized ship.

    What amazes me is that the “captain” says he “turned too late” – HUH? if he’d turned sooner it looks like he’d run over the island directly!