1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    You know how we mock what passes for “stars” on “Dancing with the Stars”? One of the “celebrities” on this show is described as “the sister-in-law of footballer, Ryan Giggs”.

  2. tmj says

    Well, there goes my admiration for him. Still have some, but a little less. When will gay guys who come out in a celebrity context get some class? The last one went porno on us (Steven Daigle).

    Hopefully there will be a silver lining and Gareth will make a positive impact to those attracted to watching tv trash.


  3. Seattle Mike says

    Sadly, I think the best that will come out of this is footage of Gareth Thomas in the shower. Not a bad thing in and of itself (I mean, he is a studmuffin), but a sad thing, considering he has the potential to be such a role model.

  4. Drew says

    I’m with the gay guy. He goes straight- not literally, of course!- for Gareth and gets all touchy on the guy. To bad Showtime USA isn’t carrying this for the After Hours segments.

  5. Tim says

    @ Drew: That guy “isn’t gay”. Not that a soul on earth believes that, but he swears it. He’ll come out before the series ends, at least as bi.

    The sister in law of a footballer is famous because while married to his brother, she slept with him for a number of years. The footballer was also married. You can imagine the scandal. Thus her entry here.

    Such a shame to see Gareth do this. As if the Mickey Rourke film isn’t bad enough.

  6. atheist says

    Gareth’s desire to want to be loved and adored by everyone is leading him to make some very poor career decisions. This is trash tv at its lowest. An undignified spectacle. After such a stellar career, he should be aiming much higher. Oh and has a boyfriend hence the “I’m happy in my life” comment.

  7. says

    Stop. Appearing on BB in England is as big as being a contestant on Amazing Race or Survivor here in the US and means considerable on-air publicity. His football career is over and he is now pursuing a celebrity career by letting the world outside of sports get to know him. Good luck to him. He could have faded away instead, as a gay guy, he deserves kudos and our support for continuing his gay celebrity career. He doesn’t fit the gay stereotype so many straights believe we all are and that’s a good thing. (I’ll bet you’d like to hit it!) :-)

  8. Hugh says

    Everyone calm your respective tits. Big Brother UK is actually a pretty popular show there. Even I know this, and that’s just from watching Alan Carr and the 100-something TV shows he hosts.

    Even if it wasn’t, it’s irrelevant. It’s ridiculous how some of you are acting like you’ve suddenly lost all respect for him b/c he chose to do this. Why don’t you get off your pedestals and just congratulate the guy? Seriously, what’s the harm in that???

    He’s one of the few gay celebrities out there and by all accounts he seems to be a great guy. The least you could do is show the guy some support. Save your pearl clutching for Perez Hilton or that gay Rick Santorum staffer.

  9. Tim says

    I promise you, it’s popular, but in a very trashy way. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s got an ounce of respect or credibility. The main network that has always shown it, dropped it last year and it’s been picked up by a low end network to continue.

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