Towleroad Guide To The Tube #1034

LILYHAMMER: Trailer for Netflix’s first original program.

SCARED STRAIGHT: Does Rick Perry have to be so ominous in his latest ad?

SAD, TRUE: How Santa really lives his miserable life.

HORROR SHOW, NO ROCKY: Ted Haggard, who switches wives with Gary Busey on ABC’s Wife Swap tonight, discusses gay marriage. (Apologies for the low audio.)

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  1. Leonard says

    Um, kudos Ted Haggard? I admittingly didn’t listen to the rest of the interview beyond his explanation of the inequality concerning “same sex attracted” people in the civil government realm, but from what I heard it sounds like he’s now in favor of Marriage Equality.

    I guess getting caught with meth and male escorts was a wake up call. In the GQ piece I read, he admitted to being bisexual, so I guess it isn’t a huge surprise.

  2. Acronym Jim says

    As part of Perry’s voice-over he repeats the phrase “they’re waiting” twice. The first time I heard it as “they’re whitey.” After watching the commercial again, I’m beginning to doubt if I misheard him the first time through. There’s not a melanin rich person in the bunch.

  3. graphicjack says

    Looks like Perry is scared of votes… on YouTube. He’s disabled comments and “likes/dislikes” on the video. Guess he didn’t like the “Strong” dislike comments on his previous campaign ad… haha. This is “your” country, he says, meaning rich, white evangelicals… he has “your” back, not anyone else’s… that’s the clear message of his ad.

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