1. Aunt Esther says

    When I read my Bible, I hear God telling me that bearing false witness and willfully misinterpreting scripture is a sin and an abomination; that religious bigtory and social discrimination are sins and abominations; and that being a false prophet for self-profit condemns a man like Joel Osteen (or that Ratzinger queen) to eternal damnation.

    Keep your hands on your wallet when a non-taxpaying religious scammer is talking.

  2. Andrea says

    Hmmm. Well, the Jesus Camp Kid all grown up is exactly the same as the Jesus Camp Kid at 12, only not cute anymore. So if anyone was going to click that, thinking something surprising happened to him? Nope. Except that he comes out as a Harry Potter fan.

  3. Markus says

    The Jesus Camps Kid all grown up video was produced by Christians. it’s just more propaganda. The same group (OnKneesForJesus) did another video called Farm Animals Disprove Homosexuality. I would joke about their name but it is just to easy.

    I would like to see the producer of Jesus Camp do the follow up. I am sure the story would be completely different. Hard questions would actually get asked.

  4. huh? says

    On Knees for Jesus is a satire site. Not a very good one, but it’s a satire site. The tagline for the blog is “My life is all about getting on my knees and faithfully servicing Jesus until He comes.”

  5. TJ says

    Yep. Satire. Go to the site, look at the categories on the left side (e.g., Stupid Christians; some pretty amazing videos there – I should know, I just wasted the last half hour surfing there). The blogger pretty much lets the posts peak for themselves, but sometimes points out the hypocrisy (like posting the scripture about not tattooing with a video about a tattoo parlor inside a church).

  6. jamal49 says

    I lived in Panama for several years. Every once in a while a sloth would somehow make it to the side of a road. It was a sure-fire traffic stopper. My buddy at the time got out once to carry the sloth back to the nearby jungle. He didn’t count on the sloth having some of the sharpest nails in the world. The sloth clung to my friend, digging its nails into my friend’s arms, neck and shoulder. It took me and one other guy who had stopped to slowly extricate the sloth from my friend’s body. The guy who helped us told my friend to go to the emergency room since the sloth drew blood. We did. My bud got a tetanus shot and had to go back a couple of times for blood tests. Guess sloth fingernails can be bacterial incubators. They might be cute as babies, but as adults, sloths are something else. Oh, we did manage to get the sloth to a tree trunk where we let him go.

  7. Markus says

    I can’t believe I fell for the satire. I laugh at people that do that on ChristWire. I guess that shows how ridiculous organized religion can be where it is hard to tell satire from reality.

  8. jonny says

    While the Jesus Camp follow up was pretty boring and the kid still annoys me for his hyperactivity – sorry he reminds me of one of those kids who turned to AA and found Jesus then got addicted to caffeine to compensate.
    But since i don’t want to re-watch, did he say he’s seen “babies raised from the dead, storms dissipate, and headaches cured, but that’s just small stuff?” Really, since when is it that babies raised from the dead is small stuff…He seems to know quite well when to dismiss something utterly inane so as not to be questioned later on it.

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