1. uffda says

    The creep quotient of this Hutcherson primate is so loathsome and so high a Mars probe couldn’t reach it. Truly, Christianity itself is made contemptible by such animals.

  2. Mona says

    Dear Pastor Hutcherson: Same-sex marriage is legal in several states and a number of foreign countries, when does the man-horse marriage wave commence? If what you’re saying is right, you’d think we would already be seeing evidence of this…

    PS: You’re an idiot.

  3. justinw says

    Pastor Hutcherson, what about my marriage could *possibly* be any business of yours? I don’t attend your church, as I have not yet elected to have a lobotomy. I stay out of your life, I’d appreciate it very much if you’d stay out of mine.

    P.S. You’re a loon.

  4. shane says

    Got a problem with this man? I do. Here’s the contact information for his “church”.
    I’ve emailed them already with the followiing, and I propose you all do the same:
    “Your comments comparing a gay person’s inalienable right to love who they want with that of bestiality (marrying a horse) is utterly disgusting. I can’t believe you refer to yourself as a man of the cloth. You’re a sick, perverted individual and it’s truly a sad state of affairs in America when people listen to the filth that spills from your mouth.”

  5. DB says

    Thank you Washington Democratic party for moving to join New York, Iowa, DC, and other states in protecting marriage. We are all praying for you to pass this pro-marriage bill.

  6. SFRowGuy says

    Pastor Hutcherson is talking man-horse marriage because obviously that’s what he thinks about. He probably thinks about a lot of other animals too. Hopeful he’s not acting on his thoughts, otherwise someone needs to call the SPCA and report him.

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