1. John says

    Please, everyone donate to the cause – this ad went viral online to great response when it first was posted, but needs to reach a broader audience. It’s so undeniably powerful; let’s make this happen!

  2. says

    Thanks for your enthusiasm, John! We are so appreciative of all the support our campaign is receiving, but the foremost goal is to FUNDRAISE! Thus, if you agree with the mission of It’s Time | Marriage Equality, please put your money where your mouth is and DONATE through our Facebook page :-)

  3. bruce says

    I, too, was so incredibly moved by this ad when I first saw it. I watched it over and over and was struck by it’s beauty and it’s simple message about equal rights.

    “It’s Time” deserves an enormous audience…

    Even here in Canada (where same-sex marriage is legal) it would do a world of good to air the ad.

    People need to see it!

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