1. endo says

    Paul and Jose were not boyfriends. They were f-buddies. Jose had a meltdown when he found out he wasn’t Paul’s only trick.

    This is a story about a scorned Latin vs a gay Republican. There really are no winners here.

  2. Z says

    Endo, you don’t really know what representations Babeu made to Orozco, do you? Babeu’s reputation in Massachusetts makes it all too believable that he led this guy on, told him he was his one true love & that they’d be together forever, took him for some large amount of money or free labor, and then dumped him in the nastiest way possible and, on the way out the door, preemptively tried to bully him into keeping quiet. That was the earlier MO, and it was always likely it’d backfire at some point.

  3. Michaelandfred says

    Yes, because you always tell your f buddies where and when you are sleeping over at peoples houses, where you are going for drinks and what time you’ll (not) be back. I agree with David, this is better than a daytime soap. I’m thinking the Sheriff however has asked for too many probes already, he should quit while he’s ahead.

  4. MAX says

    What I think is hilarious about this clip is that the former roommate seemed completely comfortable throughout the interview, yet the screenshot of him makes him look like a deer in the headlights.

  5. opinionated says

    @Artie I was going to say something articulate but you know what it is much simpler to just say screw you. I mean have you followed Arizona’s crazy unconstitutional attempts to remove/prevent illegal immigration?

    As for this Babeu guy and his ex-lover they actually make a very sexy couple! Shame it didn’t work.

  6. Artie says

    Dear Opinionated: I don’t care. I feel no sympathy for people who illegally come into this country. Millions of others of immigrants managed to do it legally over the last century. Illegal immigration is a slap in the face to those who do the right thing, wait in line and follow the rules. So if any illegals get deported, boo-fuckin-hoo.

  7. Kevin_BGFH says

    I’m annoyed by the insinuation that because he spent the night at Matt Heinz’ house, everyone assumes they had a three way. The vast majority of my friends are gay men, and I don’t have sex with any of them! Gay men are perfectly capable of platonic friendships with other gay men.

  8. AG says


    On this site people are outraged that Matt Heinz is friends with a GAY REPUBLICAN, which is obviously equivalent to being friends with JEWISH NAZIS. This is the first post here where the threesome is even mentioned.

  9. FancyPants says

    Yeah I’m not sure how you read that text and presume threesome. If they were in a relationship, would you really text your boyfriend to alert him to your plans to bang two other guys? And not at least invite him? Only slutty gays would presume threesome. I’ve stayed over plenty of times at friends to avoid driving somewhere drunk. Some gays can be friends with other gays and not actually be screwing them. I know how hard that might be to imagine.

  10. says

    Yes, ARTIE, but it’s always the conservatives who harken back to those grand old days to defend their bigotry and theocratic notions.

    As for the three-way or not, the point is they should’ve known better not to have a sleepover with a million dollar deal in the mix, just stoopid and points to lust clouding judgment.

  11. JONES says

    Reading a bit more about Paul Babeu and listening to a few of his interviews I come away with a terrible feeling of loss for him. How very badly society, organized religion, and politics has affected him and what he could have been.
    His story makes me sad.

    Dustin Lance Black … this one’s for you.

  12. Wren says

    Talk to the naive tribes in Arizona who came close to being exterminated by the ancestors of the ruling class in Arizona politics about who the real illegal immigrants are.

  13. Thomas Cardellino says

    Why in the xenophobic world is there a discussion of “illegal” (as in “bastards?”) immigration permeating these comments when Jose Orozco was completely “documented” and had every government granted right to be here? Hatred of “aliens” is just about the most stupid and un-American prejudice I have ever heard. In the early part of the 20th century, my Italian grandparents came to this country with their children, 6 of whom fought in World War II against the Axis Fascists. Only my Italian grandfather was “legal” while his wife came into this country on a tourist visa with their 6 children because an Italian quota had been reached. Millions in dollars, really, millions of dollars in taxes have been paid from the progeny of my Grandmother. Should I sue to have it all refunded so that I can retire in Italy and thereby rid this blessed Anglo-Saxon extension of Britain of “alien” influence?

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