1. jason says

    Madonna is a visual performer, not a vocalist. It’s wrong to call her a singer. It’s also rather deceptive to wear a microphone when you’re not even using it to sing!!

    I’m reminded somewhat of that fake Britney Spears, a woman who is known to mime while wearing a microphone.

  2. AJ says

    Yeah, I heard there was some sort of game at the Madonna concert. And she was TOO singing. You could tell when she stumbled at one point. I thought she sounded great.

  3. says

    Most of the show was live singing with live mics (you hear the LFMAO guy say something to M at one point, for example).

    I would be surprised if there weren’t playback moments, though. For instance, the final lyric “home” might have been playback so the performer could focus on her safety on rapidly moving hydraulic platform and not have to worry about singing for a second. I also figured that some of Vogue was playback during particular dance moves, but that’s just how live acts work now. It isn’t deception.

    Anyway, this video of Billy “interviewing” people about the Madonna show is too funny.