1. Steve says

    More aggressive? They already are raging lunatics. To be more aggressive, they’d have to resort to outright violence as their standard tactic

  2. Trev says

    Don’t want to be mean?

    These people are waging a 24-hour-a-day war on gay people and they don’t want to be mean? They force innocent teenagers to kill themselves and they don’t want to be mean? They spend millions of dollars every year to deny gay people equal status as American citizens and they don’t want to be mean?

    So this is what, nice?

  3. Tom in long beach says

    Wow, so is he saying we should not have let gay people visit their partners in a hospital because that is leading to Gay Marriage ? Read the sermon on the mount buddy. The guy you pretend to worship most likely would want you to focus on other issues. How about spending those millions on feeding the poor or at least send more of your own children to college… Making marriage inequality one of your main focuses is such a bad witness.

  4. Todd says

    I am genuinely worried that the “christian” H8ers will become more violent and there’ll be a few more Matthew Shepherd murders unless these so-called followers of Christ can actually understand exactly what it means to be christian.

  5. greg says

    Someone smarter than me pointed out that since they cannot get the votes by touting Romney’s Almost-Obama past that they are going to try and solidify their base with fear-based insanity like this. Trouble is, times, and people, have changed.

  6. Robert in NYC says

    Actually, Todd….I hope they do become violent because that will alienate and marginalize them, the very thing they’re trying to do to us. People of their ilk have already started committing acts of violence and murder beginning with the bombing and killing of people working at abortion clinics. These are the same people. They’re all a bunch of sociopaths and psychopaths who shouldn’t be free roaming the streets in civilized society.

    This is religious extremism at its worst. They are not so far removed from middle east jihadists, virtually identical.

  7. MT says

    I have three words for them: I dare you. This lovely little tactic of theirs is already backfiring on them. The more extreme they get the bigger the backlash will be.

  8. Hunter Pastare says

    Don’t be afraid of these extremists.
    He wants to oppose hospital visitation?
    Go ahead and try – first you need to win back the presidency since allowing such visits was made a federal regulation for a hospitals dealing with medicare (nearly all of them) a while back.
    More hate-mongering will make them lose faster as it turns off most people – their hateful; statements can also be used against them in the various court cases—just as the 9th circuit did with Prop 8– to show their real “animus”.
    In sum…..Bring it, douchebags.

  9. says

    Hatred is not, NOT a Christian Value however Justice, Love, and faith are. Therefore the true Christians need to stand up to these conservative bullies and proclaim marriage and love are sacred and all should be treated equally as we are created equally by God.

  10. Jeff R. says

    Once again, when an election year comes up, the Republican platform is about the “THREE G’s” God, Guns and Gays. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… The Romans had it right, throw the Christians to the LIONS! There is NOTHING Christian about these hateful, HATEFUL people.
    @ Hunter Pastare… you’re right. BRING IT ON, DOUCHEBAGS!

  11. jim says

    Dammit I’m so tired of this crap every time a presidential election year rolls around…make us homos the wedge issue for the crazy religious fundies. How about THIS time we make THEM the wedge issue? Why don’t the majority of Americans rise up against those who ultimately would have us living in a religious state?

  12. says

    How can you respect anything someone says when they immediately turn to name calling, or even name calling at any point of a debate.