1. Jack says

    Hope they catch the bitches, but yikes, I think on my worst day I could still take out 3 teenage girls.

    Lock em up with the worst of em and see how they like it, I say. No room in society for people who commit unjustified violence against others. Let the small-time drug offenders go and put these skanks away for life, and the world would be a better place.

  2. Alan says

    Seriously? Three Boston bitches take down a gay man?

    This Boston gay man wouldn’t have anything of it. I’ve hit a girl at the Ramrod and I’d hit another one. I’d have those three bitches on their knees begging me not to call their momma and daddy.

  3. MarkUs says

    I’m glad we can belittle a gay man (gee, probably he’s a hairdresser) who most likely was blindsided by 3 teenage thugs I don’t care what sex they were. If you’ve watched some “girl fights” on YouTube, a strapping football player could get smashed in the back of the head and then go down and get stomped and kicked and severely beaten.

  4. Sam says

    As a Bostonian, the Orange Line is known as the “Ghetto” line as it goes through some of the roughest neighborhoods of the city. I’m not saying the guy deserved it at all but you have to protect yourself when in bad parts of the city.

  5. josh says

    I live three blocks from this station and use it and the Orange Line in general all the time. Creepy.

    A group of three nasty teenage girls could easily take on even a burly dude. Unless we’re talking about toddlers or something, three-against-one is a pretty uneven fight, no matter who’s involved. Knowing the fierce b****es that hang around down there, I can’t say I would have done any better.

  6. jason says

    Women are the biggest homophobes. A lot of the homophobia you see in the world is due to women.

    The few women who tolerate same sex-oriented men only do it on the basis that they remain segregated. This is why these women love what is known as the the “gay scene” – it confirms the segregation of same-sex oriented men away from the mainstream where they no longer represent competition to a woman’s ability to attract the attention of men. Women thus WANT us to be segregated.

  7. James says

    The fact the races weren’t mentioned means that it was a white gay male and black females that attacked him, if it was the other way around race would of been mentioned repeatedly. Typical.

  8. Rick says

    @Jason Exactly right.

    The few straight women who “like” gay men only like the ones who are subservient to women and who are willing to give up any and all claims to masculinity. And these women laugh behind the backs of these mostly effeminate gay men as soon as they are out of sight and the straight women are back in the company of straight men.

    Gay men are nothing to them but playthings and servants, never to be taken seriously as men, but only as something less.

    And the disease of effeminacy and the idolization of women by gay men that it represents is what causes utterly pathetic incidents such as this one–creating gay men who have become so stripped of their masculinity that they even allow women to beat them up.

    The whole bloody mess is pathetic beyond words.

  9. jacbslt says


    “I’m not saying the guy deserved it at all but…”

    You would know because you live in Back Bay with all the other white gays in Boston?

  10. ratbastard says

    Right on the Orange Line [south of downtown,J.P.] you’ve got 2 major housing projects, Bromley Heath and Mission. Heath at Jackson SQ is particularly dangerous. Along Washington St in Roslindale, with at least 7 bus routes feeding into Forest Hills, more projects, Archdale before the square and another big one after the Sq. up the hilly part of Washington going towards W.R. Parkway and LaGrange. Then you have more buses feeding into Forest Hills from Hyde Park Ave and east from Mattapan [Murderpan] and the areas around Franklin Park. Weekdays you have TONS of Boston public HS kids using/hanging out at Forest Hills. People from Boston can infer what I’m trying to say. If you look act a certain way, look like an easy target, you should be extra careful. I’ve never had any trouble, but see situations and people on a regular basis that make me fear for them. J.P. is ironically a huge lesbian ghetto/mecca, with plenty of hipsters and artsy people, but my God people, please watch your back. Many street crimes including assaults go unreported.

  11. Robert says

    I recently started carrying a phillips-head screwdriver in my pocket…and I’m more than ready to stick it in somebody’s neck, if they dare touch me!!! MOTHAFUCKIN’ WORD!!!!

  12. DanSwon says

    Have you all gone nuts? Probably about 95% of homophobic attacks i hear about are perpetrated by men. Women are repeatedly shown to support equal marriage more strongly than men in polls. Don’t become reactionary sexists based on one single incident where 3 nasty ghetto whores decided a gay out-of-place guy was an easy target to rob. I’m not camp, nor do i pander to anyone and all my life i have found when to be more accepting of my sexuality than men. That’s not to say there aren’t female homophobes, of course there are, but let’s not get stupid.

  13. Boston Bloke says

    I live near that station. The neighborhood isn’t that bad but it is a major transfer point, and buses arrive from much rougher parts of the city. It’s particularly bad when the kids are getting out of school. The area also has a lot of white liberals and urban hipsters who are scared to bring attention to the behavior of inner city youth.

  14. says

    I hate to say this, but how much do you want to bet the girls were “Ghetto” blacks?

    Posted by: MLK | Feb 23, 2012 5:09:26 PM

    You didn’t hate to say it. I heard your Mother is one of the suspects!

  15. Max says

    “The victim apparently told police a group of girls not only beat him up, but called him racial slurs.”

    Probably because the girls were black? Blacks are always the most racist.

  16. Rich says

    What’s with all the racism, misogyny and homophobia in these comments? Did this story get cross-posted at Free Republic, or are these really the opinions of regular readers of this blog? Gross.

  17. Rachel says

    Is it really necessary to be so derogatory? I for one am horrified reading these comments. Not sure how it’s helpful or useful to anyone. A little humanity would be nice.

  18. Mike says

    They are ghetto black thugs.

    Black people will never learn.

    Those ghetto b*tches would be begging to walk off alive if they pulled that stunt on me.