Brandon Routh and Michael Urie, and Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells to Play Gay in Pilots from ‘Will & Grace’, ‘Glee’ Creators

Book of Mormon's Andrew Rannells is starring in the new sitcom pilot The New Normal by Glee creator Ryan Murphy, and Michael Ausiello reports that Murphy has now found Rannels a husband:

BarthaThe Glee boss has tapped Hangover actor Justin Bartha to play Rannells’ better half in The New Normal, his single-camera sitcom pilot about a blended family made up of a gay couple and the surrogate helping them have a baby of their own.

Georgia King has been cast as their surrogate, Goldie, and, as previously reported, Ellen Barkin co-stars as her glamorous grandma.

In other news, Brandon Routh and Michael Urie will play a gay couple in the new sitcom pilot from the creator of Will & Grace, Deadline reports:

Chuck alum and former Superman Brandon Routh, Elizabeth Regen and Lucy Davis have joined Michael Urie and Sophia Bush in the cast of CBS’ half-hour pilot Partners. The multicamera comedy, from Will & Grace creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, centers on lifelong friends and business partners —architects  Charlie, who is straight, and Louis (Urie), who is gay. Routh, repped by UTA and Main Title, will play Louis’ steady partner, a former alcoholic, club-hopping model, now a sober, vegan nurse.


  1. Jersey says

    I saw an interview with Justin Bartha and he seemed to be pretty openly gay in the interview. I may be wrong but I think he’s family. Cute guy too.

  2. the only hank in l.a. says

    Ellen Barkin is playing a grandma? #1: nooo, she’s not even 60! and #2: No matter what she does I will always think of her with a beer can welded to her hand.

  3. Latebrosus says

    Ellen Barkin = Penny Priddy. “You’re like Jerry Lewis, you give me hope to carry on…”

  4. RonTEX says

    @stanD, he broke up with Ashley last year. Many believe it was arranged because of his box office success with the Hangover and the sequel being released last year as well. Hollywood agents have to protect their investments, don’t they?

  5. Nat says

    “Hollywood agents have to protect their investments, don’t they?”

    It’s fascinating what their representation thinks they can get away with. I recently learned that Luke Evans – who was openly gay for most of his career – magically became involved with a woman when he started making a mark in major Hollywood films.

  6. New-new says

    And the dearth of representation of gay people of color isn’t going to change in 2012.

    Must be this white to play gay. I can’t.

  7. TJ says

    THE ONLY HANK: Well, look at it this way, if she were in West Virginia, she’d be a great-grandmother.

  8. Brad says

    I wonder if they’re going to get the usual Ryan Murphy, over-the-top gay-character treatment as Glee. God I hope not. Come’on Ryan, let’s have some people that we can all relate to that don’t have to be stereotypical caracatures.

  9. dex says

    I’d be way more excited about Partners if Brandon Routh didn’t suck the excitement out of almost every episode of television I’ve seen him in. He’s like a black hole of charisma.

  10. testington says

    I just can’t buy the story that Ashley Olson would be somebody’s beard. The twins are worth billions so it isn’t something that would really benefit her financially. Also Ashley is a very private person and has pretty much completely left the acting industry, only Mary Kate still acts.

  11. says

    TESTINGTON, most bearding arrangements in Hollywood are for not for fiduciary reasons, they’re for PUBLICITY whether it’s for the man, woman or BOTH.

    If you think so and so actress wouldn’t beard, trust me, they probably have and probably would do so again.

    Especially if the persons involved are already friends.

    I’m not saying Justin and Ashley had an arrangement…I don’t know, but I raised an eyebrow to it, as did others around town…

  12. RonTEX says

    @M, agree with your comment and who’s to say that Ashley isn’t gay as well? A large segment of her billion $$ empire is young girls and that might impact sales a bit, no?

  13. Daniel says

    michael urie seems to be always watchable. glad he’s got a high-profile role again after Ugly Betty. Seems well cast so far, hope the scripts can match the talent.

  14. Drew says

    That Andrew Rannells reminds me of A&F’s CEO, which is not a good thing. We’ll see how all this plays out once the show is on the air.

  15. Keith says

    How about completing the story with some info on when these shows will be on TV? First rule of reporting school…it’s who, what, *WHEN*, *WHERE*, why and how….

  16. David says

    As Brandon Routh said on “Larry King Live” before he married her, “I have a lovely girlfriend.” :)

  17. Emily says

    WHEN WILL ANDREW RANNELLS RETURN TO NEW YORK!!?!?!?!?!? I’m planning a vacation in June to go to new York and I REALLY want to see him!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!