1. Michael says

    Coward? You mean like being asked point blank about putting up civil rights to a vote and you dodge actually answering the question. F*ck you you fat bastard.

  2. AJ says

    Go ahead. Hop up and down about it. Make a big fuss. Marriage equality is inevitable in this country. Your legacy will be a sad one. In 20 years no one will care and everything you are saying and doing will still be there for everyone to look back on. Sad and misguided.

  3. TampaZeke says

    As much as I hate to admit it I think Christie is absolutely right on this one. Obama IS trying to have it both ways. He was for it before he was against it even though he really isn’t against it. He claims that he believes marriage is only between a man and a woman because, “God is in the mix”, but then claims that gays and lesbians deserve full and equal civil rights. I know why he isn’t coming out publicly for marriage equality but it’s still cowardly.

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  4. kit says

    If you take a look at pictures of Bull Connor from the 1960’s, you can see exactly the same arrogant, hateful expression on his face as Christie perpetually wears. But what is Bull Connor now? Just the symbol for racism — a piece of human trash whose image we look at with disgust. Christie will be there soon enough. All of his smug insistence that he is somehow brave or some kind of hero is laughable. His desperate attempts to delay equality will fail and in not too many more years we will all look at his picture and shudder.

  5. theSENATOR says

    This clip pissed me off! Gov. Sandwiches of NJ is the true coward! This should not be a huge deal. Gov. Sandwiches is on the wrong side. I’m happy my Governor of NY had the courage to sign marriage equality.

  6. matt says

    the bloated mess hides behind “let the people vote on it” and claims he stands up for his convictions. go eat some fries, wall of flesh.

  7. tophu628 says

    These are all valid points, folks. However, attacking a man’s personal appearance is just juvenile and catty.

    Regarding this Morning Joe program, and its panel: Jonathan Capeheart is a passionate, thoughtful, intellectual. Scarborough is a condescending bigot–or at least he appears to be. As a New Yorker, I am familiar with Mr. Harold Ford Jr.’s run for the Senate; I don’t believe we’ve seen the last of him on the U.S. political stage.

    I’m reluctant to admit, as well, that Tampazeke actually has a valid point: President Obama has been on the fence on this issue. My prediction is that he will “come around” after the midterms.

    Sadly, Chris Christie is only beginning his political career. I only hope his hothead demeanor and his off-the-cuff remarks will limit his ascent. If Romney or Santorum has his way, we might just have this man as a VP potential.

  8. Jay says

    Thank God that Jonathan Capehart was there. The scene of Harold Ford, Chris Christie, and Joe Scarborough smirking about the inconsequentiality of gay rights was disgusting: a bigot parade. At least, Capehart forthrightly asserted that gay rights are civil rights.

  9. Bill says

    God, that’s rich. Governor Lard Ass calling Obama coward? That’s right up there with Santorum’s endless, moronic insinuating the President is a Muslim. These conservative clowns have no shame, scruples or any moral sense whatsoever. Go Obama go!

  10. says

    Yes, unfortunately Obama is avoiding this and being a true politician when it comes to marriage equality but you know what? I’d rather he be in office NOT defending DOMA, etc. than some non-“coward” on the other side. Obama will come out in favor of full marriage rights the day after the election.

  11. Brian from Tucson says

    It is important to judge a man on his actions rather than his words. Obama ended Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, working slowly and methodically, at his own pace , being careful not to upset the generals in the process. It is his style and he used it effectively to push for equality in the military. He is moving in the same manner with DOMA and gay marriage, slow and steady. It is how change occurs in a democratic society, with lots of discussion and thoughtful consideration of the impacts of the change. Christie, on the other hand, blows hot air and vetoes a law that passed the NJ legislature after plenty of debate, and then says it is all Obama’s fault. When will Republicans like Fat Boy own up to their own actions? I will take Obama over Christie any day when it comes to gay rights issues.

  12. Mark says

    I agree that in spoken word that Obama is being a coward. And I’m a strident Obama supporter.

    But two things that make him MUCH MUCH MUCH better than this man.

    A) He has done a whole lot for the rights of gays in this country. Christie has done negative amounts.

    B) Obama knows in a 2nd term he can push this topic with more people in support. He needs a 2nd term to get it done, and in a 2nd term he can do whatever he wants with no electorally repercussions.

    While we don’t want to wait, it just makes more sense to wait.

    He’s got a plan, and while he make sound like a corward now, he’ll be a genius soon enough.

  13. says

    Capehart is a vomit-provoking WUSS!

    When Mr. Dead Intern brought up the Birmingham church bombing he should have countered with Mtthew Shepard and that gay black kid in Atlanta who got beaten up by black phobes who videotaped it. Neither were about marriage.

    Just breathing.

  14. Robert says

    I am very much looking forward to Chris Christie’s inevitable heart attack. Or choking on a ham sandwich, whichever comes first.

  15. Tim NC says

    So, based on what Joe Scarborough said, he doesn’t believe that women and religious minorities should be covered by the civil rights laws because because women and religious minorities were not be attacked by flesh ripping dogs while they were working to gain their rights to be treated equally in civil society.

    That’s all that civil rights actually means. Being treated equally in civil society under the law. Civil rights is NOT only rights based on race or rights based on what group has been treated most violently. It is the right of EVERY person to be treated equally in civil society under the law. Even white men have civil rights.

    For Joe to profess that civil rights only apply to those who have been beaten and killed is asinine.

  16. Gregv says

    Obama’s tactic is to say as little as possible and step out of the way and let progress happen. That doesn’t feel much like strong leadership (yet) but it’s far better thanChristie’s tactic of actively putting obstacles in the way of equal rights so that he’ll get in good with the haters when his political future leads to seeking support in the former slave states (where Christie also seems to think whites should have had the chance to vote down the civil rights of blacks).
    Civil rights are guaranteed to EVERYONE in a decent society and should never be granted or taken away on the whims of popular referendums.

  17. Matt says

    If Christie were my governor, I would make an effort to have him impeached for this outrageous veto. I looked it up, and impeachment in NJ is the same as under the federal constitution: majority of House votes to impeach, and super-majority of Senate convicts. My advice to New Jersey residents would be to explore this option as soon as possible.

  18. ggreen says

    Please would someone throw fork on the floor and ask Governor Cristie to try to pick it up. Seeing that slob makes Ralph Kramden look delicate.

  19. Scott says

    NJ has civil unions which grant the same rights as marriage at the state level. Christie is not the villain and cannot be impeached (as another commenter suggested) for using his power of veto. Christie is not trying to get rid of civil unions and take away gay rights any more than Obama is trying to expand gay rights on a federal level.

    Nothing can truly be done until Obama makes gay marriage a part of his agenda. Don’t hold your breath. He is a weak politician who “leads from behind” on most issues. That is not leadership at all.

  20. says

    Wow, Gov. Christie is awfully obsessed with President Obama. And it’s utter BS that somehow Obama wants to have it both ways but Christie doesn’t. Of course they both want to have it both ways, so Christie is only being disingenuous. He even says if a majority of voters supported marriage equality in a referendum he doesn’t really care. If it’s not really a matter of conscience for him, then what is it? A political calculation, obviously, with an eye on the right wing he’ll need to get beyond NJ.

    What he doesn’t say is that Obama, were he stuck in NJ instead of President, would never have vetoed the marriage equality bill, no 2012 liberal Democrat would have. (In defiance of a Dem legislative majority, as if!) And, Christie, were he President, would be taking the Republican stances on gay issues demanded by the zealot base. That’s the difference in their marriage positions, one Christie is fully aware of but too cowardly to admit.

  21. pierre says

    No, Christie…. leadership is with the person who recognizes the equality is promissed by the Constitution — and is not negotiable, even by a popular vote. Things based on ones personal morals or sense of religious right is not stated as the bottom line. Amazing that the Republicans proclaim themselves as conservatives, but don’t understand the very words of the Constitution.

  22. realitythink says

    It’s a false equivalency. Obama has never had a bill stating that marriage should be afforded to all individuals based on equality but Christie has. This is what the republicans are going to be doing with every issue they don’t have a leg to stand on, turn and blame it on Obama even if it doesn’t make sense. Just look how the freaks in that debate turned the reproductive question around and made it look like it’s all Obamas fault and he’s a baby killer. Dumbass voters fall for this every time.

  23. josh says

    even though chris christie is big fat satan, i think that obama is definitely a coward on the issue. a fierce advocate, he isn’t.

    i voted for him, and i am unhappy with how fierce of an advocate he has been for my community. but…i’m hopeful that in his 2nd term, he’ll show & prove. hopefully, christie will die of a heart attack by then.

    kiss kiss hug hug

  24. TJ says

    REALITYTHINK: That was my thought as I watched the debate. Newtie deftly avoided the question by making it all Obama’s fault. It made no sense, but worked perfectly.

  25. Rich says

    Scott is correct. Christie has always supported civil unions and still does to this day. It is refreshing to see a politician that is secure in what he believes and actually says it.

    Capehart went in with guns blazing and didn’t answer the question Christie asked him. Obama has been silent except for the “I’m evolving” bull crap. What he is doing is stringing along the gays so we’ll give him money and support for the re-election.

    Maybe since I’m 48 and have been with my partner for 20 years, I view Civil Unions as huge success for gays and lesbians. Maybe the younger crowd doesn’t view it that way because they have grown up in a little more “forgiving” culture than we older folks did.

    I don’t care if it is called marriage or civil unions. It really doesn’t matter as long as you have the protections afforded married hetero couples.

    I will also say to denigrate Christie based on his appearance rather than the issues is irresponsible.

  26. Bob R says

    Just let me say about Christie what Christopher Hitchens said about Jerry Falwell: “If you gave him and enema, you could bury him in a matchbox.”

    Christie is an ugly little charlatan, as hateful and ignorant as they come. When he goes (and given his sinful disease of gluttony it will no doubt be sooner rather than later) few will mourn his passing and the world will be a better place without him.

  27. simon says

    Why does Christi suddenly pop up everywhere on national TV? Is it still possible for him to get the GOP nomination in case Rick is unstoppable? Or is he preparing for a 2016 run?

  28. Davelandia says

    That the State Legislature in NJ approved it is an indicator that the public wants it as they are elected by their constituents. That he vetoed it is an indication that he is, indeed, the coward, and is out of touch with what the people of his state want. His personal view shouldn’t matter.

  29. db says

    So, he knows he did the wrong thing and tries to deflect attention to Obama. Christie’s a coward. And Scott, he is a villian here–we all know that civil unions and marriage are not the same, and never will be. The fact that at a state level they are “the same” (which is never really true) does not help. The federal govt has stopped defending DOMA–if DOMA falls it means that gay MARRIAGES will be recognized at a federal level–Civil Unions? Probably not.

  30. Rick says

    @Ernie You have no evidence at all that Obama would sign a same-sex marriage bill if he were a Governor.

    The bottom line is that both Obama and Hillary Clinton did and continue to do exactly what Christie is doing–namely, to put political expediency before principle in the name of Presidential politics. Even after having been elected, neither Obama nor Clinton has changed their stance of opposition to same-sex marriage, so it is identical to Christie’s, whether any of you want to face the truth or not. And Clinton, for her part, does not even have anything to lose by changing her position at this point.

    And let me tell you something else. Obama was perfectly ready and willing to let DADT repeal die in the lame-duck session–in fact, behind the scenes, he pressured advocates to take it off the Congressional agenda in favor of the START treaty and the Dream Act and a bunch of other things…..and the only reason it stayed on the agenda was because Senators Levin and Lieberman (an independent) and Senator Collins (a Republican) kept it there. This pressure behind the scenes is what Barney Frank was referring cryptically to in the press conference after passage, saying he would talk about it when he writes his memoirs one day.

    So, in fact, Obama HAS been a coward when it comes to gay rights, across the board, not only with regard to same-sex marriage….and he continues to be.

    All the shows of “support” for gay rights over the last year (including Hillary’s sppech at the UN on gay rights) have been motivated by the realization that an election is coming which he might not win without the same amount of support he got from gays four years ago……as usual, however, he pays lip service (but always without taking any concrete actions–notice the reluctance to sign an Executive Order on ENDA)……because, of course, it is politically expediency that motivates him rather than principle.

  31. TJ says

    RICH – It most definitely matters what it is called. Separate but equal is accepting second class status. It is not good enough. I deserve nothing less than equality.

  32. Rich says

    TJ, that’s the beauty of America. We can each believe what we want and be justified. To me, a civil union wouldn’t make me a second class citizen. We would be afforded all of the 1,400 plus benefits the government recognizes to hetero sexual couples.
    We just spent a few thousand dollars, with more to come, having our wills revised. So, I apologize if I’m more interested in having these rights granted to us rather than dwell on what our union would be called. It’s a hell of a lot better than not having them.

  33. TJ says

    RICH – Pragmatically, the rights are valuable. But in the long-term, respect and dignity are priceless. Validation and justice are not icing on the cake. They are the cake.

  34. jamal49 says

    Somebody go get fat boy Christie some more cheese fries. Dude gets all cranky and hypocritical when he hasn’t had his daily quota of grease.

  35. Don says

    We seem to be forgetting the other political calculus that went into this. Democrats, knowing they faced a veto, chose now to push this bill. They knew they would be putting Christie on the defensive no matter which way he went. They also knew that NJ gays and lesbians wouldn’t be getting married any time soon. My feeling is that Christie looks bad without saying a word. Then he gets defensive and betrays his feudal approach to running the state and he looks less and less like a republican moderate, and less and less like the kind of guy that most New Jerseyans, by and large a reasonable bunch of folks, want as their governor. I still can’t believe such a loud and obnoxious jerk was elected in the first place.

  36. D.R.H. says

    I love how he acts like he’s representing the majority of New Jersians even though a majority in both houses passed the bill and put it on his desk. What majority is he speaking of?

  37. Brokebackvol says

    You can disagree with his position (as I certainly do) but the nasty remarks about his weight shows how little tolerance you have for others. In case you didn’t know, you have gay brothers and sisters who are ALSO fat. Chew on that one for a while.

  38. GeorgeM says

    First thanks for the age, it explains a lot

    Obama has always been for civil unions, I’m glad that’s enough for you it is not for me and most of the community.
    Obama always wanted DADT gone, it was your side that prevented it from happening faster, republicans filibustered it requiring 60 votes to shut it down. Republican RAN to help that happen.
    At this point you do not get the federal benefits that come with marriage, not until DOMA is gone. Another bill the president has stated he would sign, a republican president would not. As far as getting DOMA repealed not all dems are on board but hell with all the republican support we don’t need all the dems right Rick?
    Pass a marrige bill in congress, put it on the desk of a republican and a democrat, my monies on the dem.
    I guess we see steps differently, maybe age plays in to it who knows. Us younger ones (I’m really not that young…) will continue to fight for things like marriage so people like you can benefit from it.
    Question for you, what state you from? I’m from ct. Does your state offer marriage? And when it does are you going to have one?
    Chris should hope Obama gets another term, that way he can run in 2016 as pres and not someone’s side kick. If a republican wins he’ll have to wait. Im thinking he wants the oval office.

    The majority of the community will support Obama and they should. Our fight is not over and he’s the best man to help us win that fight. Again angry gays remember, the president does not make law congress does. Get off your a$$ and do something to help or STFU

  39. Pdxblueysul says

    C’mon Christie. You’re as big a coward as you claim Obama to be. What makes you better? You had a chance to do the tight thing and YOU were a coward. Go back and hide your fat head in your bucket of Fred chicken you ass…

  40. Rich says


    I’m in Alabama. So, no, we don’t have marriage and yes, I enjoy living here.

    George, I appreciate your words, but don’t forget, we’ve fought the battles that have made life a lot easier for the younger folks.

    As TJ called me earlier, I certainly am a pragmatist and won’t let semantics of what our relationship is called get in the way of being joined in the eyes of the state. It really, to me, is taking your eye off of the prize to single out the word “marriage”. Let Churches marry folks. Let the government simply acknowledge unions between two parties.

  41. GeorgeM says

    Thanks for the fighting, it’s made life easier. But I still think you need to fight, we all do. I didn’t say you don’t like Alabama I’m sure it has some nice spots.
    I understand what you’re saying about letting the church have marriage. But with out repealing DOMA it will never happen. I guess I may be ok with this as long as it was only applied to religious people.

    Rich what I can’t stand and sometimes makes me jump… Is that democrats have worked hard for us. Regardless of your party affiliation I think that needs to be recognized. No one ever said dems are perfect THEY are not. But really at that point in time the republicans are better? It is continuously democrats who push and the majority of the votes. The president will not come out for marrige before the election, political game OF course but is that worse then a man who says he’ll push for a constitutional amendment? Even if it would never pass its hurtful and a threat to your 20 year relationship.
    By the way congrats on that!!
    The governor may think he’s a coward for not stating his case, obama has said what he believes, we don’t like it but he did. But you know what, Obama has said he would sign a repeal of DOMA that would augment NJ’s civil union bill. I dont think Chris would sign it because of his religious beleifes. Obama believes that states rights, even those with marriage should stand even if his religious beleifes don’t agree. Their is a difference in that. All running on the GOP ticket would remove that right.

    I stand by what I said when we need to fight congress, we’re not there yet and we need more dems and republicans to win. He could call for the repeal ever 10 minutes but unless congress acts its useless.
    Executive order on ENDA on government contracts would be great. But that’s all it is, on government contracts nothing else. The next president can remove it. We need ENDA on his desk, we need congress to pass it. We’re not there yet

  42. TJ says

    RICH – it’s not just semantics. It’s about what the institution of marriage provides. It is about standing in one’s community. It’s about support and esteem. It’s about the long-term, not just what is tangible and practical in the present. That’s why separate but equal is not good enough.

    And by the way, I’m about six years older, and my partnership is five years longer. So there’s that.

  43. says

    @Rich: I understand where you’re coming from, and it’s likely informed by where you live as much as by your age and relationship status, but at this point in history fighting for federal marriage equality IS the pragmatist’s approach. CUs have proven to be inadequate, are no more popular than marriage with our opponents, and there is no rational reason to call the equivalent of marriage something other than marriage. The religious argument has not held up in the court challenges because in the US all the protections and benefits of marriage come through the government, and marriage equality does not infringe on any religious liberties. Given the number of states with anti-equality amendments, the state-by-state approach, as crucial as it has been in moving things forward, is unlikely to bring equality to all 50 states. The court is our likely pathway to success, and all the court cases moving forward address marriage. CUs, in addition to being second class, are actually a less practical way to go. CUs can be an important stepping stone in some states, but they should be recognized as such.

    @Rick: If you know anything about politics, you would know that if Obama were governor of NJ he would not have vetoed the bill. When I say that I’m not saying anything pro or con about Obama’s stance on marriage (his “god is in the mix” was clearly wrong) but simply reflecting the reality of what it means to be a liberal northeast Democrat in 2012. It would be political death for a Democratic governor to go against the majority wishes of his party to veto marriage equality. Likewise, a Republican with national ambitions, like Christie, has little choice but to oppose equality if he wants move beyond state politics.

  44. DM says

    You may not like his position on an issue or any issue but to bring up his weight in a counter argument is childish and makes you lack credibility. There are so many thoughtful and constitutional arguments that you could make against Christie’s position that actually moves the debate along. His weight is not one of them.

  45. BobN says

    Uh… Obama has been very clear that gay couples deserve equal rights at the state and FEDERAL level. He has been very clear that civil rights should not be put to referendum, explicitly including the NJ referendum Christie is proposing. He’s also clear that he doesn’t support using the word “marriage” and prefers civil unions.

    Has Christie called for FEDERAL recognition of same-sex couples? Has he called DOMA unconstitutional because it prevents FEDERAL recognition of NJ civil unions?

    Didn’t think so…

  46. Timothy says

    How about we remake the show
    the Fattest loser governer edition
    so whos fat and needs to shed a few pounds
    chris christie
    and who else thats the onli one that needs to loose weight and he wont be running for governer again

  47. jack says

    President Obama, while not perfect on LGBT issues, is the best friend LGBT people have ever had in the oval office. Chris Christie should just “shut up” to use a favorite phrase of his. No democrat needs any advice or criticism from one of the leading spokesman of the Taliban Lite (formerly known as the republican) party.