Cuba Gooding Jr.: My Dad Asked Tom Cruise if He Was Gay

Cuba Gooding Jr. is set to appear on The Graham Norton Show on Friday night and a few details are being shared with the press:

GoodingThe actor remembered bringing his father to the set of 1996 movie Jerry McGuire, in which he starred alongside Tom.

Cuba was lost for words when his dad questioned Tom’s sexuality and subsequently banned him from coming back on location.

“He gave Tom Cruise a hug and said, ‘I love you man. Now seriously, are you gay or not?’ I almost fainted,” Cuba told British TV host Graham Norton. “And thought, please Lord, let me disappear. Tom just laughed and said ‘no’.”

Gooding says he is also sick of people shouting "show me the money" at him.


  1. Mark says

    Cuba lost my respect by starring in that hugely offensive cinematic turd called Boat Trip–which paraded out just about every offensive gay stereotype that exists. I really don’t care what he has to say.

  2. Mark says

    I said he lost my respect. I didnt say I hated him.

    And while Birdcage was similarly bad, Boat Trip was vile and homophobic.

    Putting those two on the same level leads me to believe you haven’t had the displeasure of seeing the latter.

  3. Belthazar says

    I stand correct – you must have “lost respect” for Nathan Lane, Robin Williams, and Hank Azaria and “don’t care what [they] have to say”.

    Second, I made no assertion as to the quality of either movie. Having seen both, Lane and Azaria characters were nothing short of stereotypical. Azaria as the housekeeper, really!

    IMO, it wasn’t the stereotypical characters in either movie that was the problem, but the fact that one was funny and the other was not.

  4. Nat says

    If I saw Cuba, I think I’d quote something from Snow Dogs.

    I’ve never seen Boat Trip, because it looks utterly stupid.

    The Birdcage was utterly stupid as well. But I still find Azaria’s character hysterical.

  5. topsyturvy says

    I’m sure he is sick of hearing “Show me the money” because it reminds him of what will surely be the highlight of his career before he became another victim of the Oscar Curse.

  6. Mark says

    @BELTHAZAR Thank you for reminding me why I’ve pretty much stopped posting on TR all together. This kind of sh-t is tiring.

    And so many gay men wonder why they’re still single….

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